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Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 13Nov2016. Today I drew a classic alchemical Three Principles spread, and the deck is *Mutational Alchemy Tarot* by m1thr0s & Izi Ningishzidda. (“The Mutational Alchemy Tarot is a 78-card tarot designed by and for experienced occultists. The vivid, complex, hand-painted illustrations are based on a foundation of mutational alchemy theory but are also designed to be used intuitively.” ( I would only say, “It is one heck of a deck!” I am amazed by it, by what it reveals; all of the occult is laid bare and there for the taking, you just need to know what you are seeing. It is an AMAZING deck.) For the three alchemical elements, Sulfur, Mercury & Salt, I have drawn 0 the Fool, XII the Hanged Man & IV the Star.  My understanding of these cards is obtained through long studies and reliance upon a particular book for this particular deck. I could condense, can and ship it out to you without too much trouble, but I think it better for your introduction to this deck to read these cards’ self-descriptions yourself. I vouch for their accuracy. I use their magic. I encourage you to do the same. So, here we go! ATU 0 The Fool: “Like Thoth, Mutational Alchemy is interested in the Fool as the great Alpha of physical manifestation. There are very clear qabbalistic similarities to the *Adam Kadmon* (the primordial *First Man*) stepping forward from the alchemical *Prima Materia*, or *First Matter*, from which all other divisions, layers, and dimensions unfold. In the Fool we find an embodied example of the possibilities of existence – a state of Mind and Matter above the fray and unencumbered by the shackles of Restriction. In the Fool life is a great adventure and existence is pure Joy and perfect Freedom. The Proximity Principle validates the Fool’s positioning between Sephiroth One (Kether, Crown) and Two (Chokmah, Wisdom). Its elemental hexagrams tell an amazingly complex story of Love and Danger – of Struggle and Victory against all worldly odds. 
It is important to note that the Fool is alchemically linked to the Fortune card, which carries the same hexagrams in Reciprocal Inverse order. We may assert with a degree of confidence that while the Fool is cloaked outwardly in an abundance of Fire and Air, it is nevertheless internally preoccupied with Earth and Water, and *troubled* waters in particular. Water typically links to Emotions, but is also the province of Saturn wherein we come ‘round to the notion of Universal Law and laws. The Fool, in that case, is in many respects a kind of standard of future Civilization itself. His *journey* is ultimately no different than the journey that Humankind is on. The Scene: Possibly the most Homosexual card in the deck, (no accident), The Fool’s journey throughout the Tree of Life is no minor walk in the park. A primordial superman in his own right, he is like Enkidu (the heroic character from Sumerian mythology) not yet having achieved perfect understanding, but powerful to action and perfectly joined with Nature, the Queen of Infinite Space who is his secret protector, and parent, Lady Luck. The Fool is at the brink of a cliff overlooking the Tree, symbolic of the Great Division between the Supernals and Infernals within the Tree of Life itself. He is poised, about to take the plunge into *life beneath the waters*, as the Infernals are often called. Perfectly protected by his/her natural synergy. Note also however, as a serpent, he is moving both left and right towards Past and Future but firmly grounded in the Present with a strong descending action. The iconography of the feathered serpent in mythology represents the deity who has powers over heaven and the underworld – a marriage of the chthonic and sky gods in one. Such representations of a serpent combined with the heavenly powers of birds were not confined to Mesoamerican belief. The Sumerian deity Ningishzidda is also depicted in combination with winged djinn. The jaguar here is like the fool’s lion or dog (sometimes a crocodile) depicted biting the ankle of the fool, traditional in older tarot and still present, but in the form of the jaguar. In the jaguar’s land of origin it was admired simply for what it was, a great hunter and fighter. Here it represents the yin principle whereas the feathered serpent represents the yang. The crocodile is inferred by the mythology  of the characters themselves. Cipactli shows up later on The Hanged Man as well, where Tezcatlipoca is in his human form.  Kukulkan and Tezcatlipoca weave a colorful tapestry of creation, drama, magick and mystery in the Fool card. Co-creators and rivals in the Aztec pantheon. Kukulkan is typical of the horned and feathered serpent gods of the American continents, with his primary function being that of the fertile male deity, Lord of Light, benevolent, with a warmer character than his brother Tezcatlipoca (literally “smoking mirror”) who has grim stories and gruesome ritual iconography associated with him. 
