Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 30Nov2016. Last day of the 11th month, and tomorrow we enter the season of Madness on a Mass Scale. As for me, I shall be celebrating the Egyptian version of the Holy Family by issuing an edict that all 1st-born children of pure materialists shall be killed. They expect no reason, only randomness, so I shall fulfill their Solstice wish. (I would be a cryptic and cruel god to live under, wouldn’t I? LOL) Today I am again using the Three Alchemical Principles spread, and the deck is new, it is the fabulous reproduction by Yves Renaud of *Le Tarot de Marseille de Jean-Pierre Payen 1713.” Yves’ reproductions, carefully, painstakingly prepared, are true works of art. I have drawn, in sequence: 0/XXII le Fol; X La Roue de Fortune; and V Le Pape.  0/22, 10, 5. Hmmm. Now, just for amusement, I am going to construct a brief reading à la LWB divination readings; I only do this because these meanings are standardized across all versions of the Tarot de Marseille – most modern Tarots are individual spin-offs on the RWS or Crowley systems, and so detailed as to require for-this-deck-only definitions. That’s bullshit, IMHO. I love beautiful art, too, but a picture of Kali doesn’t automatically change either XIII or XV into a treatise on Hinduism and the reading of the card in that manner. IT makes for a fun parlor game of “Divination, divination, who’s got a divination hidden up their ass?” The work of the archetypes is limited by your
 understanding of that particular deck; can you imagine anything more ego-bound than trying to sell the Truths of the Universe as your intellectual property?? Fuck that. At any rate – end of tirade. LOL. So, a standardized reading, eh? Okay, let’s get to it and have some fun. As Sulfur, my Active/Masculine principle going forward, I have drawn our old friend 0/XXII Le Fol. (This whole draw is creepily familiar, as you may spot, too. Fool, Fortune, Hierophant – all stock players in my theatre troupe and frequent visitors to our home. ‘Gawd ah-mighty!’ how OFTEN have I drawn 2 or more like this recently? 80% of the time? It is a shockingly high number; the message is really pounding at the door; “I get it,” I keep telling the Tarot; “NO, you don’t!” continually responds the Tarot. This may just be a misunderstanding of terms, but it is going to require study, meditation & research, and this morning I need simply to finish this blog entry, first. So, what do I see? I see the Fool striding off on his Journey, toward Good Fortune, he hopes, of course; and Fortune is looking back at him, a good sign. Fortune is NOT looking back at V the Pope, though, and he is in there somehow regulating the exchange of energies between the Fool and the Wheel - and to BOTH of their benefits, which is more! Okay, now my LWB tells me that 0/22 in itself means a Thoughtless and unaware moral character while I suffer from a surfeit of hereditary influence. I am listless and neurasthenic. Showing up this way V, however, means that I’m back on the right road and with the X signifies that I have returned in better health. O-ka-a-a-y. Now remember, this is my 
ACTIVE/Masculine current of the day! Whew! LOL. Okay, let’s tune in to what the 18th century has to say next; the X La Roue de Fortune, is always a personal sigil of happiness and luck for me; I have largely lived my life in the shadow of its beneficence. And have concurrently and consequently received my share of “bad” luck, too, but as I age, I subscribe more and more to the palliative lie that “what doesn’t kill us only makes it stronger.” That is simply not ALWAYS true. But it makes for a nice teen-pop hit by a pudgy girl getting over a doofus of a dickwad boyfriend. For our information, the LWB tells us this card is Change. An instability, a love of traveling, a love of discovery. Health is often neglected (oops! Which Get-out-of-jail-card-is-stronger, because I was just told my health is getting better. Hmm; perhaps a progressive state . . . on verra. I am of an exuberant nature, though! so it is to be expected. Showing up this way with V indicates I have a short home-rest period coming up; I hope that doesn’t mean a bout of very ill health, but showing up with XXII like this is a screaming “Danger! Danger! Danger!”  Uh-oh, what could THAT possibly be about? I don’t know, other than I am a bit broke right now, a state of financial health completely unacceptable to a medieval merchant! LOL. But again, remember! This is the passive, feminine Mercury current of the day, so the danger need not be cosmic or soul-threatening. But is IS present, and I NEED to deal with it, not ignore it; the cards keep insisting on this point. It isn’t Death, so what is so threatening? Death doesn’t frighten me anyway. Few things do. So, what is this danger barreling down the road towards me? Time may tell. And finally, V the Pope, well, we’ve got his #, right? Just how WIDE IS the stick up his butt? Oh, I shouldn’t be mean, I’m the Hierophant often enough to know better; you need to be, sometimes, to get people to get off their asses and learn, including yourself. He is loyalty and organizational ability, enthusiasm and respectability (god, he sounds like Sam Sunshine at the County Fair – I hate him already. LOL) He symbolizes successful business trips, but poor Health (SHIT!) With the X, he tells me there will be a profitable delay followed by great joy and with the XXII that I will receive unexpected, almost UNBELIEVABLE help –Wow! I like that, but help with what?? Ah, the mystery thickens, like starchy pudding! I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a bit of light-hearted mystery in our day today. Be Well!   

Monday, November 28, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 29Nov2016 : today I’ve used the Three Principles spread, today’s deck is *Tarot Apokalypsis* by Erik C. Dunne & Kim Huggens, and I have drawn on a 4th card, on a pure, intuitive hunch of where I should look today for either unexpected aid or opposition. These are all, in order: Sulfur = Active/Masculine = VI the Lovers; Mercury = Passive/Feminine = the Empress reversed: Salt = the Catalyst = V the Hierophant; in the 4th Help/Hurt position sits the Queen of Pentacles. I must admit, when I sat down this morning with the cards I didn’t expect the day to resolve into this; it isn’t bad, just unexpected. When you are thinking, "What is going to happen to or involve me today” and it’s wrong, it should be “What is happening with US today?” I get so deeply involved in Tarot, and metaphysics, and the details of my Journey, glittering or grimy as they may be; it behooves me to remember that I am married, and when I married this woman, I promised to be of aide in HER Journey, too, and I wonder how much of an aide I have been lately. Which is why I believe the cards are popping up today to tell me to take a look: at the general state of the State and the particular state of your partner’s Journey; are her requests, if she makes them, for aid being honored and in a timely fashion? 
