Sunday, October 30, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 30Oct2016, what we used to call, in the creepy post-war Eisenhower era, « Beggar’s Night, » as if somehow a rigid caste system prevailed even among Trick-or-Treaters. LOL – ahh, yes, America, The Post-War Dream. Ha! Ah, well . . .  on to the draw. Today I have used the 3 Principles draw, modified by using the entire deck instead of only the Majors. It isn’t the Nuclear Family spread because I didn’t “intend it” that way in my “manifestation of the reading.” (Yeah, that sounds as pretentious as all Hell, but I don’t mean it that way [or do I? Mwuahahaha!]; rather, what I “bring forth” that flows out of me and into the cards to make “the reading.”) “Onwards slave! (cccrack!!!)” “Ouch!! Hey! Watch that!” My cards for today are: Sulfur/Active/Osirian/Male – the Ace of Swords; Mercury/Passive/Isian/Female – IV the Emperor; and finally the Salt/Catalyst/Horusian/Androgynous – I the Magus. Yes, I was using the whole deck, and no, I hadn’t removed all of the females! Said deck is, of course, again the splendiferous Tabula Mundi Colores Edition, by M. M. Meleen. The deck makes me delirious; I want to “stand under it and shake it like a pecan tree, and then laugh crazily as I’m pelted by a rain of symbols from the branches above.”  It is a marvel of both erudition and talent coupled with a kind of joyous abandonment to the mystical and the occult, or the metaphysical, if you prefer. Every time you pick it up you DO feel as if you are embarking on a voyage to unknown places. I always buy a ticket for a journey like that! I must say, the Ace of Swords seems awfully grand for how I’m feeling this morning, which is, well, “just there, yeah, Madge, you know, just there.” 
I’m definitely NOT the hurricane wind of an entire suit! And it is Sunday, not exactly a day when I seek out intellectual ferment, either. Rather than read it that way, therefore, I have to read it as a sheer access of energy, in particular those associated with this Element, this Suit. What I most like about this card is nicely summed up by Ms. Meleen; “The Ace of Swords is the Root of The Powers of the Air. Will and Love combine to wield the sword of Reason. The sword is marked with 93/93, and the Greek words for Love and Will, “Agape” and “Thelema.” This card is mapped to Vau, the Son, third letter of the divine name YHVH and the combination of the fire of the Father and the water of the Mother. Here is the invoked force of the Son as opposed to the natural force of the Ace of Wands and the Father. This is the mighty sword of the intellect, the weapon that pure thought can wield, and the seed of the classical element of Air. It is a card of prescience. Raised upward it invokes the spiritual crown, and points at Lamed as the arbitrator of divine authority. Aleph, its counterpart is hidden behind the blade. These are Justice, or Adjustment, and the Fool in partnership. If so rightly held, it brings clarity and cuts away darkness.” (*Book M: Liber Mundi* by M. M. Meleen, Atu House, Barre, 2015.) She ends that with, “The Seed – The seed grows the root of the element of Air, invoking the powers of reason. This is intellect, as a tool of justice. The goal is the power to Know.” (Ibid) Yep! THAT’S how I feel this morning – all possibility, but not quite out on the showroom floor,. yet. However, I AM a bit shocked at how much my Anima has changed!! LOL. The passive, Mercurial current today is IV the Emperor. Wow, does that guy look down in the mouth! The weight of power & responsibility, one assumes. It reminds me of hearing someone from rural Oklahoma saying, “I’m jest tahrd, Deanie. (Tired, and “Deanie” an interlocutor) The fahr’s jes’ done run right outta me.” (Fahr =fire. Okies - Lovely folk; STRONG accent! Ha!)He looks like I feel, in general. “Jes’ tahrd, Deanie, jes’ tahrd.” I’m fighting all the rear battles faithfully as my carcass continues the March Through The Shit of Time (an officially recognized hiking trail) and loses pieces of itself along 
the way. A finger here, a toe there, a lung left hanging from that tree branch, an aspen, I think. LOL. You get the drift. And I look positive, so I’m told, a beacon of humor and goodwill to the fear-run flocks of fleeing fauns from a flaming forest.  His “Oracle,” according the book, is, “King of Kings, seek order from chaos, and act to build a firm foundation for your kingdom [empire, non?- mm.] Send forth your seed. Ambition and Power are qualities of rulership. The Grand Architect reminds you that planning is necessary. Be not rash and beware arrogance; it leads to the decline of empires and their builders.” Wow, can I grok THAT!  I was just having a “strong talk” with myself last night about the price of arrogance, or hubris, and the silly, silly trap that it actually is; worthy of no one older than 6 yrs. of age. Finally, I turn to the Catalyst, and fin IX, the Hermit. Ha! Well, it being a given that the cards “know” (my subconscious, after all!) an actual hermitage isn’t possible in my life right now, (or more accurately, I don’t WISH it to be possible right now. Perhaps if I am ever single again, “mais on verra,”) but I CAN profit from our relatively calm & quiet home here to construct blocks of “alone time” quite easily. My wife doesn’t mind, and never has. We both value the concept of “privacy within partnership” when we really do need to retreat from the “couple mode” for a bit, if for no other reason than to breathe “free” a bit. LOL. We’re cool, we’re best friends. I do a lot of “alone” here anyway, as I have always enjoyed it, and nothing has changed that. My wife has similar reasons. So, if the cards say I need some “Alone,” I can stir up an order of that tout de suite with a side of FRENCH fried books and a musical salad. “Seek yourself. Wander alone with the sun and moon to guide you. Carry the staff of wisdom, descend within and seek the secret seed. Illumination comes with solitude and prudent introspection.” (Ibid) I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a moment of time and a brane of space to create a time, a moment, of Solitude today when we most need it. Be Well!   


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