Thursday, October 20, 2016

I have no Daily Draw to tell you about today. I didn't feel like doing it. Here is the 1-card I drew instead in order to compensate and to have at least one card for meditation today. And it isn't very meditative! HA! Well, here, you go, enjoy the Ace of Fire. Be Well!
*To the Sun God*
Where are you? Drunk, my mnd becomes
Twilight after all your ecstasy. For I just saw
How the enrapturing young god,
Tired from his journey,
Bathed his yourthful hair in the golden clouds.
And now my eyes follow after him,
But he is gone away to reverent
Nations which still honor him.
I love the earth,which mourns with me.
Like children when they are upset, our grief
Changes to sleep. And as rustling winds
Whisper over harp strings
Until the fingers of a master entice
A prettier music, thus mist and dreams
Play around us, until the beloved returns,
And charges us with life and spirit.
- Friedrich Hölderlin

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