Yes, I believe so, but it never hurts to check over your “job performance” to see if there are areas for improvement, and of course, there inevitably are. At first glance, I took the Choice/VI the Lovers to be applicable to just me, and I thought, “Oh no, no, no – not more insistence on the necessity of making a choice and trying like hell to choose the ‘higher road,’ I hope? I’ve heard it, YES, thank you!” Then taking in “the big picture” I immediately realized it was all in reference to our marriage, and not my Journey. Well, good! because as a commentary on my Journey it didn’t make much sense! Ha! Let’s just run through it; My Choice upfront is that I decided to participate in the Journey of another person as a helpmeet and aide, and above all as her soul-friend, who is there with and for her. She (III the Empress is an introverted and passive person; the reversed Empress is very much her, she is NOT an extrovert leader for original thinker, she needs a Cause to follow. She is also of another generation of woman, the “mothers/sisters/wives” generation, dealing with men as lost beings holding their umbilical cords in their hands and wandering rather dim-wittedly, looking for a place to plug in. They say that having a man is rather like owning a dangerous, exotic animal; life is safer and calmer without one, but . . . .  GRIN. (My most sincere piece of advice to any woman seeking a man is, Be Sure! You may get that for which you 
pray!) On the other side of the coin, there is a generation of men who assume the male side of this role, and treat women as the dangerous & exotic animals. I know a simple truth: a woman or a man is as dangerous or as exotic as you yourself are capable of being; we almost never choose outside of our “class.” I am not of that generation, I’m a generation younger than my wife; I am convinced that if there is a dangerous, exotic creature in the room it is just as likely as not to be me and Seth knows I AM dangerous if riled; I burn towns, bridges & anything/one standing. I am capable of being overwhelmed by my Fire, and I never know what to expect then, except I know it will be costly. I chose a partner of cool, airy disposition, a Libra; I didn’t want to quench my Fire in Water, nor augment it in another Fire, nor reduce its power through Earth; It needs Air, although the danger exists that air can fan a conflagration. My wife is on the very, very passive side of Libra, and prefers to leave literally EVERYTHING to me, as she bears no ultimate responsibility that way. It’s okay, it works, because I find it hard to bear, trying to live by another’s decisions. Let them live by mine, I’m not stupid or cruel, my decisions let the machine run quite well. Our marriage counselor–in–chief today is V the Hierophant, and as a Catalyst he works very well between the two of us. If this spread says anything, it tells me that our marriage is, as usual, in its own state of functionality,
but PERHAPS it wouldn’t hurt to look around and check the machine, Mark. Does it have enough gas and oil (love & affection)? Does it need new tires? How’s it looking? Does it need a wash and a polish? Do you care how this vehicle you are using looks, operates, and functions with alacrity and gentleness in a cold and hostile environment, the non-progressing, non-evolving world culture? Have I done my bit to make sure that my wife has the opportunities for choice that she needs on her journey? Does she do the same for me? Are we happy together, finally? Do we feel this is right, being together? Are we nourishing a living marriage, or preserving a dead flower? I need to know, she needs to know, we must know if we can continue to journey on with this wonderful benefit. I feel we can. So does she. The spread before me simply says that today is a GOOD day for repair and maintenance and a wash and a wax. We are important to each other; we need to show it, and I can do my part by starting today with a desire to see if the metaphysical needs of my wife are being met, and how I can help, if I can help, to make sure that continues. I keep my wife aware of MY needs on a much more regular basis (grin!) so she need make no special request to know where I am; I tell her at the drop of a pin, if she asks. But only if she asks, I don’t wish to be a boor. On the side of today, we have a lurking Queen of Pentacles for help or hindrance. Hmmm. Okay, I’ll keep that in mind. I ask the Cosmos today to bless us ALL with the perspicacity, wisdom & kindness to take a look at our nearest and dearest and ask ourselves, are we doing our best? Be Well!   


Sunday, November 27, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 28Nov2016: I’ve just had a fucking disaster! I wrote a long and lovely write-up for today’s blog entry, and as it was in its final edit, a computer glitch/hiccup/whatever erased the entire thing. Why hadn’t I save it? I had – I was working on the saved copy. So, inadvertently, I screwed myself bigtime, which is doubtless a good reason why today opens with 0 the Fool! Ha! However, even though I refuse to try and duplicate the lost entry, I can do this: I can tell you, first and foremost, that I have read this as a great reading of Change & Moving Forward & claiming a new & public persona. Now, as for the rest of it, I have lost all of my reasoning as to why this is so, but I can replace it with the LWB’s card descriptions. Don’t fret or pooh-pooh; they will open your eyes, if you will let them. By the way, the LWB does not exist in print; as it is constantly changing and growing with experience and additions, it is kept as a live presence online at  http://abrahadabra.com/mutational-alchemy-tarot-book/
Thus, if you were so inspired, you could go there for more info; trust me on this, however, you are going to need the deck. So if the approach appeals to you, buy the deck, it is primordial. Alright, that’s it for me. I’ll say a word at the end, but from here to there, it is the LWB for this deck, the *Mutational Alchemy Tarot* by m1thr0s and Izi Ningishzidda. The first card, The Fool: ‘Like Thoth, Mutational Alchemy is interested in the Fool as the great Alpha of physical manifestation. There are very clear qabbalistic similarities to the *Adam Kadmon* (the primordial *First Man*) stepping forward from the alchemical *Prima Materia*, or *First Matter*, from which all other divisions, layers, and dimensions unfold. In the Fool we find an embodied example of the possibilities of existence – a state of Mind and Matter above the fray and unencumbered by the shackles of Restriction. In the Fool life is a great adventure and existence is pure Joy and perfect Freedom. The Proximity Principle validates the Fool’s positioning between Sephiroth One (Kether, Crown) and Two (Chokmah, Wisdom). Its elemental hexagrams tell an amazingly complex story of Love and Danger – of Struggle and Victory against all worldly odds. It is important to note that the Fool is alchemically linked to the Fortune card, which carries the same hexagrams in Reciprocal Inverse order. Distilling its four hexagrams down to their Bigrammal components reveals a preponderance of both Air and Earth elements, numbering 4 of each in total. In the Four Bigrams, Air and Earth correspond to Son and Daughter which positions them hierarchically in the relationship of Microcosm. Microcosm’s overwhelming *aspiration* is to Macrocosm in the Above, so here we see a very unexpected circumstance where the Fool (which is already at Apex in the Above) is clothed in the inertia of profound Ascension. We may assert with a degree of confidence that while the Fool is cloaked outwardly in an abundance of Fire and Air, it is nevertheless internally preoccupied with Earth and Water, and *troubled* waters in particular. Water typically links to Emotions, but is also the province of Saturn wherein we come ‘round to the notion of Universal Law and laws. The Fool, in that case, is in many respects a kind of standard of future Civilization itself. His *journey* is ultimately no different than the journey that Humankind is on. The Scene: Possibly the most Homosexual card in the deck, (no accident), The Fool’s journey throughout the Tree of Life is no minor walk in the park. A primordial superman in his own right, he is like Enkidu (the heroic character from Sumerian mythology) not yet having achieved perfect understanding, but powerful to action and perfectly joined with Nature, the Queen of Infinite Space who is his secret protector, and parent, Lady Luck. The Fool is at the brink of a cliff overlooking the Tree, symbolic of the Great Division between the Supernals and Infernals within the Tree of Life itself. He is poised, about to take the plunge into *life beneath the waters*, as the Infernals are often called. Perfectly protected by his/her natural synergy. Note also however, as a serpent, he is moving both left and right towards Past and Future but firmly grounded in the Present with a strong descending action. The iconography of the feathered serpent in mythology represents the deity who has powers over heaven and the underworld – a marriage of the chthonic and sky gods in one. Such representations of a serpent combined with the heavenly powers of birds were not confined to Mesoamerican belief. The Sumerian deity Ningishzidda is also depicted in combination with winged djinn. The jaguar here is like the fool’s lion or dog (sometimes a crocodile) depicted biting the ankle of the fool, traditional in older tarot and still present, but in the form of the jaguar. In the jaguar’s land of origin it was admired simply for what it was, a great hunter and fighter. Here it represents the yin principle whereas the feathered serpent represents the yang. The crocodile is inferred by the mythology of the characters themselves. Cipactli shows up later on The Hanged Man as well, where Tezcatlipoca is in his human form. Kukulkan and Tezcatlipoca weave a colorful tapestry of creation, drama, magick and mystery in the Fool card. Co-creators and rivals in the Aztec pantheon. Kukulkan is typical of the horned and feathered serpent gods of the American continents, with his primary function being that of the fertile male deity, Lord of Light, benevolent, with a warmer character than his brother Tezcatlipoca (literally “smoking mirror”) who has grim stories and gruesome ritual iconography associated with him. Tezcatlipoca is identified with the jaguar, one of the denizens of the jungles of Central and South 
