Thursday, November 10, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 11Nov2016; today I am drawing the cards for a three-card Alchemical Principles spread (Sulfur, Mercury, Salt ; Active, Passive, Catalyst;) and I am using *The Dark Exact Tarot* by Coleman Stevenson. This deck belongs to a particular genre of cards, like the Penny Dreadful, of cards that have no real representational art, but are stark B & W symbolic “flashcards” to identify each arcanum. Usually those types of decks don’t work well if you try to interpret or read them by rote; you have to fly by the seat of your inspirational pants. Ha ha however, this time around I like it, and not because of its art or lack thereof; I like it because the second I started to use it, we connected in a lightning quick way and they just flowed. I like a deck that works powerfully for me. So, let’s look at the spread; Oh well, Ha! Fuck me running!! With the Chariot making a semi-rare appearance, I’m back, for the umpteenth time lately, to running the process from a deep and profound change in my life that I need to advance, on to that vehicle of speed and righteous indwelling of Force, and facilitating the smooth working in tandem of “the Ouroboros” and the completed seeker in the chariot is XX Judgement, showing its face AGAIN for the umpteenth time. You know & I know that I LIKE this card, but really, come on, give me a break! {{SIGH}} Okay, here we go. . 
My Sulfur/Active/Male card being XIII Death, it makes me even more curious now what is this “deep and profound event or change that is going to put a sharp angle in my life and new input to be considered. Let’s check factoids: On the Path of Nun 24 in the Tree of Life, it is Saturn in the 8th House - the planet of the border, the separation and the farewell in the House of 'Death and Rebirth'. He is Scorpio, going from Tiphareth to Netzach (Crowley; others have him going between Netzach and Hod.) His element is Water. “This card is attributed to the letter Nun, which means a fish; the symbol of life beneath the waters; life travelling through the waters. It refers to the Zodiacal sign of Scorpio, which is ruled by Mars, the planet of fiery energy in its lowest form, which is therefore necessary to provide the impulse. In alchemy, this card explains the idea of putrefaction, the technical name given by its adepts to the series of chemical changes which develops the final form of life from the original latent seed in the Orphic egg. This sign is one of the two most powerful in the Zodiac, but it has not the simplicity and intensity of Leo. It is formally divided into three parts; the lowest is symbolized by the Scorpion, which was supposed by early observers of Nature to commit suicide when finding itself ringed with fire, or otherwise in a desperate situation. This represents putrefaction in its lowest form. The strain of environment has become intolerable, and the attacked element willingly subjects itself to change; thus, potassium thrown upon water becomes ignited, and accepts the embrace of the hydroxyl radicle. The middle interpretation of this sign is given by the serpent, who is, moreover, the main theme of the sign. This card must then be considered as of greater importance and catholicity than would be expected from the plain Zodiacal attribution. It is even a compendium of universal energy in its most secret form.” (A. Crowley, *The Book of Thoth*) Yeah, I know all that – Death is an active guy and a great leveler of pomposity and hubris. However, today, as my active Male current, it promises to be . . . revelatory, to say the least. Turning from the active to the Feminine & Passive, we find Mercury in VII The Chariot. We all know our Chariots, but just to recap, and to imagine it as a passive influence, here’s basic information: “Mars in connection with Sun or Mercury; Mars as symbol of enforcement combines with Sun as symbol for will or Mercury as the symbol of the 
way.” (Raven)  In the Zodiac he is Cancer, and on the Tree, he is on his way from Binah to Geburah (Crowley; for others Chokmah to Tiphareth.) He’s yet another Water elemental, and importantly, his number, 7, is the number of human + divine harmony, 3 + 4. “Atu VII refers to the zodiacal sign of Cancer, the sign into which the Sun moves at the Summer Solstice. [Note that Cheth - Cheth 8-Yod 10-Tau 400-has the value of 418. This is one of the most important of the key numbers of Liber AL. It is the number of the word of the Aeon, ABRAHADABRA, the cypher of the Great Work. (See The Equinox of the Gods, p.138. Also The Temple of Solomon the King.) On this word alone a complete volume could, and should, be written.]Cancer is the cardinal sign of the element of Water, [Hence St. John Baptist’s Day, and the various ceremonials connected with water.] and represents the first keen onrush of that element. Cancer also represents the path which leads from the great Mother Binah to Geburah, and is thus the influence of the Supernals descending through the Veil of Water (which is blood) upon the energy of man, and so inspires it. It corresponds, in this way, to The Hierophant, which, on the other side of the Tree of Life, brings down the fire of Chokmah.” (Crowley) SO – o – o – o, it seems as if, yet AGAIN, I have pulled these two really HEAVY cards as indicative of where BOTH Active & Passive are today with the 3rd card being the Catalyst that manages to “activate them both as a unified and productive whole. That 3rd card today is, well fuck me! of course, XX Judgment. I’ll leave out the factoids (You’ve already heard them for XX a thousand times, so we can skip it.) I would like to add this, though; “"... It has put me under a necessity of saying something about Palmistry, which is a judgement made of the conditions, inclinations, and fortunes of men and women, from their various lines and characters which Nature has imprinted in the hands" says Aristotle in a paper written by him in 350 B.C. Today Palmistry has completely transformed into a science, because of the extensive research done by the intelligentsia. Palmistry is a science of understanding the Past, Present and Future of a person by the pads and lines of a palm." (Dr. R. Nageshraau) Personally, I don’t go for palmistry, but I thought I would add this to link in the card imagery to the reading – it fits well enough, I find, but it IS a rather capricious choice of imagery. Ah well, enough of that. To sum up - : I’m getting my Big Message AGAIN, and the only reason I can see for its return is that I have yet to accurately read what it is that is needed from me in order to continue. So, let’s bring Death and Speedy Completion and Judgment all into the wrap and try a new direction. Real, physical Death? I doubt it, but only time will tell. Or I’m CLOSE in my call, my reading, but I need to refine it to get a vital secret out of it. Or something this, or something that. I don’t have an answer yet, but I will. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL enough fortitude to overcome our own mistakes or misinterpretations. Be Well!   

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