Sunday, October 9, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 10Oct2016. Today I am using a “beloved by readers” deck, *The Röhrig Tarot* by Carl-W. Röhrig. It is a beautiful, HIGHLY intuitional deck, and reads like a dream, literally. The most surprising things come through on draws with these cards IF you can attune to them. Which isn’t hard, so chin up! The Really Hard Part is finding one, or perhaps one you are willing to pay as asked on eBay, for example. One just went there for around $300, I believe. These are much easier to find if you aren’t particular about the language, as well. Onwards and upwards! My wife and I were laughing this morning about the general shittiness of getting old and how, in Bette Davis’ words, “It ain’t for sissies.” I had said, “Mon Dieu, ce que c’est con, l’âge ! Il me prend, un par un, tous les plaisirs de ma vie pour en remplacer avec des observations et des banalités éparpillées parmi des rares vérités. Merci-là l’Infini pour le Tarot ! Mes cartes sont une vraie ligne de vie, et sauvent ma santé mentale de plus en plus ! » I was talking about yesterday & the day before, of course. 
To recap, On Saturday, (when I drew XVI the Tower, which I interpreted as internal,) I had a “respiratory crisis” and strolled around the entrance to the pathway of here. I decided to stay after the arrival of the pompier-sapeurs, the ambulance, and my breathing. It was touch & go, however, and while not scared, I was a bit panicked. Now??? I thought. LOL, I suppose that must be a very favorite last thought! Luckily all of that queenly drama wasn’t called for and I was able to refuse the hospital and remain at home, “épuisé” though I was. LOL, “Mark Miller, Getting His Own Way Since 1952.” Let’s get on to today’s cards which are a result of all “that.” I pulled the cards, and received XIX as my “Aiming Point” for today, and then the 5 of Disks as its challenge, its test to overcome, and its “shadow” for today.  Well, yeah, I guess I CAN see that in myself today. I would, I really would like to aim for the Sun today, but that isn’t likely. It’s true; I’m a bit worried; what other developments ae going to cascade out of that cornucopia of physical catastrophe, my age? It’s a natural worry, I can’t avoid it, but I CAN adjust its’ volume down, down, down. As foe aiming for the Sun - ?? Ha, well, I have my class his week; of course, but that is not in question, in fact, right now nothing else is, except physical health. Oh, and yes, the little job of evolving, if I can; LOL. J I don’t really feel moved to go beyond that today, still tired as I am from Saturday, and a sleep-spent yesterday. So I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a burst of energy and sticking by our mule train even when it runs into the mud. Be Well!   

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