Thursday, November 17, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 18Nov2016. It seems to be feeling like a serene day this a.m., so let’s hope the cards reflect that! Today I am using the Three Principles alchemical spread, and the deck today is the beautiful * Il Lombardi D’Anneggiato*, a reproduction deck from Duck Soup Productions. (Bob Thornsjo) It is a beautiful historical Italian deck, and unlike quite a few decks from that era, crystalline in its art, meanings, and reading ease. I enjoy reading with this deck; it gives a feeling of timelessness & tradition. For Sulfur, Mercury & Salt today I have drawn XX Judgement, IX the Hermit & II the Papesse. You’d be really impressed if I had drawn that from a full deck, eh? LOL, for this spread, only the MA are used. A…n…d, I like it. This is a good, calm, rational prognostication of my day as my inner self sees it, and I think it would be nice if it goes this way. You’ll notice, I’m STILL being prodded, poked, shoved, encouraged, threatened, what-have-you by XX Justice – it has more or less nailed itself to my forehead and I have NO choice but to draw it nearly every single time! It would be tedious behavior from anyone else, but you don’t call Judgement “tedious” to its face; the risk is too great that your fear of retribution might fuck up your perceptions for a good long while! Ha! Tarot, therefore me, really wants me to get my ass ON DOWN THE ROAD and start actively working to be in this archetype, because I NEED to be. I am SURE it is something about “balancing the books” as I near the end of this stage of my life, and to have ALL old business either resolved or retired. 
In many ways in every day I am being told to semi-wrap it up, a change is coming. A new stage of my life is about to unfold, and I need to be clean & clear of the detritus of this one. I feel like I want to break into an African-American spiritual, raise my hands and dance to the Divine, but don’t worry; I shan’t (grin.) So, go, Go, GO! Mark, clean up your tab, it’s inching towards closing time. For Mercury and its Passive route through my day, it’s a welcome old blodger, IX the Hermit. I’ve ALWAYS liked IX, I even aspired to BE him at one point in my younger life; Life had different ideas for me. (If you take a lot of grown men and confine them in space and subject them to an authoritative hierarchy, OF COURSE “things are going to happen in the dark,” so to speak, whether it’s a prison or a monastery. IF you REALLY want to be contemplative, it’s best to go it alone, not “in company with other contemplatives;” an entire system set up on an S/m basis, being punished for what you want and they provide. Twisted Sister, Inc.)  But I DO love a good, long, think all by my lonesome; and yes, sometimes “a good, long –“ can mean several years, not hours or days or weeks. But So it is. Most of my life these days is spend being an IX, even though I am married. My wife gives me TOTAL freedom to do the work I wish to do, no matter what it be; she knows I work on my Path, and my evolution, and that is all she needed to hear when we met, she liked it and could help me live in the real world while pursuing it. We have a deep and abiding friendship, and it is precious to us. ALL THE WHILE I AM STILL A HERMIT. Yes, I am, and people who know me know I court privacy to some degree and freedom from public restraints. Finally, the Salt in today’s plate is provided by II 
the Papesse, or the High Priestess. I DO like her, I always have, but she IS prone to this sort of behavior; POP! “I’m here!” POP! “I’m gone!” Luckily, here, while my IX is focused on getting to XX Judgement, and doesn’t notice the Priestess behind him, she is a large enough spirit to stare straight ahead, out into the future where she knows her wisdom bears fruit. The High Priestess has always been more than generous with me; I have a hard time understanding why. Actually, I know why: I am a “heredity child,” a male infant who was awaited in a family with more than the usual excitement. It’s a long story involving bloodlines and tribal continuation, but my birth was a big deal for some people, and I have been made to feel different ever since, on top of actually BEING different! Ha! It all resulted in me being the penultimate outsider and wanting to have VERY little to do with “that grouping of people.” In a way, I have almost always relied on II to step in and step up; during my childhood, her avatar was a great aunt who was my guardian angel, and my financial trump card; she was my shelter through thick & thin, through storm & drought, she was there for me, ALWAYS. The High Priestess can ALWAYS walk into my life and help me help myself, so to speak; she’s been doing it since I was born. Today she catalyzes my two currents, the Active and the Passive, to strike a spark in the machine and get me On Down The Road. I am reminded of that ‘60’s “weed avatar”, the “Keep On Truckin’!” guy. LOL, yea, that’s me, but my REAL drug is esoteric knowledge. I was going to give us all the factoid info on today’s cards, but now I don’t think I shall; if the cards interest you enough, you’ll go looking for wisdom on them anyway, I don’t really need to “prime the pump.” I like my reading today; it is assumptive, but it makes an assumption I can live with; “Mark, you are getting closer to your expiration date. Your life is going to go through a new phase, REAL SOON, and you need to clean out the trash from this one. You still have work here, and you need to be ready for it.” I ask the Cosmos to give us certainty of purpose today, so that our gaze is clear-eyed and fixed firmly on the future. Be Well!   


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