Sunday, November 20, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 21Nov2016. I’ve used the alchemical 3-card Principles spread: Mercury, Sulfur and Salt; Masculine, Feminine, Androgyne; Osiris, Isis, Horus/Harpocrates. I have drawn VI the Lovers, XV the Devil and finally II the High Priestess, reversed. The deck is the *Röhrig Tarot* by Carl W. Röhrig. And once again I’m feeling like a bear getting his cave ready for the long winter sleep; I’m not too prone to “general” analysis these days. I’m doing great with live readings, private readings and group exercises with ‘my new group.’ I’m fine with what I see today for my day; I need to make a choice today, a basic one, and I need to have my shit together to do so. On the passive current the Devil is riding the Material awfully close, yelling at me to jump ship and join him, his jazzy rig is more sure of blazing success than my old bucket. Nevertheless, hear him out and then invite him to leave, Mark. The Catalyst for this is II The High Priestess, reversed.  What IS hidden should REMAIN hidden. “So be careful about opening your pie hole, Mark.” Nevertheless, she isn’t stingy, and if I can get in I may find something in the temple to bring about peace among my crew. However, be VERY careful about accessing the hidden knowledge, Mark; today is not fortunate for you in that regard. Now, from here on out, I shall provide some factoids about the cards themselves, and stop my voice – I’m tired of it for the moment. I ask the Cosmos to bring us ALL a “rest stop” along the Highway of Life, for that critical breather when one needs it. Be Well! /// VI the Lovers: From the original meaning of the sign Virgo, the virgin matter of the cosmos or world-ether, to that principle which makes 'lovers' is rather a long step, 
but we will observe that all these Tarot symbols relate to human points of view and human life in particular, i.e. cosmic principles seen from this particular standpoint which gives more of a practical image than of abstract reasoning, the abstract cosmic significance, however, being imbedded fairly accurately in them. So in the human constitution the sign Virgo means the nervous system and everything acting as an organ as well as the relatively 'virginal matter' which is extracted from the food and will serve to build up the body. So this house is known to rule health and sickness. It is further known to relate to the principles and materials of our work. And so the card of the Lovers must in the first place symbolize these things. It does indeed. Papus says it is connected with the Hebrew letter Vau in its significance of "the eye, and all that relates to light and brilliancy. The eye establishes the link between the external world and ourselves; by it light and form are revealed to us." In fact 'the eye' is a very ancient symbol for the idea of 'organ'; the Neoplatonists repeatedly used it. When saying it "establishes the link," we must be aware, however, that it is not yet this link itself but offers the elements for it. And again this card does not say 'love' but 'lovers' (in the French edition of the cards the singular is used: l’amoureux). Evidently the meaning is this: what makes man feel 'amorous' is his sensuousness, the word used in the strictly philosophical and biological meaning of receptivity of the senses for agreeable, caressing, benefic, gratifying vibrations. The same receptivity, however, exists on the other hand for disagreeable, painful, disturbing, malefic vibrations. The receptivity and the condition of an organic centre in its double possibility of experience is only the phenomenal expression of the same in organic existence in general, consequently stamping the whole of manifestation with the law of duality of 'good' and 'evil.' The latter is well illustrated by the picture on the older cards where a youth is represented standing between two women, the one appearing to be benefic, and the other malefic. This sensuousness indeed can lead to a lower sensuality or can be the means of demonstrating love. A sort of angelic figure (Cupid?) is seen shooting an arrow: symbol of the ray of light. The card which was drawn on the authority of Mr. Waite shows a man and a woman in a state of paradisiacal nudity, and over the two hovers the figure of an angel. It confers much the same meaning, of course. "This is in all simplicity the card of human love, here exhibited as part of the way, the truth and the life." (Waite) And we shall find, that the same force which makes us love, physically, is at the back of all the work we do. 
Because it is the material response to the fiery and central pushing power and includes actual possibility on the basis of practical knowledge, experimental knowing. Waite did well to show the Tree of Knowledge in the drawing, it being the symbol of Nature in general and of the seed or seminal element. For the next card, we have drawn the Devil, a special card indeed: “There are just too many meanings associated with the Devil tarot card, but somehow it all lands on the keywords associated with the psychological elements. Most of the time this tarot card is taken as very negative by the tarot card readers. But in some of the readings I have done, the Devil actually turned out to be positive! One important point to mention here is that just because the card has been titled as Devil does not mean that it is telling you that your life is surrounded with evil! No, this is not always true especially when the tarot card appears in a love reading. A relationship can only begin if there is a physical attraction between the two lovers. Basically, this physical attraction is summed up by the upright Devil tarot card in a love reading. When the question is about the overall quality of the relationship the appearance of the Devil tarot card emphasizes that it has become an addiction for the two lovers. Traditionally, this addiction is often linked with sex. That is, the couple has formed the bond to indulge in earthly pleasure which is sex. Now whether it is good or bad is all up to you to decide, but you must remember that too much of something can later become destructive for one’s  health! Interestingly, this tarot card in a negative way is associated with fear especially as an outcome. In a relationship situation, if you have been argumentative the appearance of the Devil tarot card tells you that you are just creating too much terror and thus your partner has fear towards you. The devil tarot card also signals emotional baggage of the past being carried at present. Depression rules the person. Unfortunately, it has been brought by the pain associated with the memories of the past. In short, he is not healed psychologically. “ (Priania) And finally, our Catalyst to make this dangerous combination work correctly for me, the Salt of the draw, II The High Priestess, reversed. “When the High Priestess appears in reverse, it can be telling you that spirit has been sending you messages – both in your waking and sleeping life – which you may have overlook. Consider any synchronicities or odd occurrences that have happened lately, or very vivid dreams that have stuck with you. What might they be telling you? Give yourself some time and space to meditate and you may well find that you’ll understand the message.”  (Psychic Revelation) However, I already received intuitional input on what the II is doing here in the spread today, and as you know, what the thrust of it is today is “Keep your cards close to your chest.” Well, that’s that, and I am not to retire from retirement just yet! There is still work to do. I wish you well, and may Amun-Ra, the Hidden One, smile down upon you.      

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