Thursday, October 6, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 07Oct2016; the cards pulled today are the King of Swords, the 3 of Batons and the 2 of Cups. Aah, yes! The Nuclear Family, of course. 1) Is the main current of the day as well as me in some aspects, 2) is the aide or “helpmeet” I am likely to encounter to solve the issue of today, and 3) our “offspring,” and its influence, good or bad upon the issue/day. I have an important string of medical appointments later this morning, so let’s get on with it! I’m arriving on scene today in my finest, sparkly-best shining suit of armor to preside over my unruly court with sword in hand & steely determination. “The King of the suit of Earth, coming on the house of Aries, First house or ascendant. Whatsoever we may say of the 'reversed' side or weaker cases of this card, a king is a king and always denotes a higher accord, someone or something of principal value and rank. The king of the Martian and Saturnian element naturally is the king of matter and of war, i.e. also he who wins war and conducts the battle of earthy interests. It denotes the dominion and rulership of this element, consequently the military chief. This by the way we are astonished not to find mentioned by tradition, which mentions the man of the law, lawyer, advocate or judge, who rules or guides worldly strife and contention. As the ruler of the ascendant, the card may certainly mean any person heading a cycle of material activity and before all a pioneer on this plane, an independent man living on his own means. 
While material integrity is implicit, duplicity, doubt, double-dealing or uncertainty are definitely excluded. It indicates material certainty and severity, whether benefic or malefic from a personal point of view, healthy or rude, even cruel. But we fail to see what it has to do with perversity, unless the meaning be the overruling of everything else, the higher by the material power, and the misuse of the latter. The card means an emphatic Yes.” (A. E. Thierens) So that’s me today. I can grok it, especially to “a pioneer on this plane, an independent man living on his own means.” That is me to a T, and my ego and dominating manner are well-known. I am this man in real life as well as in the cards. My “helpmeet” today is the 3 of Batons. The rather contradictory descriptions of this card's significance are well explained by its zodiacal position: Air on the Third house, which doubles the influence of 'air' and of the mercurial vibrations and effects. This card has the accent of the suit of wands. It must consequently denote: communication, reflection and all that comes from these. This needs little explanation.” (Ibid) My help today comes in the form of communication, and clear lines leading to and from it. Okay, that is a good thing, because as I have aged I have become less patient with stupidity in any form. I lose my temper if pushed far enough. And a communications director isn’t a bad idea – someone to put up with the bullshit generated by other people. I like that. And finally, as the offspring of our unholy, nuclear alliance is the 2 of Cups as the good or bad energy/interest which follows us, weaving in and out between our legs and crying, 
“Look at me! Look at me!” 
Well, she IS a pretty girl. The 2 of Cups is the “Water of the soul on the house of Capricorn, the Tenth house of the act, the deed, manifestation. The two souls find each other here in an act, which of course must be that of meeting in the body. Soul-union, ending in bodily attraction. So the traditional rendering appears once more to be fairly correct. It is the outcome of idealism, indicated by the ace, shared by two souls. It is anyhow not the sex-element as a curse, but as a blessing in practical life. The card may further denote any sort of friendly act and sympathetic encounter. We should say, as regards 'love,' it is to be rather defined as love-making, courting.” (Thierens) This feels more like a result today, rather than a result of my seeking to cooperate with the day. I haven’t been miauling a lot lately about a 3rd partner in our marriage, and then this pops up. Now of course it doesn’t necessarily mean anything that base &dubious at all, but can speaking of inner marriages in me or outer marriages in the Cosmos that deeply affect me. The 2 of Cups is a wonderful card, a card of “companionship” in good times or bad, and as such it should be cultivated by us with a great attention to detail, love, care, feeding and then our expectations; they are there for a reason, and as in this case it is usually benefic purposes. (I have to cut it short today at this point, class. Mr. Osgood & Mrs. Ogilvie have volunteered to take me to family planning to see if I can’t be put on some kind of birth control, as I have proven capable of dropping a child at the drop of a hat. Ha! LOL) (As a kind of pre-post scriptum, I’d like to note for those who have remained interested that the “teaching” did indeed begin last night, with an attendance by 2 people only – that’s okay, we’ll grow!) I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL today a good, solid well-ordered day with a remarkable ability to see help where & when it is offered. Be Well! 

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