America. Tezcatlipoca is known as “the sacrificed one” and he is depicted more than once in our deck’s journey. The Egyptian star-goddess Nuit is also identified here as the purple miasma with star substrate and in the spots of the leopard’s coat. An atypical fool (but a fool nonetheless!), Kukulkan dives into creation with reckless abandon characteristic of a fertile creator, Tezcatlipoca stands in as the aspect of nature nipping at his heel (or in this case, tail) representing the love that creation itself bears the Fool through instinctual urges.” Wow! Lots of things to consider; onwards . . . the 2nd card, IX The Hermit, reversed; It is fortunate at least that Crowley liked men, because we can get a better view of The Empress via the Hermit now that the puzzle of the Changes and Sephiroth are resolved finally by m1thr0s. The Hermit shares a *secret alliance* with The Empress. They carry the very same hexagrams in different elemental positions. This is called a reciprocal inverse. Dragons are of course very promiscuous so this is unsurprising, but it does not diminish her relationship to the Emperor. It is safe to say the Emperor and the Hermit are different facets of the same personage. ATU IX is the number of the Lo Shu and so it can be said, The Lo Shu is The Hermit, (And thus the Tetractys as his number is 10) and thus The Hermit is what brought about all Life in the Universe.  The union of the Lo Shu’s 9 and the Tetractys 10 is of utmost importance and perhaps this can be said of The Hermit: He is entirely oppressed and misunderstood in this world. But this will be corrected. It has to be, if anything is to go right on Earth. “And Elohim created Great Whales” is a benevolent if also slightly amusing pairing with the card. Whales are connected with memory and the Akashic records, but also Binah’s earthly representation, the ocean, so it is not disharmonious with the Hermit. The intelligence of the step of creation is Will, and this is wholly perfect for the Hermit’s position. The Scene:  The hermit gets a six pointed star, but this time, surprise, it’s the TwinStar!  This unicursal sigil of the Tetractys discovered by m1thr0s is at the heart of The Abrahadabra Institute’s logo, nestled in the star of Babalon. The orphic egg is the symbol of transmutation, a universal representation of longevity and prosperity. Orphic eggs come to us from the very ancient Orphic religion are to be considered very auspicious. The hermit himself oversees the endeavor of guarding the egg, carrying with him the lamp representing eternal fire, and the staff representing masculine fertility, both very important aspects of the Hermit’s symbology. Behind him stands the forest primeval, representing the unknown, verdant growth and the ancient and hoary female virgin-whore universe, or, The Empress! In a reading, the egg may be regarded as carrying the universe, or a human being, (such as the questioner) really anything biological undergoing transformation. It is most explicitly fractal in nature. The specific girl in the egg, as a divine archetype, could be said to represent Virgo or Persephone, guarded by Hades-Mercury in the forest primeval where hundreds more dwell in their youth, guarded with light against the dark intricacies of complex variables that would lead to their doom. This also represents the goddess in her child aspect that leads to renewal and new growth. In the Shakti cult the girl child is the penultimate supreme Goddess, all-powerful, all pervading, immaterial and virtuous. The purplish clouds are Yin coloration of the Fire element. She represents the virgin life of all the beings in the forest as well, as it was originally intended in the highest heavens, with its infinite potential awaiting re-union with the further divisions of the masculine aspect of universe, Logos. Crowley likened the Hermit to the physical lifeform spermatozoa, and I do not dislike or disagree with this, but DNA is perhaps an even more accurate avatar of The Hermit, the discovery of which came after Crowley’s time. The Hermit is also equitable to the shepherd, intuition and the subconscious of our minds that leads us through our own day to day jungles. The hermit is voice, “The Quiet Voice of Logos”. The Hermit is fragile. It must be understood that like life itself which has its own strength in varied forms it is most strong in the realm of intellect. In this Logos is infinitely powerful in the realm of mind, and has a limitless potential to become into our universe, but that power is still waxing in our material world, so that the Hermit should be considered a delicate balance against other cards in any spread. It would not be inappropriate to regard this card as the very essence of the evolution of life, not just DNA or spermatozoa as Crowley affiliated it with. However it is a strong portender of pregnancy if it shows up in answer to such a question, especially of a sacred child who is incarnating with the purpose of fulfilling the Will of Heaven.” Well, yes, all of that & more. GRIN. But there is only one way to reconcile those two cards in such a BIG change, and that is with an even more profound change on the part of the subject: metaphysical death, the rebirth of the self. This, we have as the Catalyzing agent, XIII Death. And here she is from the manual. After this, a final word: “Here in the fourfold Hexagrammal attributes of Progress, Darkening of the Light, Conflict and Waiting is the image of Alchemical process. The emphasis in the holistic sense is with the Fire Hex, Progress. The hexagram reminds us we are here to brighten ourselves. Death ends those who are not living according to their True Will or improving themselves in some way. If you refuse to advance you will fall, and continue to fall until you determine to be a productive human being. This is symbolized also by Fire in the above, Earth in the below. The still elements will be purified. So it is that the fire element in the scene is the punishing and delivering Chakkrath Azhwar, or circle of God. In Hexagram #36 we have Darkening of the Light, a strong inference of what Death is to humans. “The light has sunk into the earth; the image of the darkening of the light.” Man is advised to guard his light, and this includes hiding it within and persevering. Death is very mysterious, but the Tibetans have been studying Death closely for centuries and seem to know something Westerners do not: the act of Death is only the beginning of a long journey to failure or success. Like alchemy, it is most important that a Man be aware of such things, lest he fail to apprehend the most important aspect of Life – its Death. Hexagram #5 and #6, of Earth and Water respectively are of interest. Death is classically associated with the bottom of the ocean as seen in the Thoth. So if we pay attention to the symbolism here, in #5 we see that it is the chamber of Ma’at herself. The I Ching reminds us that Death is fine and auspicious for the sincere, and those who persevere will be furthered to cross the Great Water. 
A feast for Death is advised. But in #6 the symbolism is more difficult to interpret. There is obstruction even if one is sincere, says the I Ching. The passage may indicate the phenomenon of being pushed back from Death into the world while in the same body, a near-death experience. It could also represent stumbling in the Bardo and returning to the womb of the living. (which to a Tantricist is not all that bad.) In all of these functions, events and phenomena, Maya is the goddess we are examining, and so this is who is represented on our card, even though she is rarely ever anthropomorphized. It is through the hexagrams that this new phenomena of Pentagrammal structures must be analyzed, at least partly. “Imaginative” fits Maya very well. Earth of Earth signifies the essence of the Daughter, and she is a creative and imaginative child. Called “The Lord’s Maya in the East, she is both playing companion and playground in the Lord’s lila. Thus she is ever intimately connected with any change which occurs, so it is natural she will be associated with the most dramatic change, that of Death and its inferred rebirth. In the line from Berashith we also have the creatrix who lends diversity and inspiration to the forms of life. Lastly the number 50 is of Nuit, so it is she is connected to this card, a death goddess, actually. The Scene: Maya, represented as the gatekeeper to the world above. She is black, representing the eternal night into which all existence must coalesce into. Life ends at her feet, colored red like the muladhara that leads to the bottomless pit where Ananta resides. The mace represents the brutality of death’s influence on incarnated beings. She points up, indicating that she will slay all who stand before her on this floor. Raising consciousness was once the supreme goal of all kings and jivas (incarnated beings) and that reason is Maya herself who will reclaim all that belongs to her. The only refuge is to rise above the slaughter. In life, there are many who will stand gawking at death, for fear or stupidity, not knowing that they grow closer to annihilation with their inability to act in the right way. The shamanic death, as it is called, is not like this. It is not a death at all but an active meditation akin to a serpent shedding its skin. People are not serpents, but they can master the art of the transmutative activity. Most perform this action at death anyways, but it is more useful to be able to achieve it on a regular healthy basis in life.” And so we have it for today. Sorry it was long, I wish I had my original, but oh well. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a bit more attention to the small things today. Be Well!    

