Saturday, October 8, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 09Oct2016. I’ve used the newly-discovered (to me) spread of the 3 Principles; 3 cards, the 1st represents active Sulfur, the 2nds passive Mercury and the 3rd represents the catalyst, Salt, of the other two. I’ve pulled for my cards the 1) XVI Foudre (The Tower) reversed, 2) 0 Mat (The Fool) and 3) XX Judgment. I’m not surprised, I more-or-less figured out that that was what was going on and to just accept it that way. Let me tell you what & why. I’m not going to go into books today; today I’m putting out pure intuition, something I don’t do often, because no one really gets it but me; after all, it’s my intuition! Grin. Well, on with it; I drew XVI the Tower yesterday as the Sulphur of my day, and I read it internally; on a metaphysical level. All fine & good. However, I was lax, at the very least; I needed to read it on the physical level yesterday and I didn’t know that, but could have taken an intelligent guess, given the circumstances. I am not in the best of health, I know that. I pretend that I am, for my own morale & the morale of those who love me, but I do know the truth; I just prefer not to drag it around with me, trailing like some filthy security blanket, for all to see. 
“Look at me! Look at me!” Fuck that. I don’t have time for braggadocio or false modesty – I’ve got to get it like it is and give it the same way; no bullshit, some humor, and 100% THE FUCKING TRUTH. Don’t give me any bullshit; I’ll burn you where you stand, and your little dog, too. So, I read interior disaster, necessary, from which I would step forth to build again.  Okay, all fine & good. That didn’t include another layer, however; a layer we often slide over because it is uncomfortable and one of the few things that calls for absolute certainty; physical disaster. You can’t tell anyone, “Well, MAYBE you’re gonna die.” “Is it is or is it aint? Ya know?” My weakest physical spot now is my respiratory system. If trouble was going to come, it would have been reasonable to suppose that it was going to be with my lungs. Nevertheless, I walked right into a pulmonary crisis of LITERALLY “breath-taking” proportions yesterday – I did indeed think, “This is it.” Long, agonizing minutes of pain & suppressed panic & spectacular, raging frustration & factual pain of the deepest sort, and a feeling that “GOD!! THIS IS A STUPID WAY TO DIE!!” Today I’m using a different deck, even, and I still get XVI La Foudre (in French) as my Sulfur, although, REMARK, reversed: the drama has passed, the “benefit” given, the destruction over & a time to rebuild just over the horizon. Thank Valhalla! I thought I was on the Way a little sooner than I had thought yesterday. And look who has come back from the disaster, “washed clean” of the remains of a faulty foundation on the construction site and ready to go anywhere and do anything to get it on down the road; 0 Le Mat. That’s me, too, in a more passive state, actually. And fitting in beautifully, “psychically correct” in his disregard for what has already passed. 
He’s turned his back on Judgment; “Not yet, not yet,” he seems to say. “I’ve still got some traveling to do.” Judgement shows up when it wants, however. Yes, the Fool can turn his back on it at this moment, as he has, but . . . It has shown itself in the neighborhood. It is around, and letting me know that even if I choose not to go on just yet, choose I shall, and perhaps sooner than I think. I DO NOT think I’m being given some sort of death oracle or warning, absolutely not! Don’t go there, it’s BS. It’s a gentle reminder, that’s all. Even backhanded praise, in a way, “You’ve come a long way this time, pal. I’m proud of you. Now, don’t forget! We promised ourselves we would finish this up in beauty, no matter how or when it came, and so we shall, right?”  Right. I hope that it isn’t necessary to make that journey too soon. I like the journey at this point a lot, as I see the things being revealed to me at a blindingly rapid pace. I AM looking forward to the next stage, of course. Just not quite yet. LOL, I suppose everyone says that. Now, I suppose, is the point where I should start pulling up the Kabbalah and Numerology and 2K old tomes on the Tarot to give you a plethora of good shit; I don’t think I will, today. I feel good to be alive, today, to have my life, my Wife, my cats and above almost all the Tarot. IT is my passion; if I had any doubts as to the verity of that, they were dispelled when I looked around the other day & realized how many decks I have, how many books, how many “accessoires” & art & so-on: I’m a toasted-in-bun kitty, This is my check-out material, and thank Osiris & Isis that I love it. I’m ready to move on today, so that’s what we’re gonna do. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the Grace and Dignity we deserve to enter and exit gracefully, in whatever trial awaits us. Be Well!   

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