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Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 23Oct2016. Today I am using the 3 Principles spread and the deck is *Le Tarot de Nostradamus* by La Maison des Editions Heron. Just a short recap – Sulfur, Mercury, Salt as the alchemical references, Active, Passive & Catalyst as the actions or currents. Today I’m “pulling it” as it was designed, with the Major Arcana alone, so the hand isn’t quite as startling as it looks at first glance; nevertheless, . . .hmmm. Now, despite the personal interest I port to this reading, today I’m going to load the blog down with information; make it Heavy with facts, man. So, if that isn’t “yer thang,” feel free to skip the blog. ON THE OTHER HAND, the reason I am doing this is for the benefit of my small, private group on the Tarot. This post is really for them, as a kind of Mondo sum-up of the three cards drawn. At least from this perspective, for now; it can all change tomorrow, right? At any rate, you are playing 2nd fiddle to my group today, but be assured, it is as informative for you as I hope it is for them. That being said, “let’s dive, boys & girls!” My Active Principle today is – ta da! – XIII Lybitine. (« On trouve parfois l'Arcane XIII du tarot de Marseille sous la désignation de Libitine ou Lybitine. Il faut alors lire cette appellation comme un surnom plus qu'un nom, le propre de cette carte étant de ne pas avoir de nom. » Wikipedia. My translation: « One sometimes finds Arcanum XIII of the Tarot de Marseille under the designation Libitine or Lybitine. It is necessary therefore to read this name as a ‘nickname,’ more than a name, the proper name of this card being no name at all.” Mm » So . . . XIII Lybitine; a funeral goddess of the Romans, for Nostradamus it is death and/or revolution, signifying a change, a brutal transformation. “The picture speaks for itself--as indeed most of them do--but still there is more in it than we might suppose at first sight. 
Beyond all doubt it is a sort of allegorical representation of Father Chronos, Time, who, while creating, consumes his own children, and was very often pictured as a warning of death or a remembrance of mortality. But on the other hand Time marks the beginning, and birth is not less under his government than death. The ancient edition of this card shows the figure harvesting heads and limbs of human bodies upon a field. This may be an expression of an old superstition, which said that those limbs with which man sinned would grow out of his grave. Probably a distorted teaching of the Law of Karma or cosmic reaction, which is also ruled by Saturn, at least in the execution. And in this function he is the old God of Israel, whose law was "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." But Saturn is more. He is the planet or cosmic function (let us say planet for convenience sake) of Formation, which means also determination in Place and Time, limitation, definition, etc. Now let us see what Papus says. He identifies the card with the principle of the Hebrew letter Mem, who "is a woman, the companion of man," and therefore gives rise to ideas of fertility, formation. "It is pre-eminently the material and female, the local and plastic sign, an image of external and passive action." It is really a great pity that this occultist never realized what he was saying, astrologically or cosmically. "Mem is one of the three mother-letters." Saturn is the ruler of the Tenth house, Capricorn, which as such is called the house of the 'married woman' in Hindu astrology. That Saturn, the Christian Satan, has close relations with woman and even that he used her as his favorite vehicle or agent, is one of the Christian 'teachings,' in which we recognize distorted or perverted occult knowledge. Death certainly is only relative and the death of the form may mean the commencement of life on another plane. Birth down here may be seen as a sort of death of a higher existence. "The veil and mask of life is perpetuated in change, transformation and passage from lower to higher . . ." (Waite) Higher to lower as well. Waite shows the figure on horseback, which is not inadequate for the ruler of Capricorn, which succeeds to Sagittarius: action and definition in space and time are born from thought. ". . . perpetual rebirth of the Being in the domain of Time." (Papus)Astrological Correspondence Saturn” (A. E. Thierens) Whooo! Okay, moving on to my Passive current for the day, I have received – oh frabjuous joy! – 0 The Fool. So, after this deep, life-changing event I’m going to be Free Willy swimming the ocean blue looking for some tail, eh? Hmm, somehow I doubt that. Let’s look closer: “It is the last of the 22 Major Arcana, the finale of the show, luck, destiny. It is the end of a “state.” It can be, as well, irresponsibility and/or the unconscious. The average stage of man in the present stage of Earth-evolution is 'human,' but not yet at the stage of wisdom, consequently that of the 'unwise man.' To us, creatures living upon the Earth, this globe cannot be observed by us in toto, and the Fool is represented as a man walking without paying attention to himself. There is something of absolute Fate about this figure, which reminds us of the old saying of astrologers: "The wise man rules his stars, the fool obeys them." On the point of this fatality all authorities agree. For the rest the explanation does not seem very satisfying. To us there appears to be no doubt regarding the nature of this Fool, presented as a final 'principle,' if we may call it that, after those of the planets. A