Saturday, November 19, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 20Nov2016.  Just realized Thanksgiving is this week! Living abroad, one tends to get foggy with American dates for holidays.  Staccato firing pattern, today. I don’t feel like waxing personal today, so I’m giving the cards and some plug-in explications. Good ones, trust me! (Geesh, one small mistake appearing nude under the Barnum & Bailey Bigtop and you are SO suspicious of my credentials!! GRIN)  I’m just not in the mood for it, the deck doesn’t invite personal engagement even though it IS a great deck, pinpointing as it does the Kabbalist connections. *Tree-of-Life Tarot* by “Camphausen & Leeuwen.” It’s a Deutsch AGM AGMüller deck << Miller! Achtung! No frivolity, Miller! Achtung, der Tarot!”  My father is Prussian, a classification I am given to understand no longer actually exists in Allemagne. However, not so long ago, Prussia was the most militarized, caricaturized province of Germany, up in the northeast. Pointed helmets and too tight uniforms on porky Aryans. Monocles & riding crops. Dad had been denied a career in the Kaiser’s army (sic), he’d been born about 100 years too late, so he settled for the Chief of Police in the city where we lived and I grew up. German attitude is well-known to me, and this deck is a rather typical product of that genre of mentality. All business, no time for Sächertorte und cafe at Cafe Sächer in Vienna. µIn one general, imperial sweep I see ‘male) Judgment in the Sulfur, Active spot, so once AGAIN “ole buddy Judgement is visiting,” reminding me to pull it all together and wrap it up, I’ve got other fish to fry, cats to whip, or whatever your local, no-doubt colorful & quaint way of saying “get your shit together, dude; the next job is waiting and you’re late.” He runs into the slow, sluggish even reversed polarity current of the Universe  NEWLY REALIZED, making me think that the 2 cards at once is a bit hard to digest, so bite small, slowly, chewing well, and swallowing before taking another mouthful of truth. “How’s it gonna happen, Ma?” IMMENSE fucking Hope and the transformation of my Will into the long awaited dissolution into the Universal Will; I am being urged to TRY LIKE HELL to shoot for enlightenment this time around, that if I can keep my shit together I have a good chance of arriving. “Just remember the Star, Mark, and that the ONLY unforgivable sin in the entire Cosmos is Despair, to exist without Hope.” I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the perspicacity to keep our hope-fires burning. Be Well! Now, on to the cards and explications. XX, the Aeon: Path of Shin 31 in the Tree of Life. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius as a symbol of liberation and redemption. The Element is Fire. On the Tree of life: From Malkuth to Hod. The Number: 20 as 10 x 2 with the cross sum 2, the revelation of destiny. “The Aeon is the trump of time and the changes dictated by the times, it addresses finality and destruction as well as liberation, hope and redemption. The Aeon is the symbol for the Rise of Phoenix; it stands for a time of insight, the true understanding of the circle of life, of growing and fading. The card tells us that we should leave our 'frog perspective' and watch the things from a higher level, that the time has come to face the new, that we need a good overview to build our 'Utopia'. In older decks the Aeon is called 'Judgment', dealing with resurrection and redemption. The limitation of this view is the involuntary association to a 'court of law', to the Christian concept of a 'Resurrection' where the pious may rise and the rest must burn. Although trump XX indeed does imply a judgement, it wouldn't be appropriate to restrict this meaning with such a superstitious simplification. Its Drive: Birth, renewal, transformation, the realization of Utopia. Its Light: Knowledge of coherences, widened perception and the liberation of hidden abilities. Its Shadow: wrong identification, self-deception.” (Raven) 
For the Mercury card, passive and feminine, I have XXI - The Universe. She’s on the Path of Tau 32 in the Tree of Life; with her, Neptune is the cosmic omniscience and Pluto is the central power of creation. However, her planet is Saturn. On the Tree of life she is making her way from Malkuth to Yesod, and her Element is Earth, rather nicely rounding the return to the beginning, 0/1. Her Number is 21 as the symbol of the whole, 3 x 7, the cross sum is the 3. “The Universe as the end and completion of the Major Arcana is the symbol for the zenith of development - the achieved goal. The work is done or will soon be and we have found our place in life or will soon do so. (Reversed = delayed.) Seeing the second decade of the Major Arcana as a way of self-realization, the Universe becomes the crown and the end. The Death was the rebirth, the Art the beginning of the alchemic work, the Devil the overcoming of restrictions, the Tower the breakdown of the jail. We followed the Star, explored the Moon, found the Sun and watched the Phoenix rise from the ashes. Finally, we touched the Universe. On a more practical level the Universe implies the good news that a goal has been achieved, or a success sure to come, and that a venture will flourish. Her Drive is Entirety and completion, harmony between spirit and body. Her Light is being home in one's self, inner independence, the 'mental paradise.' Her Shadow is “False visions,” being on a 
street to nowhere.” (Raven) And finally, I need to weld these together to function in some sort of harmony or today is ripped in two and useless. Here is where I need Salt, the Catalyst, and today it is XVII Hope. Perfect! Couldn’t be better! Or as Miranda Priestly said, “God! Sometimes I think I live on it.” (I want to wrap it up because I’m waiting for the phone to wring announcing that an unknown uncle has left me an entire Swiss bank. So, let’s get this last one done and on the plate.)  XVII - The Star. She’s on the Path of Heh 28 in the Tree of Life. She has Jupiter in Aquarius as a symbol for long-sightedness and confidence; or Venus in Pisces standing for the desire for the inscrutable. In the Zodiac she is Aquarius, and on the Tree of life she is floating from Chokmah to Tiphareth, on Air. Her Number is 17 as the number of hope; expansion of the 7, cross sum is 8. “The Star is the trump of hope and trust, for the sensitive understanding of cosmic coherence, the intuition that everything is in balance and harmony. It is related to the Adjustment (the cross sum of 17 is 8), but while the Adjustment keeps the balance deliberately, the Star keeps it with feeling. The Star is also called the 'Guiding Light', and is taken as a symbol of the deep realization that the chosen way is the right one, that the end of this way will be a good one, and that there is perfect harmony between the psychical feeling and the physical doing. Her Drive is the Guiding light, living the moment, confidence in nature and life; her Light is Creative hopes, optimism, & trust. If she shows one, her Shadow can be destructive hopes & illusions.” (Ibid) And there we have it. “Get it together, Mark, the wide, wonderful Universe is out there waiting for you, you just need to get on with visualizing and manifesting your own destiny (the only REAL “Manifest Destiny!”), to becoming One with your divine self and the great, limitless sea of the Divine.” Be Well!    

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