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 27Nov2016. Today is the Nuclear Family spread, and the deck is the new *The Mythical Creatures Tarot* by Alex Ukolov, Karen Mahoney, Elena Kozachuk & Sophie Nusslé. It is a magnificent line-art deck in Black & White and full, glorious Talent. It is as titled, a deck of mythical creatures. Superb, and I’m not going beyond that, it would take too much space in this simple blog. Check out reviews for it elsewhere, I am sure they rave. I’ve used a Nuclear Family set-up, but once again I find my own title lacking and not conducive to clarification. So, here is the three member Family, right? M/Active & etc., F/Passive & etc., and Child/Androgyne/50/50, but here I’ve added an element to the basic Osirian/Isian/Heruan family unit, the dubious, unknown quantity of “Uncle” Seth as the 4th card. To note: this card is dealt from the bottom of the deck, the Shadow card.  This gives me a clear, more complete picture of what and how our modern moderate family is operating on the planes of existence today. 
My father energy today, my Sulfur if you will, is the Queen of Wands, a Chinese dragon. She IS a masculine woman, one must admit; I have female friends like this, and while they are not necessarily lesbians, the majority are VERY androgynous, because this is so primarily a masculine suite & energy. It’s cool with me, don’t get me wrong; I like no nonsense, take charge, I’ve-got-an-attitude-don’t-get-in-my-way women? There is a fine line between such a woman, however, and a castrating bitch. So, . . . watch your P’s & Q’s when you are dealing with a woman like this, or Energy like this; it doesn’t pay to be inattentive at this time, it REALLY doesn’t! Here are some factoids: Astrology: 21° Pisces to 20° Aries; Element and world: The waters in the Fire of Atziluth. Tree of Life: Binah. “Personifying the waters in the element of Fire, the Queen of Wands has a similar basic as the Knight of Cups, combining opposing elements when neither of the contrasts can overcome the other, thus having an unstable balance between them.” (Raven) From there, on the Feminine and Passive side of my life today, I’m advised to seek IX the Hermit. Hardly 
surprising, eh? I’m ALWAYS seeking the Hermit; I LIKE to be left alone, a good part of the time, to “carry forward my plans of cosmic dominance” without interference. . Ahahaha! I’m joking, but am I, really? When we organize the world to our satisfaction it is largely a masturbatory game of mental space Monopoly®. I can understand this current; the passive, feminine anima part of me wants nothing better than to reflect and stay OUT of the action. It’s a BIG contrast with the Queen of Wands, and the way that catalyzes the difference for me today is blending the two through the aid of the King of Wands, that one-shot super-powered wonder man of the Tarot. The guy is big time Fire in Fire, and if favorable, and being our “offspring” he would be, he can lend considerable force to simply forging the two together through the sheer power of Fire, and then moving forward from there. The Hermit’s factoids are; he has Saturn as the keeper of the gate, or Saturn in Aquarius, standing for the search of wisdom and the keeping of independence. On the Zodiac: Virgin. On the Tree of Life: from Chesed to Tiphareth? 
Finally, his Element: Earth.  And then, to see the fit, the factoids for the King of Wands are: in astrology, 21° Scorpio to 20° Sagittarius; Element and world: The Fire in the fires of Atziluth. On the Tree of Life: Chokmah. If anything, he can blend by simply melting everything together! Ha! Destructive though it would be, it is a possibility, here translatable as the ultimate way out being burning your bridge behind you. Short version; Don’t do it.  And finally, the additional element put in today to account for a sometimes present element which can be accounted for in no other way than sheer bad luck: bad, nasty old Uncle Seth, killing his brother Osiris and constantly spreading darkness and chaos across the land. And YET . . . Seth WAS a god, let’s not forget, of the Storm and of the desert, so he MUST be reckoned with, no matter how untasteful the deed. And if such an element shows up today in my life, it is going to be from within my own “extended” family, because today Uncle Seth is the Knight of Wands. I have to say, I don’t like that, not one bit. That usually involves, at the end of the day, my having to whip somebody, and it is a job I rarely appreciate. Betrayal or mischief-making from within the bosom of one’s own family is the most hurtful and the most damaging, of course. It can be met with NO pity, or it will flourish fin the cracks of the situation or relationship and extend a network of roots to cause the fall of the entire structure. His factoids are as thus: in astrology: 21° Cancer to 20° Leo. His Element and world: The Air in the Fires of Atziluth, and on the Tree of Life: in Tiphareth.  My extended family here in France is easily observed; my family left in the U.S.A. is not, and it is likely, due to past experience, that any trouble-making is happening in that far & remote corner of the kingdom. I shall keep my ear to the ground, today, just to be sure. It’s not a bad read for the day, just rather self-involved. Oh well, to paraphrase Ms. Janet Jackson, “What have I done for myself lately?”  I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a moment of inner silence today in order to better utilize our Fire. Be Well!  


Friday, November 25, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fools Tarot for 26Nov2016. Blahblah yakyak, heavens! I’m tired and don’t want to do this today; “Tough shit, Mark, you’re doin’ it anyway, or I’ll whip yer butt down the street in front of God & everybody.” Ah, sweet memories of Dad . . . LOL. (I don’t recall him ever whipping me in public, but he WAS a hard son of a bitch with whom to grow up. Age softened his raging erection against the world, finally, and he’s a mellow kitty, - sort of – these days.) My father was the type of man who made John Wayne look like a mincing, lisping catamite . . . so my opinions of fathers and “Father energy” all come from past experience with that EXTREME version of the archetype. It is also where & how I learned how, and how NOT, to be a man. Some things I borrowed, somethings I rejected, but that kind of man is the construct I was given. (Today's spread is the Nuclear Family, and the deck is *The Revelations Tarot* by Zach Wong.) The King of Wands is very much like that man, as is the King of Swords. Either way, that’s the masculine energy flowing through the masculine construct today, so it was pretty assured that my “father being” today is this guy, and for some reason, I’m going to be fully inhabiting the role today, especially as a “father” or “authority” figure throughout. (Hmm, do I get to spank anyone? Grin.)