principle, however, without a number, a principle of nothing, nothingness. The planets give us the symbols or ideas of organs of consciousness, the zodiacal signs denote modes of substance, from which consciousness is derived. So the zero-principle is the symbol of unconsciousness. In fact he who is unconscious, of himself or of Self, will obey every intimation from without and obeys 'his stars'--his senses, stupidly, blindly. Of course this card has much to do with foolishness, spiritual dumbness, but it bears also the meaning of that which cannot be helped and which we do best to leave altogether aside; or that which will come right of itself and need not be heeded by us: that to which we are subject, as to the Earth course in its orbit. It does not need our personal assistance. Realizing the latter fact this 'fool' might after all appear to be wiser than a good many other people, who in their human vanity imagine they are greatly needed for carrying out the intentions of their God, of Whom they claim a sort of personal knowledge. A proverb says, that children and fools tell the truth. Taken as a whole, the card signifies that which will prove to contain more truth than appears; that which cannot be helped; those who are unconscious (of certain things, e.g.,) or unreasonable or foolish, disregarding logical propositions and actions. Also that part of our surroundings over which we have no control or which we do not master; that which we have to obey or which we ignore. The Hebrew letter Shin is brought in relation with this card, and Papus says it means "the Motion of relative duration," but his explanation does not throw any particular light on the card nor on the relationship. The picture seems to hint also that the fool "is hurried to his destruction unawares." (Waite) And there may be a good deal in it. In divination it may hint at persons suffering under this tendency. The question may be asked, why the planetary cards have been named in this order. When we agree that Mercury, Temperance, has been put in the place of Jupiter, which after all has been used in a higher octave, we see first named the three planets outside the place of the Earth, governing the building of the physical mold and having to do with the birth and death of it. Then follows the planet of cosmic electricity and of the birth of human spirit in the physical building, which it eventually destroys. Next come the three planetary principles functioning on the spiritual side, which have their meaning only after the birth of human spirit. The Moon takes the place of Mercury-Vulcan, and the order is that of reckoning from the Earth, consequently in a continuous line from the outside: Venus--Moon (for Mercury-Vulcan)--Sun. They have to do with the growth of body and soul. Finally the principle of deliverance from the prison of the body: Jupiter, and that of the cosmic ocean to which the particles return, Universal solvent; ocean which constitutes the real ground for our practical unity in the world. The Fool as the denial of all sense, nonsense. There may be other explanations of course. The one offered here seems to have the advantage that it is in the line of the suggestion, made before, viz. that the whole system of the Tarot is a sort of symbolism, expressly adapting cosmic principles to human life and to man's personal interests, not always even in the highest sense. There exists a remarkable difference between the degree of clearness with which concrete particulars of the Lesser Arcana are given, and the diffuse teaching of the Greater Arcana, which appears to have been rather covered and veiled, than divulged. It was in the first place the Lesser Arcana, with which the diseurs de bonne aventure wanted to please their clients, so it naturally had their chief attention. It is still more remarkable that all explanation about the 'why' of the Lesser Arcana fails. We ought perhaps to take into account a meagre effort made by Papus in his Tarot of the Bohemians, (p. 235-237), where he tries to assign each of the cards to one of the decanates of the zodiac; but he makes no further use of the hypothesis. For the rest I venture to say that it does not hold good at all and does not in the least correspond with the traditional significances given, as the authors tell us, in respect of the Bohemians. Another equally unsuccessful effort at explanation has been made recently by a pupil of Eteilla, d’Odoucet and Papus, a Frenchman calling himself Ely Alta, in a book entitled Le Tarot Egyptien (1922), which bears a close resemblance to that of Papus or speaks of the very same source as the latter. In fact Alta reproduces a treatise of Eteilla's disciple and co-worker d’Odoucet and gives more than Papus in so far as he preludes every significance of a card in the Lesser Arcana with a sort of explanation in a would-be cosmogonical sense. The fact is, that these explanations all fall short of explaining the traditional significance. So they cannot be more than a sort of drapery of eloquence, hung over the tableaux by later commentators, perhaps by Eteilla himself. And the only thing they divulge without any doubt at all is that the key to these 'lesser' mysteries has been lost or has never been given out to those to whom this practice of divination has been presented "as a bible which would make their living at the same time," as Papus has said somewhere.  But the striking fact is, that these traditional significations cover almost exactly and in almost every card the theory expounded by us. So we may be fairly certain that this theory contains or is the very key. 
