Monday, October 31, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 01Nov2016. Today I have again used the Three Principles spread and today’s deck, in honor of the Day of the Dead, or Toussaint, is *Tarot of the Dead* By Monica Knighton. Amusing AND appropriate! And even a bit creepy and I can’t quite put my finger on why – perhaps the sheer “jollity?” with which the skeletons replace the “fleshed” human figure . . . the perfect post-Hallowe’en creepy feeling. Sulfur, Mercury and Salt. Stir, bake, and run. LOL, no, actually that is the alchemical symbolism of our three cards today, and I have, in that order, 1) the 8 (of) Coffins; 2) II the High Priestess, and 3) XIV Temperance. I know, I know, you want to laugh and point at me and isolate me on the playground from the others; “Look, Mark got Temperance again! Hee-Haw! He must have a REAL Moderation problem! Hee-Haw!”  You’re all cruel fuckers! LOL . . . no, you’re not, but it IS a bit remarkable how fuckin’ OFTEN I get XIV popping up in any nook, cranny or fold that she can find. 
I know, however, that her presence is ONNLY a reflection of how often and how easy it is for me to fall out of balance, and head on down Screwy Lane. With a grin on my brain, I imagine her as a kind of hot/intractable, you know, “Mark, if you weren’t always putting me in this Foucauldian surveillance role, maybe you’d notice what a hot woman I am!” Moderation DOES have its attractions, and these days I DO like leaving a function somewhere still sober and able to be intelligently snarky. Grin. But she’s my Catalyst, so “later, baby.” (I’ve always detested men who call women “baby.” Stop it, stop trying to infantilize her. You’re either an idiot or a crypto-pedophile.)  Actually, this is ALL a quick read, so I won’t be here much longer this morning. My Sulfur/Active principle is centered on starting a new enterprise, anew project, manifesting a new vision. Well, yes, we ALL know that about me now, if you happen to follow me. I’m still struggling, squirming around on the cold steel table trying to figure out what to do but TOO FUCKIN’ LATE ‘CAUSE THE BABY’S COMING NOWWW . . . . Grin. Yes, my little Tarot groupuscule is out of me and in the incubator, intact and healthy but with a very weak tendril of a connection to life – we have hopes, though, and it is VERY EARLY DAYS yet. So . . . on verra. Normally this card would signal a quite different reality; despair and abandonment of goals or projects, but not in this deck; they’ve made a point of emphasizing that. Right after stepping off onto my rather simplistic active, male, Osirian path for the day, the proverbial Dior hits the fan with two feminine Major Arcana strolling in to see how they can amuse themselves screwing with the existence of this mere man. (LOL, no, I like to play at being a misogynist, but I’m not, actually. 
But I AM a realist. “There ain't nothin' more powerful than the odor of mendacity...You can smell it. It smells like death.” Tennessee Williams, *Cat on a Hot Tin Roof*) My supposedly Passive current is II the High Priestess and the Catalyst is my buddy Temperance, and seeing these two together makes me feel like a fat, trapped turkey the day before Thanksgiving. The best I can do with this, I believe, is to use that temperance to balance my “oh boy! a new project!!” energy so that I can deal with an entry into the High Priestess’s temple in order to inform myself of what is necessary to continue this project, and in fact to continue my journey, which is on this particular scenic rural route off of the main highway. The High Priestess in close, personal contact with me? Harrumph! “She’s a ‘techy’ kind a gal, that one is,” my grandfather would have said. “Gotta stay on yer toes, or she’ll run right over ya.”  Yeah. Exactly. And then on to the Catalyst, about whom I have informed us time and time again until I am, and probably you as well, thoroughly sick of more information for the moment. I know Temperance is about to get a LOT bigger in meaning and place because of the course of study I am on, but not quite yet, OK? Thank you. That really about wraps it up, and I don’t like to hang around and dawdle . . . unless you really DO want to hear that story about me, the one-legged widow and the church belfry? No? Oh . . . well . . .  okay then. LOL. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a bit of balance as we embark upon our new projects for this fall & winter. Be Well!

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