 He is ALSO the source for the outrageous streak of parody-heterosexuality I like to mock; the SNL type of thing, that they sent-up so hilariously in their sketches in the *HMS The Raging Queen,” Where they were all “manly men doing manly things in a manly manner,” and the ship’s motto was “Rum, Sodomy & the Whip!” It was quite funny. As was my father, in hindsight.  Whether I intend to be funny today or not is yet to be seen – I have a feeling it IS going to be a rather low-key day, so yes, I imagine we’re going to be doing “funny guy” mode if I express him at all today.  He’s wonderfully flamboyant & a natural showman, the King of Wands, but he’s not good at all at repeat performances – he has no long-term definitions for anything. IF there is anything long-term in his life, it is due to other factors, other people. The one danger for me in the role is that I relate to the role through need, not duty. Having felt no masculine love growing up, it still haunts my days, and probably will until my end, EVEN THOUGH I still have gotten on with Life and Love and good friends and loving partners. Accompanying me in the June Cleaver role today is the Knight of Wands – oh goody goody, Junior Me. Mini-Me. Either I am due for some stiff opposition today which will arrive dressed in the robes of a ‘fougue’ individual who will offer me resistance seeming to come from my own younger twin, so to speak, or a “young man” (in fact or in spirit) is offering me either “a friendly joust” or 
involvement in something less than honorable. A 3rd, far-fetched possibility is that it could represent a gay romantic interest, but for the time being nothing leads me to follow that path. The Cosmos is still keeping the future there very dark and me out of the loop. Our “Horus” today, or “child” or offspring or energy signature, if you will, is XI, Justice. Odd, that, but not surprising – she’s been attached to my coattails since 1937! JeezLouise! Justice is . . .well, Justice, therefore without sentiment; so “our” answer isn’t to view the interactions here in any sort of anthropomorphized or personalized manner; these are elaborate, shiny brass cogs in an infinitely complex pocket watch in the vest pocket of Hermes Trismegistus. LOL. While it is tempting to always stick your mug in there and tag every movement of destiny in the cards with “This is ALL about ME,” remember, “It ain’t so, Madge, it ain’t so,” sometimes YOUR destiny is wrapped up in a larger group dynamic that will have a great deal to do with your Path or Journey. Such as belong to a Masonic temple or some obscure mystery or initiation cult; those tools, those “vehicles” are out-of-date, therefore fighting your way FREE of them to find the Path (“Yes, that means the Church, too, Bridget, yes, ... stop crying Bridget O’Shaughnessy, or I’ll give you a smack so hard your head will ring!”) Justice in this case, however, has to be applicable in only one very important sense; turn it into a quality, Mark, because you are being called upon to be just. Why? I don’t know . . . yet. I would surmise it has something to do about the relationship between me and that young man, but again, the day must be lived for the truth to be told. If I’m not concerning myself with Justice & young men today, then I have either missed the boat or the cat has secretly been arranging the cards again. I ask the Cosmos to give ALL of us today a solid stance and an equal hand, that our justice be fair. Be Well!  

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot this 25Nov2016. Today has gained the sobriquet “Black Friday” in homage to the endless American appetite for consumer junk. I propose we remember “Black Friday” for an entirely DIFFERENT reason; as today we also commemorate, with just a bit of theoretical sadness, the death of Wsr, aka Osiris.  Murdered by Set(h), then collected and re-assembled by Isis, but without his penis; She later conceived (!?!) Horus by mystical union with Osiris (oh, okay), settling over the reanimated body of her husband in the form of a kite (the bird.) Osiris was then murdered again by Set, and reassembled for good, again by his wife, Isis, this time with Horus to protect the entourage. Thoth and Nephthys (Isis’ sister) were accomplices to Isis. Here are some links to learn more, if you like. https://www.laits.utexas.edu/cairo/teachers/osiris.pdf
That being said, let’s move on to today’s draw, shall we? It is the Three Principles & the *Tabula Mundi Colores* again, just as yesterday. I really enjoy working with these majors; I’m learning leaps and bounds concerning the mindset of an alchemist and how I would fit as one – rather marvelously, as it turns out. Ha! I have always had an inexplicable attraction to the city of Prague; now I know why! (Prague was the occult capital of Europe for centuries before the Enlightenment swept first France and then Europe.) I’m looking at a thing of symmetrical beauty this morning; I have yet to know if that bodes well for me! I had one of those moments, when bits of disparate knowledge clicked into place and I saw that indeed, VII the Chariot is a “bookend” in companionship with V The Hierophant, on the Tree of Life, one being bathed in Water, the other Fire. It was a “Well, of Course!” moment, and they are fun to have, are they not? Today, smoothly, EXCITINGLY! enough, VII the Chariot serves as my Sulfur card, the masculine, active influence of the day, and Bang! I get a card symbolizing speed, on its most basic level; on its most mystical, “I am to ride the wave forward, porter of the Grail, achieving the highest good and determining God’s
 will." (Companion book) (Gulp.)  Here, let me repeat that, in case it was momentarily lost; (Gulp!) That is a FAR-too-large scale of human interpretation being applied to God’s will; the only fit comparison I can think of is trying to weave fine Kashmiri wool with two rude sticks. However, if we believe, and I do, that we are never “asked” to accomplish the impossible; sometimes the Highly Improbable, though, yes indeed. Usually accompanied by the mystical phrase, “Time to grow up a bit, fucker.” Okay, message received! This is complemented (? Really?) by the Passive current of XII the Hanged Man today and my intuition is screaming at me to read this as reversed, even though the card itself belies that. Well, okay. “I’m sorry; did you say you were hungry in particular for symbols?? Boy, do I have a plate for you!! Orphic Eggs, Jewish cubes of Matter, world trees, you name it, OccultSymbols’R’Us has got it!” As far as I can see, this card is telling me to “Surrender! There is NO OTHER WAY!” In return, the Waters are going to gift me with their Wisdom (paraphrase from *Book M: Liber Mundi* by Ms. Meleen, a gifted alchemist herself!) “Devote yourself to destiny. It may take time.” (Ibid) Ahahaha – boy, the understatement in THAT statement is the difference between patience & madness.) Finally, How am I going to authorize and generate any complicity between 
these two obviously differently axed energies, unless I can listen in silence to the Voice of Truth, of Wisdom. Acceptance again of that initiation into the mysteries that has already happened, and by remembering the precepts embodied therein it is (almost) impossible to misstep. As a matter of fact, I rather like the “Oracle” from *Book M. . .*, as it both “sells” you on V (Ahahaha!) and seriously explains why; “Listen to the guidance of the wise one that holds the keys. Endure and keep silence for in silence you will receive wisdom. Bring down the celestial fire and become an initiated priest of the mysteries. Invoke occult forces and receive teachings. Seek higher purpose. Wisdom and compassion bring enlightenment, the diamond light that destroys ignorance and reveals truth. Beware intolerant doctrine. “(Ibid) (Interesting, that last bit, in light of Trump’s election, eh?) Whatever; the card is The Hierophant, not The President. So, onward and upwards! I ask the Cosmos to gift us all with extra strength in our Bullshit Detectors today – I have a feeling we are going to need them. Be Well!    

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fools Tarot for 24Nov2016, Thanksgiving, or as it is called in France (although not observed here,) “Le Jour de l’Action de la Grâce.” I believe I can state with reasonable certitude that it is a lugubrious festivity this year, with the advent of the Orange Horror as President, more than 50% of Americans (Hillary won the popular vote, despite her “rampant corruption”) are wondering, “What da fuck!?!? Wha’ happened??” Another stunning Electoral College victory, as in line with the Bush campaign when eventually the Supreme Court gave the office, wrongly, to Bush instead of the winner, Al Gore. America has come to be a DREADFUL place, and it makes me weep to say that. The Juggernaut has reached “full-speed ahead!” and although I probably won’t be alive to see it (although I WISH I could be!) the Revolution has picked up enough momentum now to make it, with a capital R, a certainty; Revolution. Geb & Nuit! I hope so; we desperately need a clean start! That being said, I asked the cards today to please help me see what I have for which to be grateful. (Not that I’m not grateful; it’s a rhetorical question, get it?) It gave me a Whammy! of a response. #1) Sulfur = XIII Death; #2) Mercury = 0 the Fool; #3) Salt/Catalyst = X Fortune. It is, of course, the Three Principles spread, and the deck is, again of course! 