 We shall verify it systematically and card for card. Astrological Correspondence Our Earth.” (A.E. Thierens) Yep, nonsense, from first to last, but in the “sense” of “no sense”, not idiocies. Today’s earth changing event is going to shake things up big time, leaving me feeling very free agent-ish. Well, we can only wait & see, but I can’t help but be a bit anxious. Hmmm. Finally, as the Catalyst that will transform these two currents into something workable and usable for me, I have drawn my OLD buddy, XIV Le Verseau, or Temperament as wee more familiarly call her. So, to make this work, it takes moderation. Well, yes, obviously!! But what else? “Nostradamus saw here the Golden Age, which would return after the trial & tribulations of humanity. It signifies above all prudence, moderation and/or a considered decision or “pardon. . . . The Genius of the Sun holding two cups and pouring from the one into the other the liquor which holds life." (Papus)--" A winged angel with the sign of the sun upon his forehead . . . pouring the essences of life from chalice to chalice." (Waite) Another version has: ". . . pours the fluid of Life from a golden vase into a silver one." (Papus) This is evidently the cosmic function next to the Sun, messenger of the same: Mercury or Vulcan, lord of the sphere of Virgo, surrounding the solar Leo-sphere. Other traditional descriptions confirm this: "It is the symbol of combinations, working incessantly in all regions of Nature." (Papus) On his breast this angel bears a square with inscribed triangle, reminding us of the passage of the cosmological Stanzas of Dzyan, "The Three fall into the Four," which means the beginning of Manifestation. "Entry of Spirit into Matter and reaction of Matter upon Spirit." (Papus) So on the subject of this card there seems to be perfect understanding. "Incarnation of Life," Papus adds. This is Mercury, who has to do with the distribution of life-currents from the Sun farther on into the solar-system and from the heart and solar-plexus farther on into our physical body. The golden vase and the silver one illustrate this distribution from higher to lower regions. So this card signifies all sorts of distribution, from the nervous system and its workings of co-ordination to correspondence by the post office, letters and communications, and the latter not only limited to this physical world but extended to other planes of existence. The function of Mercury is that of the mind in its concrete activities and imparts knowledge, learning, which after all is the beginning or potentiality of all our further relations in this world. Papus seeks to establish relation between it and the Hebrew letter Nun, which means "the offspring of the female--(we said rightly, that Mercury has much to do with the Moon)--a son, the fruit of any kind . . . the image of the being produced or reflected.  .". Yes: reflection and above all reproduction. The name 'Temperance' appears to have been chosen because of the transposition from one plane to another or one center to another, which has much to do with 'time' also. The latter is the proper reason for naming this principle directly after that of Saturn. Her astrological correspondence is Mercury (my Passive current!!). So there we have it, gang, It’s gonna be a bang-up day, even though I don’t have the foggiest idea of what could be coming down the tubes. So, trusting in Tarot, here I go into my day! I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the wisdom and serenity to wait with a calm heart when necessary, and act with joy when appropriate. Be Well!  


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