Tezcatlipoca is identified with the jaguar, one of the denizens of the jungles of Central and South America. Tezcatlipoca is known as “the sacrificed one” and he is depicted more than once in our deck’s journey. The Egyptian star-goddess Nuit is also identified here as the purple miasma with star substrate and in the spots of the leopard’s coat. An atypical fool (but a fool nonetheless!), Kukulkan dives into creation with reckless abandon characteristic of a fertile creator, Tezcatlipoca stands in as the aspect of nature nipping at his heel (or in this case, tail) representing the love that creation itself bears the Fool through instinctual urges.” ( On to my 2nd card, the Mercury of my day, the Passive/Feminine/Isian counterpart to Sulfur, XII The Hanged Man. Atu XII: The Hanged Man.  Biting Through, Grace, Oppression and The Well are fairly ominous and stunningly representative of The Hanged Man’s professional attributes. Since the card is ruled by Mem, Water, the first Hexagram we will examine is the water Hex, #47, Oppression. Auspiciously for our scholarly efforts in the marriage of the tarot with the I Ching, it reveals an internal order of Kan the Abyssmal in the below and Tui Lake in the above. The Confucian lines say “Success. Perseverance. The great man brings about good fortune. No blame. When one has something to say, It is not believed.” Here Crowley’s warning of another Dark Age is magnified. Visions of Galileo, Pythagoras and other wise men through the ages proclaiming ideas and truth that are refused by the masses appear. The sages tell us “There is not water in the lake: The image of EXHAUSTION. Thus the superior man stakes his life on following his will.” The situation is bad, and they are echoing the axiom of The Great Work found in The Book of the Law. “Thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that and no other shall say nay.” But these attitudes and events of unconscious ignorance raising its ugly head are not confined to Dark Ages. In this we have to defer to reality rather than Crowley’s curious proclamations. The Hanged Man isn’t obsolete, his iconography is merely painfully outdated. The Hanged Man is the personification of Air. The Air Hex is #22 Pi, Grace. The image of the trigrams Fire under Mountain seems to hint at volcanic force, the fire of the mountain erupting from below and beautifying the peak. When considering the native position of the Hex it seems to infer the production of Air itself through the marriage of Fire and Water. This seems to be the underlying nature of the station. But first, the sacrifice must be made to the forces of darkness. Does this not also describe the process of life creation? In the Fire Hex we find #21 Biting Through. This is a harsh little hexagram that talks about the consequences of wrong action and inaction in the face of Justice. We know that Justice represents the goddess Ma’at and Chinnamastah from the astounding structure of Justice at XI, so here too is Water, who is the Great Black Mother. Is she angry about something, does she hunger for vengeance? If so we must proceed carefully. Here Tezcatlipoca has carefully let her bite through her foot in exchange for the big catch of the whole crocodile! This may be the overgrown reptile from the Fool card coming back to haunt him. Lastly the Water Hex The Well #48 tells us that it is all part of the balance, it makes no difference. The sacrificed one is the great god Tezcatlipoca still, despite the deliverance of his foot to Cipactli. The sacrifices of evolution are built into the most basic essence of nature. She is red in tooth and claw and even though it may seem to be an attack she is upholding the throne of her Lord. Nuit may be fanger, but she is still Nuit, and these acts of lila are dramas of Maya that diminish nothing real. The Pentagram seems to confirm this – named “Stable” it talks about a point in creation where the Earth is ready to be populated with lifeforms. This in turn reflects the state of the Earth when Quetzelcoatl and his brother Tezcatlipoca find themselves ready to create life, with the obstacle of Cipactli the devourer in their way. The path from Geburah to Hod is frenetically energetic and busy, so that we get the idea of a feeding frenzy or a firestorm. All in all it is a complex and interesting card which should not be discarded or ignored easily, although the identities of the card may be more interesting than going through the ordeal by itself. Where the hanged man is usually a victim, it is less apparent that in his victimhood he achieves supreme success: Tezcatlipoca is a sacrifice to Cipactli, but he is, as the Professor puts it: total power, a dangerous shapeshifter and the supreme deity. Comparisons with Jesus are easy to make, though Tezcatlipoca does the beat with extreme style and sexual panache, thus making him an ideal candidate for the “new” Hanged Man. If we were bolder we could very well have renamed it “The Sacrificed One”. This is an individual who follows a dangerous path. If one draws this card, they may already be inexorably tangled in the web of designs in which they are fated to follow or aid this person. Whatever power he is servant to is omnipotent, like traditional ideas of god, and also dark. Thus the person cannot be opposed, even if they appear to be in a position of weakness. Their powers will manifest in unexpected and strange ways, not always obviously connected to the person himself.” (Ibid) And finally, as my Catalyst, and MOST appropriately, I would 
say, is my Salt, the Catalyst, IV The Star. Atu IV: The Star.  It doesn’t take much observational skill to recognize that virtually all traditional Tarot systems up to this point in time have been rooted in contemporary views of astrology, thus the Star immediately assumes the conversation of Heavenly stars as we know and experience them. Mutational Alchemy is not concerned with cataloging astrological ideas so much as it is interested in the anatomics of the Body of Light as outlined in Tantricism and alluded to time and time again through most of the great Mystery Traditions down through the ages. Mutational Alchemy is fundamentally a transformational alchemical enginery that looks to systems like the Tree of Life (among others) to tell us what *human stars* may be and may also tell us something useful as to how we might simulate this kind of physical Perfection for ourselves. Thus the only star that very much concerns us here is the star of Consciousness itself. That this type of Star may find certain parallels among Heavenly stars should come as no great surprise as the laws of physics that govern the Without are very often echoed seamlessly in the Within. Hermetic Alchemy has known this for a very long time and Mutational Alchemy is a specialized extension of Hermetic Alchemy seeking to capture a falsifiable physics of the *Star* that we (humans) ultimately are. In application, most of the traditional meanings of this card as it surfaces in divination will be more or less the same as in former decks, but the emphasis here is more on the principle of *Higher Self* than it is on the estimated Will of Heaven. We would expect this card to be representative of extraordinary insight, of breakthroughs in understanding, of visionary expansion and abundant energetic infusion coming at us more from Within than Without. Its technical construction here is rooted in the idea of Wholeness and transmutational Completion. Its corresponding hexagrams speak of Ebb & Flow, of Constancy in the midst of Change and Order in the face of Chaos. Its Reciprocal Inverse is The Moon card, bearing the same hexagrams in opposite organization. But this Moon is not the astrological moon so much as it is the Lunar side of Consciousness itself. Every card in this deck is about Consciousness first and foremost, while astrology or other arcane disciplines are viewed as complimentary but not of paramount importance.” (Ibid)  So there we have it, an occult Sunday complete with long-winded sermon. LOL. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the desire to Illuminate and Inform the human presence in this cosmos with Love. Be Well!  

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