*Tabula Mundi Colores* by M. M. Meleen. I’ve had this draw before, recently, or something VERY much like it; I remember XIII in the 1st position and 0 the Fool hanging around as well; Fortune is interchangeable in this “ghost spread” with Judgement, the Hermit, Strength or Temperance for the 3rd card. The MAIN message doesn’t change though; “Hang on to your hat, Mark, because Change is coming, Big Time, and you are going to be a Beginner on a whole NEW adventure. Bonne Chance!” It doesn’t feel like my death, it really doesn’t, but boy, fuck YES, it feels heavy; I can feel the imminent arrival as a heavy beam straight across my shoulders. (Like the crosspiece of the Cross, although Yahweh knows I’m NOT Christian nor do I have some sort of Messiah complex!) But WOW! FUCK ME RUNNIN’! as my Father used to say with considerable Force and emotional weight. (Grin. I can still see him; he was a man who KNEW how to get Angry!! LOL. He’s still here, just not that man any more, thank Valhalla!) The Cosmos, apparently, has plans for me about which I know nothing, but suspect a good deal. If I am being called to serve at THAT level, the Cosmos needs to arrange some BIG things in a different manner for me to be able to do that. Which, of course, I assume it is certainly capable of doing; therefore, logically, I have only to wait for the 
Cosmos to show me the Way. Well, partially true, perhaps, but not entirely; I doubt that I get to sit around on my ass eating bonbons and watching soap operas until I am called for; and besides, I would be bored to tears! (And probably as big as a hippopotamus! Grin.) Let me be honest – I LIKE this draw, as I have before, because it promises BIG things, Big Changes, Big Journeys, New Adventures; and to tell the honest-to-Athena truth about it, I am SO tired of this rinky-dink two-bit steampunk version of Westworld. GAWD! Everyone is a fucking stinker, a hypocrite, a liar, a murderer, a war criminal, or worse – except my friends, of course! (Grin!) Responsibility is just a word; not a practice, or a concept, or a duty or a pleasure, it is just something to be avoided at all costs. Gosh, I HATE the stinking moral morass this world has become, and yes, I want OFF! and OUT!, just like the draw says: I hope  it is telling me the truth, that what I want, that what I DESIRE TO MANIFEST, is going to come through without hang-up or SNAFU or any other hitch. Okay . . .  rant over. LOL. NOW – let me address the fact that all of that “previous speech” sounds as if I am a raving sociopath, at the very least, and perhaps I’m not a desirable influence on young children. Grin. I’m not. There: issue addressed. (Grin encore!) I don’t have 18 pages at my disposal to truly deconstruct this reading, symbolically rich as these cards are, so I must leave this address a touch incomplete. I’ll throw some factoids at you, though, if you’d like? No? Okay, your call. {{snicker}}Yeah, you can look up the factoids yourself if you are so taken with that branch of study, so I’ll let it slide. For me, I’m just blown away; it is a very curious feeling to be told, “Sorry to keep you waiting, Miller. [Has it REALLY been 65 years? Holy Smoke!] Now, where we,. Uhm, oh . . . YES, that’s why we waited; you needed to recover a few dropped credits. All done? Good. Alright, then, I have good news for you. It has been decided to boot you up a bit, Miller, you lucky sod! You’re to be assigned as a bodhisattva to an emerging strain of bacteria on Rigel IV. What do you say to that, eh?? Pretty damn lucky, I’d say!!” LOL, grin, yes, pretty damned lucky, I’d say. LOL. Actually, I WOULD GRIN and with a laughing heart accept the position. What the fuck do I know, eh? Maybe that is crucial to trans-galactic peace; I don’t know. I asked the cards; and in all seriousness, this is their response. Kind of overwhelming, to tell the truth. I don’t feel like a nascent explorer on a 2nd degree Journey; nor do I feel close, AS OF YET, to Osiris, Anubis and the Reaper. I can only wish that I was in as good a shape as 0 the Fool, (except for the werewolf feet, though.)  And Fortune . . . well, we have a very complicated history we do, Fortune and I, and it goes back lifetimes . . . a few of them. It was a strong illusion that needed a lot of time (and isn’t dead yet!) to disempower. Needless to say, I wasn’t dealing with the real thing, but my construct of it. B-I-G breath. . exhale. Whew. .  Okay, well, that certainly gives me a turkey-leg sized strip of “jerky” to mentally chew on all of today. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a quiet and ACCEPTING moment today, a day of thanksgiving. Be Well!   

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 23 Nov2016. Tonight’s the night when the Giant Turkey puts giblets and gravy in the stockings of ALL good boys an . .oh, wait . . . wrong holiday. Nevermind.  My Gawd, I just realized, my parents lied to me all those years . . . LOL. Hi there, a little (very little) humor to start the day. I am in, if not a lets-put-on-our-party dresses! Mood, then at least one where just for the hell of it my wife may receive a gift today; who knows? IT’s a good day to be alive (I say that consciously, knowing that as Trump is being forced more & more every day to change his shtick because he’s learning it wasn’t a joke after all.) He has the look now of a little boy caught playing dress-up and told, “Alright, you want to be adult, fine; you need to shoot one of these two people, who is it going to be, your mother or your wife? And no cheap repartee, one of them is going to die.” I imagine the job does that to everyone – “It ain’t what you thought it’d be, Jack. It’s much worse.” Trump’s eventual doom will come from the fact that he has NO moral character. (Ok, enough politics!) Today it is the Three Principles spread and the deck is *Le Tarot des grands initiés de l’ancienne Egypte* by Jean-Louis Victor. Accompanied by a decent-sized book, it is a MA-only deck. I have drawn, in order: Sulphur = X The Wheel; Mercury = XIV Les Deux Urnes reversées; and Salt = VI Les Deux Routes. It is interesting to me that I start and end this simple little spread with a wheel; the BIG one 1st, and then the “sundisk” surrounding the divine cat in Arcane VI. In between I have a topsy-turvy Temperance looking decidedly toward Chance to help him stabilize his situation, and not the Two of Routes symbolized by the man facing the choice of the two women; the one clothed and virtuous, the other “nude” and “experienced.” 
Eve & Lilith, Athena & Aphrodite, Venus & Minerva, Wisdom of the Mind & Wisdom of the Flesh.  My Active current today, the X, is simply the give & take of Life, and a sign that at this point, today even, I’m riding the Wheel and I can hope I’m going up – it feels that way most of the time. My passive current is that XIV Les Deux Urnes reversed; I can see it, that need for equilibrium & balance needing restauration because it is out of whack at the moment – which it is, quite literally. I have lost my equilibrium due to the assortment of medications I must necessarily take; watching me navigate our home is like watching a pinball machine in action. My wife knows I hate to complain, and I hate too much solicitude on her part; but I can tell she is concerned. Oddly enough, I’m not. IT is just one more of myriad signs that my checkout is speeding up, in a certain fashion. If I didn’t know better, I would say the Cosmos is preparing this shell’s life for departure and death, but I know that isn’t true, not yet. I DO feel some MASSIVE change on the horizon, and not just for me. Whatever is going on, I’m far from being in a balanced place right now, and I DO need to work on that, even if I can’t help my titubating body navigate the hallway. The Wheel in particular is a choice: on one side, there is Typhon, the spirit of the Material, always counselling haste, stubbornness and thought-less action. On the other side, there is Hermanubis, the spirit of evolution, of good and the ideal, pushing constructive analysis and the high view for better orientation. It pays to remember the Wheel is simply symbolic of the eternal return of life & death, of everything; it is Karma, actually. Coupled with the liberty of thought, it brings us awfully close to the concept of “real” chance. And Change. This is met by the loss of Balance of Right-Living, 
signified by the XIV reversed. It isn’t that I’m stumbling as if punch-drunk down the alleyways of my life; it is that without applying moderation in ALL things I am unequipped to take full advantage of that Wheel, as the angel’s gaze indicates. Whereas the 1st card is my active principle, pushing me to take advantage of the “luck” available to me at this point, the 2nd is very similar to the chicken with its head cut off – running crazily in zig-zag patterns to finally drop dead in its tracks. Without moderation, without Temperance, there is no strength, no endurance, and no capability to absorb blows and move on. The smallest thing can send one manic, or crushed into grease on the floor in deep depression. These two cards can be brought into line today, in me, with the application of the Catalyst, which in this case, is VI, Les Deux Routes. You’ll notice it is not entitled the Lovers, but the Two Paths, indicating choice. And so it is – do I choose the rather austere quest of the mind for knowledge and truth or do I choose the path of wisdom applicable on the Road of Fleshly Experience & Excess? Wisdom through the Seven Lean Kine or Experience through the Seven Fat Kine? In youth, I opted for experience, With age, I have opted for knowledge. That is not to say, however, that echoes of my first choice are not present from time to time in choices made now. I have an annoying tendency to love luxury, an easy life, and all the “finer things,” as they are called. Conversely, it doesn’t pain me to be & do “without,” it never has – not knowing the value of a dollar can be good as well as bad. The Catalyst today merely serves to remind me that I have already made my choice, and I need to remember that throughout the day today, because my equilibrium is off (thus my judgement) and I need to be “On-Line” to take advantage of the rise of Hermanubis there. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL the recollection of our gifts today and how to use them. Be Well!  


