Friday, October 7, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 08Oct2016. Today I am using *Le Tarot des Alchimistes* by Jean Bouchard, along with an accompanying colored &eponymous volume. I have drawn the spread called The 3 Principles; using only the Major Arcana, one chooses 3 cards; the 1st card represents Sulfur, the Active Principal; the 2nd represents Mercury, the Passive Principal; and the 3rd represents Salt, the catalyst and amalgamator of the two previous, opposed Principles. This spread is designed to inform the Querent on the tendencies & the climate of a situation, a moment, or a given day. IF you aren’t rushed, it is a great CotD draw. Onwards and Upwards! As the 1st card, representing Sulfur & the Active Principle I have drawn – Whooa! – XVI, The Athanor. Yes, to a certain degree it bears the same sense as la Maison de Dieu in other Tarots, but there I also a sense of refuge hidden inside. As I looked at the entire draw this morning, I saw a very succinct, very accurate 3-dard breakdown of my life on a grand scale, and over about a 4/5-year period.  First I almost died; that declenched numerous serious changes in my life, just as this Athanor does. All of which lead me to a deeper involvement in my Tarot, and then a total commitment to my Journey. This is all here in these three cards, as I see it. So this Athanor doesn’t dismay me; rather it speaks of a “recent” turning point in life that WAS catastrophic, I guarantee you!
 “Oratory: Body consciousness is in rebellion against what the Spirit wishes. At the risk of putting oneself to sleep, the individual works to unite these two contrary tendencies, or at least to limit the tension they manifest against each other. The solution to the problem has already been invoked in Arcanum IX. It is the condition for finding the true path to the true center of being. The way is long and scattered with traps until the perfect and harmonious union. The interior work understands two contrary aspects, one destructive and one constructive. Contact with the archetype brings abut invasion of the ME by an energy which exceeds its holding capacity . . . The person has difficulty, at first, to enlarge himself to the dimension which is being offered to him. HE feels an “ill,” a trouble, an imbalance . . . ‘After the alchemical ‘SOLVE’, the ‘COAGULA’ will come to realize the solidification and the materialization of the Spirit, the stone of wisdom.” (J. Bouchard, translated by Mark Miller) Turning to see what the Mercury, or Passive Principle in my day today is I The 4 Elements (otherwise, The Magician) in a passive role, eh?? Whew! THAT is a lot to swallow, but faced with the Athanor, perhaps he can wear this costume awhile; it looks like he MUST, because I am, and it is the only clothing I have left after the fire in the Athanor transmuted everything. Also, it is appropriate that I agree, consciously, with what is being stated subconsciously; in these latter days of my existence I have tended towards more exploration of the power of the Passive; I was young once, it was wonderful, but I am no longer, I am an aging man. We get lazy. Not of spirit, or moral, or morale, but of “effort” – the less we can do while effecting our desired outcome is how we will 
always roll. The path of least resistance. BUT, I don’t sacrifice quality for ease, so one remains alert and attentive, and ready to step in and “man up” if need be. It isn’t evil to profoundly hope that it isn’t necessary – GRIN. “Oratory: The person dominated by hir ego (the “I”) aspires to a vaster consciousness and searches to position itself in function to its own material and psychic constituents before being able to act upon them. These are the bases of the creative potential which we each possess and can be self-recognized. Alchemy is, par excellence, what Aristotle called an “entéléchie”: a reality which carries in itself the principle of hir action towards its perfect accomplishment. The Magician of the Tarot is, without knowing it, the issue of the primordial androgyne and carries already in hirself le “Rebis” – the unity refound at the end of The Work. At its grasp it contains all the power of the realization which is possible; it is thus in each individual. Each carries in hirself, in potential, the qualities proper to hir personal development.” (Ibid) Turning finally to the catalyst that will bring about the unification of these two currents I have drawn VI The Lovers. I’ve never been a big fan of this card, due perhaps to the overwhelming white-trash misconception of its meaning; “Why, looky here, Shirl, looky here! The Lurvvers! Yur gonna be findin’ yerself a noo husbin’ reel soon, hunny!” I can get much more involved when we talk about Choices, about Lilith and Eve, about the Dark and the Light. Those are what I wish to analyze here, not some illusion concerning “Lurv.” But analyze it I must; this is my catalyst today, and it would behoove me to know what’s coming down the tracks. “Oratory: Every human being possesses in hir a double tendency and cannot empty one to the sole & complete profit of the other. We are made of flesh and spirit. We are acted upon by internal impulses which come from our heritage and our past experiences. Our aspirations, on the contrary, belong to the future and are of a spiritual order. The problem posed is the just appreciation of the relationship to establish between these two natures and the choices to make in consequence. The possibility of choice which is offered to us creates a psychological instability which, in certain cases, can bring about a neurosis. The easy choice, the simplest too, consists of following our impulses and to make of them a Rule of Life (which makes itself at the detriment of others.) A second tendency can be that in searching outside of oneself for the means of our liberation, we only find palliatives which last only as long as the time of the illusion itself. THE TRUE PATH WILL BE TO SEARCH IN ONESELF THE CENTER OR AXIS OF OUR MOTIVATIONS. The search for that which puts the “I” in harmony with hirself and with hir “entourage” is evidently the more difficult solution. Can this sixth trump aid the person to discover and confront the part “inverse” of itself? To separate, in oneself, the pure from the impure and to discern the instincts in order to make a judicious choice is the sense of this step. The sense of established choice conditions the life of the person and the evolution of The Work. Reflexion and meditation are necessary in order to find this axis of harmony. This will have been prepared by the preceding trump. The following trumps will give the proper “frame” to this trump of introspection.” (Ibid) So there I have it, my answers for today. IT isn’t a “like it or lump it” kind of situation, I actually DO like the cards today, because they ring absolutely true and with almost pinpoint accuracy. I love the truth, even when it is uncomfortable. Contrary to many others, I prefer to know exactly where I stand at any given moment. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a sharp & observant INTERIOR eye today to really “see” what and whom we currently are. Be Well!   


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