Friday, November 18, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 19Nov2016; today is the Nuclear Family 3-card spread, and the deck is *The Red Deck: 3rd Edition Samhain Deck of the Bastard* by Seven Stars. It took some time to adjust to this whole line of “framed” decks, and while still not a big fan, I DO like this one edition. Well done and teasingly haunting – little puzzles everywhere, but totally classical & in proper context. So my Nuclear Family today is composed of Osiris = the
Page of Coins; Isis = VI the Lovers reversed, and Heru (the Horus child, Harpocrates) = Queen of Wands. In an odd juxtaposition, it would “seem” that my Isis and my Horus Child have switched places – hmm, that is surprising, but I believe I now know why. Doing a “HAL 9000 VistaSweep on the three cards lets me see a reading that is logical, quite plainly clear, and quite descriptive, if not necessarily problem-solving; I didn’t require it to be so today. (A point to remember for new readers: the cards answer your request PRECISELY; don’t expect them to wander beyond what you have asked of them. That is where you need to dive into your own intuition, common sense, and statistical probabilities, if you know any. Grin.) Today I’m cast in a younger, “ingénue” role, the Page of Coins. “The Page, always more or less of a messenger, in this case of fiery nature, on the Seventh house, as well as on the Third. 
The latter house is that of the disciple and the message; so here the traditional rendering is again quite correct. The seventh house explains everything that is said about application, occupation, profession, liberality, etc., this being the house of Libra, of relation.”  (Thierens) The reason for this is that it is my first clue that today isn’t all about me, as fascinating as I am, but today “my” reading is about my wife, Jeanne. To her, I AM a young Page of Coins, to the letter. She’s older and much more conservative, and very gentle. Despite my age, I’m still kind of a firecracker. And that is how our engine works, the two of us gladly participating to keep it on track. Plus, we are both still pretty knew at it; it is a 1st marriage for us both, despite our ages, there are no children and we are both retired; it still has the novelty to keep us working at it, because the payoffs are better and finer year by year. However, my wife has been having a generally rough reality ride recently; it seems each new day deals a new, small, blow; but the cumulative effect is getting heavier every day and I care how her Journey is affecting her, especially physically. The card here is a perfect hoot; everybody in it is “older” and the couple in it seems as if they are being forced against their will into the union by a vampire in church robes while bats flit overhead. LOL. 1st things 1st – bats are a symbol of wisdom, as well as “. . . this made the bat a powerful symbol for Native American shamans and medicine people. Often the spirit of the bat would be invoked when special energy was needed, like "night-sight" which is the ability to see through illusion or ambiguity and dive straight to the truth of matters.” They are 
powerful, spiritual creatures, not Hollywood fear fodder. Grin. I believe the card has come to me reversed BECAUSE Jeanne is having a difficult road right now, and the harmony of “her couple” is suffering from doubts about herself. Because she IS my wife, I take certain liberties; I am much more direct with her than anyone else, so when she worries me, I tend to get on my high horse and tell her to fix it tout de suite, “I don’t like to see you unhappy!” Rather silly, I know. I plead the indulgence of the court; she is my best friends as well as my wife, and we are both here because we WANT to be, not because we are trapped by circumstance. SO what is going to act as the Heru child or resolution to our current roadblock?. . well, it seems the Queen of Wands is on her way back! This IS my wife, in her better, more “Zen avatar,” the very traditional “Country woman, honest, economical woman, honorable and loving, virtuous, chaste, good and inclined to be friendly and interest herself in the Querent. The card may also indicate love of money, economy and gifts.” (Thierens) Her Journey and her Path are along very traditional lines, yet she IS aware that she is Journeying, and we try to be the best co-journeyer for each other that we can be. I NEED her to be on the Path, in a “good place in good spirits,” because when she is, it helps me get there as well. So I shall be looking forward to the return of my “real” wife to her throne in our castle. It’s really a simple and basic reading today, and as I didn’t have a lot to be curious about today, I feel the deck fished a very good dinner indeed out the mess it was handed . I ask the Cosmos today to help us ALL be more aware of the twists & turns in the paths of those we love and to be more understanding thereby. Be Well!  

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