Monday, November 21, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 22Nov2016. The spread is my modified 3- card draw; The Nuclear Family. Osiris, Isis, and Heru/Harpocrates, their son and he is never a given or known quantity. He can influence the couple however he is abler, for good for ill. It helps if “interpreted” and confirmed by the client, as well. Today’s deck is *The Archeon Tarot* by Timothy Lantz. I like this deck quite a bit as it seems to support and read in the most homey and comfortable way, and yet that isn’t its look, at all! Intuition is let play at the Fields of the Beetle, here. In order to fill the Sulfur, Mercury and Salt slots, I have drawn (in order) the King of Pentacles, the Knight of Swords reversed, and V the Hierophant. That’s a pretty gay hand! (LOL. Sorry, but it was the 1st thing that hit me. It LOOKS like a daddy and his boy in the presence of some sort of high drag authority figure. Honest! Daddy’s upright and Active (of course,) and Boy is reversed with his legs in the air (naturally, as well.) 
And finally, the Hierophant is checking hir makeup in the Mirror (yes THAT mirror) and grimacing at how short hir feathers have been cut. (Now, I’m going to pull the same result as I would have had my language been then that of an Amish spinster, so don’t let process fool you; a perfectly sublime reader may be behind the surface which you find jarring.)  Now OF COURSE it isn’t some tawdry gay-bar drama being played out in heightened sepia for our amusement; what it IS is a carefully phrased remark on my current course of action. This is actually an entirely private affair (Ha!) that I don’t wish played out on Facebook. Suffice it to say that this is a right-on draw and quite positive, knowing all that is being addressed here. Instead, I’ll pop in some quick explanations, standard but interesting. My reality continues to change, and it is mind-blowing. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL the taste for “voyaging” when the Irresistible Call comes. Be Well!  


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 21Nov2016. I’ve used the alchemical 3-card Principles spread: Mercury, Sulfur and Salt; Masculine, Feminine, Androgyne; Osiris, Isis, Horus/Harpocrates. I have drawn VI the Lovers, XV the Devil and finally II the High Priestess, reversed. The deck is the *Röhrig Tarot* by Carl W. Röhrig. And once again I’m feeling like a bear getting his cave ready for the long winter sleep; I’m not too prone to “general” analysis these days. I’m doing great with live readings, private readings and group exercises with ‘my new group.’ I’m fine with what I see today for my day; I need to make a choice today, a basic one, and I need to have my shit together to do so. On the passive current the Devil is riding the Material awfully close, yelling at me to jump ship and join him, his jazzy rig is more sure of blazing success than my old bucket. Nevertheless, hear him out and then invite him to leave, Mark. The Catalyst for this is II The High Priestess, reversed.  What IS hidden should REMAIN hidden. “So be careful about opening your pie hole, Mark.” Nevertheless, she isn’t stingy, and if I can get in I may find something in the temple to bring about peace among my crew. However, be VERY careful about accessing the hidden knowledge, Mark; today is not fortunate for you in that regard. Now, from here on out, I shall provide some factoids about the cards themselves, and stop my voice – I’m tired of it for the moment. I ask the Cosmos to bring us ALL a “rest stop” along the Highway of Life, for that critical breather when one needs it. Be Well! /// VI the Lovers: From the original meaning of the sign Virgo, the virgin matter of the cosmos or world-ether, to that principle which makes 'lovers' is rather a long step, 
but we will observe that all these Tarot symbols relate to human points of view and human life in particular, i.e. cosmic principles seen from this particular standpoint which gives more of a practical image than of abstract reasoning, the abstract cosmic significance, however, being imbedded fairly accurately in them. So in the human constitution the sign Virgo means the nervous system and everything acting as an organ as well as the relatively 'virginal matter' which is extracted from the food and will serve to build up the body. So this house is known to rule health and sickness. It is further known to relate to the principles and materials of our work. And so the card of the Lovers must in the first place symbolize these things. It does indeed. Papus says it is connected with the Hebrew letter Vau in its significance of "the eye, and all that relates to light and brilliancy. The eye establishes the link between the external world and ourselves; by it light and form are revealed to us." In fact 'the eye' is a very ancient symbol for the idea of 'organ'; the Neoplatonists repeatedly used it. When saying it "establishes the link," we must be aware, however, that it is not yet this link itself but offers the elements for it. And again this card does not say 'love' but 'lovers' (in the French edition of the cards the singular is used: l’amoureux). Evidently the meaning is this: what makes man feel 'amorous' is his sensuousness, the word used in the strictly philosophical and biological meaning of receptivity of the senses for agreeable, caressing, benefic, gratifying vibrations. The same receptivity, however, exists on the other hand for disagreeable, painful, disturbing, malefic vibrations. The receptivity and the condition of an organic centre in its double possibility of experience is only the phenomenal expression of the same in organic existence in general, consequently stamping the whole of manifestation with the law of duality of 'good' and 'evil.' The latter is well illustrated by the picture on the older cards where a youth is represented standing between two women, the one appearing to be benefic, and the other malefic. This sensuousness indeed can lead to a lower sensuality or can be the means of demonstrating love. A sort of angelic figure (Cupid?) is seen shooting an arrow: symbol of the ray of light. The card which was drawn on the authority of Mr. Waite shows a man and a woman in a state of paradisiacal nudity, and over the two hovers the figure of an angel. It confers much the same meaning, of course. "This is in all simplicity the card of human love, here exhibited as part of the way, the truth and the life." (Waite) And we shall find, that the same force which makes us love, physically, is at the back of all the work we do. 
Because it is the material response to the fiery and central pushing power and includes actual possibility on the basis of practical knowledge, experimental knowing. Waite did well to show the Tree of Knowledge in the drawing, it being the symbol of Nature in general and of the seed or seminal element. For the next card, we have drawn the Devil, a special card indeed: “There are just too many meanings associated with the Devil tarot card, but somehow it all lands on the keywords associated with the psychological elements. Most of the time this tarot card is taken as very negative by the tarot card readers. But in some of the readings I have done, the Devil actually turned out to be positive! One important point to mention here is that just because the card has been titled as Devil does not mean that it is telling you that your life is surrounded with evil! No, this is not always true especially when the tarot card appears in a love reading. A relationship can only begin if there is a physical attraction between the two lovers. Basically, this physical attraction is summed up by the upright Devil tarot card in a love reading. When the question is about the overall quality of the relationship the appearance of the Devil tarot card emphasizes that it has become an addiction for the two lovers. Traditionally, this addiction is often linked with sex. That is, the couple has formed the bond to indulge in earthly pleasure which is sex. Now whether it is good or bad is all up to you to decide, but you must remember that too much of something can later become destructive for one’s  health! Interestingly, this tarot card in a negative way is associated with fear especially as an outcome. In a relationship situation, if you have been argumentative the appearance of the Devil tarot card tells you that you are just creating too much terror and thus your partner has fear towards you. The devil tarot card also signals emotional baggage of the past being carried at present. Depression rules the person. Unfortunately, it has been brought by the pain associated with the memories of the past. In short, he is not healed psychologically. “ (Priania) And finally, our Catalyst to make this dangerous combination work correctly for me, the Salt of the draw, II The High Priestess, reversed. “When the High Priestess appears in reverse, it can be telling you that spirit has been sending you messages – both in your waking and sleeping life – which you may have overlook. Consider any synchronicities or odd occurrences that have happened lately, or very vivid dreams that have stuck with you. What might they be telling you? Give yourself some time and space to meditate and you may well find that you’ll understand the message.”  (Psychic Revelation) However, I already received intuitional input on what the II is doing here in the spread today, and as you know, what the thrust of it is today is “Keep your cards close to your chest.” Well, that’s that, and I am not to retire from retirement just yet! There is still work to do. I wish you well, and may Amun-Ra, the Hidden One, smile down upon you.      

