Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Fool’s Tarot for 03Nov2016. Today I am using the classical alchemist Three Principles spread, a good choice for viewing the “state of the union” on the given day. To recap, the 1st card is Sulfur, the Active/Osirian/Male Principle; the 2nd is Mercury, Passive/Isian/Female and the 3rd is the Catalyst for the 1st two. In a classical mode, only the Major Arcana is used. I modify this sometimes by using the whole deck, but I’ve christened that mutation the Holy Family spread, With Pop, Mom, & androgynous child for good or ill. But not today! One reason for this, the main, is to showcase the deck I just received, *The Tarot of the Golden Serpent* by Sebastian Haines. It is a Major Arcana only deck. I try not to purchase MA only decks, but some are irresistible; this one is mind-blowing, and if I have to I will buy the minor arcana card by card – he is that good. These are gorgeous, oversized cards; my only caveat is that the paper stock is SO thin for a big card like this, it would really profit from heavier stock. Onwards. Sulfur today is embodied by XI Justice, my Active forward-moving male principle, as well as one of my OLDEST friends among the Major Arcana. She’s been assigned to watch over my actions so long she must consider me her “special ed” project! Ha. I like her, though. She’s a bit frosty around the edges, but her passion & convictions keep her burning bright and she manages to stay friendly enough. I can keep her icy pure and rarified pursuit of Justice in some sort of calm mode today provided I manage to integrate my Mercury, my Passive inert female principle, II the High Priestess. 
I particularly like his version of II, the “3-Women goddess or archetype” standing as the High Priestess, as well as being STRONGLY reminiscent of Minoan Hekate priestesses and figurines from wall art depicting temple ceremonies. This isn’t someone you can push around, and she will take it unkindly if you try. The Priestess on the card doesn’t appear to be anybody who suffers Fools gladly, so IF I’m wearing my Fool’s costume today, I had better switch outfits QUICK if I want her to consider working with me. And I do!! I need her to balance out that deadly winged lesbian (c’mon, you KNOW she bats for the other team, LOOK at her! [Justice, not the High Priestess] LOL) I can grok that – I have found, in a long life, that lesbians generally have a finely honed sense of Justice and Temperance, misunderstood & harassed, abused and discounted by the ruling system themselves, as well as adding a touch of the female, because as a man, Justice would be prone to go berserker and run out-of-bounds. It’s a deeply psychologically ‘catalyzing’ agent if it can be started; here it would run in tandem with II the High Priestess and the hidden knowledge underlying ALL mysteries. They need to be “keyed” together, round holes and square pegs induced to cooperate by a 3rd agent, the Catalyzer itself, and in this morning’s case for me, it is XV the Devil. So, it’s going to take a sly and efficacious Master of the Material to coax 1 & 2 to pull my chariot together, eh? Well, alright, then. It isn’t something I like to discuss any longer, but a great deal of my youth was devoted to being a Master of the Material, so I know whereof I speak. There is a kind of necessary “grace” that one must summon to deal with the material so that it doesn’t leave you imbued with an ineradicable stench of corruption; that ‘Grace’ is best obtained by respecting the Material and giving it its due, but ONLY TO THAT POINT, what it merits, what it deserves, AND NOT ONE 
IOTA more. Desire is the Grand Trap, as everybody knows (yes, we do, somewhere in ourselves we do because we know there is a *purpose* beyond the 5 senses.) I have freed myself from the slavery which such an alliance can bring about if one isn’t careful; and one is almost NEVER careful when one is young. Grin. But simply because I am free of the slavery doesn’t make me free of continuing temptation to misuse my insights in a self-serving manner. That “Devil” up there, that overblown and over-made-up stage actor, is good enough at his job to get the better of ANYBODY if you aren’t aware and your guard. But, inevitably, with the mastery of the Material comes an insight so profound and necessary that it often overturns worlds (XV to XVI.) Were not anywhere near that here today. Today I’m being told to resurrect my old dab hand at being a devil of Materiality because in some manner yet-to-be-revealed, it is going to be the needed tool to get the 1st & 2nd archetypes to cooperate and run together.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my reading this morning due to the beauty of the cards and the validation that provide. They are symbolically RICH, and each card is worth study for several hours all by itself! This also revalidates for me why I use the Tarot – what it is telling me in just three cards about myself and the attitudes I have in place as I approach a new day is VITAL information if I want to spiritually evolve, become illuminated and continue on down the path as it winds amongst the stars. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a glimpse of the RIGHTNESS of our quests. Be Well!   

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