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 20Nov2016.  Just realized Thanksgiving is this week! Living abroad, one tends to get foggy with American dates for holidays.  Staccato firing pattern, today. I don’t feel like waxing personal today, so I’m giving the cards and some plug-in explications. Good ones, trust me! (Geesh, one small mistake appearing nude under the Barnum & Bailey Bigtop and you are SO suspicious of my credentials!! GRIN)  I’m just not in the mood for it, the deck doesn’t invite personal engagement even though it IS a great deck, pinpointing as it does the Kabbalist connections. *Tree-of-Life Tarot* by “Camphausen & Leeuwen.” It’s a Deutsch AGM AGMüller deck << Miller! Achtung! No frivolity, Miller! Achtung, der Tarot!”  My father is Prussian, a classification I am given to understand no longer actually exists in Allemagne. However, not so long ago, Prussia was the most militarized, caricaturized province of Germany, up in the northeast. Pointed helmets and too tight uniforms on porky Aryans. Monocles & riding crops. Dad had been denied a career in the Kaiser’s army (sic), he’d been born about 100 years too late, so he settled for the Chief of Police in the city where we lived and I grew up. German attitude is well-known to me, and this deck is a rather typical product of that genre of mentality. All business, no time for Sächertorte und cafe at Cafe Sächer in Vienna. µIn one general, imperial sweep I see ‘male) Judgment in the Sulfur, Active spot, so once AGAIN “ole buddy Judgement is visiting,” reminding me to pull it all together and wrap it up, I’ve got other fish to fry, cats to whip, or whatever your local, no-doubt colorful & quaint way of saying “get your shit together, dude; the next job is waiting and you’re late.” He runs into the slow, sluggish even reversed polarity current of the Universe  NEWLY REALIZED, making me think that the 2 cards at once is a bit hard to digest, so bite small, slowly, chewing well, and swallowing before taking another mouthful of truth. “How’s it gonna happen, Ma?” IMMENSE fucking Hope and the transformation of my Will into the long awaited dissolution into the Universal Will; I am being urged to TRY LIKE HELL to shoot for enlightenment this time around, that if I can keep my shit together I have a good chance of arriving. “Just remember the Star, Mark, and that the ONLY unforgivable sin in the entire Cosmos is Despair, to exist without Hope.” I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the perspicacity to keep our hope-fires burning. Be Well! Now, on to the cards and explications. XX, the Aeon: Path of Shin 31 in the Tree of Life. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius as a symbol of liberation and redemption. The Element is Fire. On the Tree of life: From Malkuth to Hod. The Number: 20 as 10 x 2 with the cross sum 2, the revelation of destiny. “The Aeon is the trump of time and the changes dictated by the times, it addresses finality and destruction as well as liberation, hope and redemption. The Aeon is the symbol for the Rise of Phoenix; it stands for a time of insight, the true understanding of the circle of life, of growing and fading. The card tells us that we should leave our 'frog perspective' and watch the things from a higher level, that the time has come to face the new, that we need a good overview to build our 'Utopia'. In older decks the Aeon is called 'Judgment', dealing with resurrection and redemption. The limitation of this view is the involuntary association to a 'court of law', to the Christian concept of a 'Resurrection' where the pious may rise and the rest must burn. Although trump XX indeed does imply a judgement, it wouldn't be appropriate to restrict this meaning with such a superstitious simplification. Its Drive: Birth, renewal, transformation, the realization of Utopia. Its Light: Knowledge of coherences, widened perception and the liberation of hidden abilities. Its Shadow: wrong identification, self-deception.” (Raven) 
For the Mercury card, passive and feminine, I have XXI - The Universe. She’s on the Path of Tau 32 in the Tree of Life; with her, Neptune is the cosmic omniscience and Pluto is the central power of creation. However, her planet is Saturn. On the Tree of life she is making her way from Malkuth to Yesod, and her Element is Earth, rather nicely rounding the return to the beginning, 0/1. Her Number is 21 as the symbol of the whole, 3 x 7, the cross sum is the 3. “The Universe as the end and completion of the Major Arcana is the symbol for the zenith of development - the achieved goal. The work is done or will soon be and we have found our place in life or will soon do so. (Reversed = delayed.) Seeing the second decade of the Major Arcana as a way of self-realization, the Universe becomes the crown and the end. The Death was the rebirth, the Art the beginning of the alchemic work, the Devil the overcoming of restrictions, the Tower the breakdown of the jail. We followed the Star, explored the Moon, found the Sun and watched the Phoenix rise from the ashes. Finally, we touched the Universe. On a more practical level the Universe implies the good news that a goal has been achieved, or a success sure to come, and that a venture will flourish. Her Drive is Entirety and completion, harmony between spirit and body. Her Light is being home in one's self, inner independence, the 'mental paradise.' Her Shadow is “False visions,” being on a 
street to nowhere.” (Raven) And finally, I need to weld these together to function in some sort of harmony or today is ripped in two and useless. Here is where I need Salt, the Catalyst, and today it is XVII Hope. Perfect! Couldn’t be better! Or as Miranda Priestly said, “God! Sometimes I think I live on it.” (I want to wrap it up because I’m waiting for the phone to wring announcing that an unknown uncle has left me an entire Swiss bank. So, let’s get this last one done and on the plate.)  XVII - The Star. She’s on the Path of Heh 28 in the Tree of Life. She has Jupiter in Aquarius as a symbol for long-sightedness and confidence; or Venus in Pisces standing for the desire for the inscrutable. In the Zodiac she is Aquarius, and on the Tree of life she is floating from Chokmah to Tiphareth, on Air. Her Number is 17 as the number of hope; expansion of the 7, cross sum is 8. “The Star is the trump of hope and trust, for the sensitive understanding of cosmic coherence, the intuition that everything is in balance and harmony. It is related to the Adjustment (the cross sum of 17 is 8), but while the Adjustment keeps the balance deliberately, the Star keeps it with feeling. The Star is also called the 'Guiding Light', and is taken as a symbol of the deep realization that the chosen way is the right one, that the end of this way will be a good one, and that there is perfect harmony between the psychical feeling and the physical doing. Her Drive is the Guiding light, living the moment, confidence in nature and life; her Light is Creative hopes, optimism, & trust. If she shows one, her Shadow can be destructive hopes & illusions.” (Ibid) And there we have it. “Get it together, Mark, the wide, wonderful Universe is out there waiting for you, you just need to get on with visualizing and manifesting your own destiny (the only REAL “Manifest Destiny!”), to becoming One with your divine self and the great, limitless sea of the Divine.” Be Well!