Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 23 Nov2016. Tonight’s the night when the Giant Turkey puts giblets and gravy in the stockings of ALL good boys an . .oh, wait . . . wrong holiday. Nevermind.  My Gawd, I just realized, my parents lied to me all those years . . . LOL. Hi there, a little (very little) humor to start the day. I am in, if not a lets-put-on-our-party dresses! Mood, then at least one where just for the hell of it my wife may receive a gift today; who knows? IT’s a good day to be alive (I say that consciously, knowing that as Trump is being forced more & more every day to change his shtick because he’s learning it wasn’t a joke after all.) He has the look now of a little boy caught playing dress-up and told, “Alright, you want to be adult, fine; you need to shoot one of these two people, who is it going to be, your mother or your wife? And no cheap repartee, one of them is going to die.” I imagine the job does that to everyone – “It ain’t what you thought it’d be, Jack. It’s much worse.” Trump’s eventual doom will come from the fact that he has NO moral character. (Ok, enough politics!) Today it is the Three Principles spread and the deck is *Le Tarot des grands initiés de l’ancienne Egypte* by Jean-Louis Victor. Accompanied by a decent-sized book, it is a MA-only deck. I have drawn, in order: Sulphur = X The Wheel; Mercury = XIV Les Deux Urnes reversées; and Salt = VI Les Deux Routes. It is interesting to me that I start and end this simple little spread with a wheel; the BIG one 1st, and then the “sundisk” surrounding the divine cat in Arcane VI. In between I have a topsy-turvy Temperance looking decidedly toward Chance to help him stabilize his situation, and not the Two of Routes symbolized by the man facing the choice of the two women; the one clothed and virtuous, the other “nude” and “experienced.” 
Eve & Lilith, Athena & Aphrodite, Venus & Minerva, Wisdom of the Mind & Wisdom of the Flesh.  My Active current today, the X, is simply the give & take of Life, and a sign that at this point, today even, I’m riding the Wheel and I can hope I’m going up – it feels that way most of the time. My passive current is that XIV Les Deux Urnes reversed; I can see it, that need for equilibrium & balance needing restauration because it is out of whack at the moment – which it is, quite literally. I have lost my equilibrium due to the assortment of medications I must necessarily take; watching me navigate our home is like watching a pinball machine in action. My wife knows I hate to complain, and I hate too much solicitude on her part; but I can tell she is concerned. Oddly enough, I’m not. IT is just one more of myriad signs that my checkout is speeding up, in a certain fashion. If I didn’t know better, I would say the Cosmos is preparing this shell’s life for departure and death, but I know that isn’t true, not yet. I DO feel some MASSIVE change on the horizon, and not just for me. Whatever is going on, I’m far from being in a balanced place right now, and I DO need to work on that, even if I can’t help my titubating body navigate the hallway. The Wheel in particular is a choice: on one side, there is Typhon, the spirit of the Material, always counselling haste, stubbornness and thought-less action. On the other side, there is Hermanubis, the spirit of evolution, of good and the ideal, pushing constructive analysis and the high view for better orientation. It pays to remember the Wheel is simply symbolic of the eternal return of life & death, of everything; it is Karma, actually. Coupled with the liberty of thought, it brings us awfully close to the concept of “real” chance. And Change. This is met by the loss of Balance of Right-Living, 
signified by the XIV reversed. It isn’t that I’m stumbling as if punch-drunk down the alleyways of my life; it is that without applying moderation in ALL things I am unequipped to take full advantage of that Wheel, as the angel’s gaze indicates. Whereas the 1st card is my active principle, pushing me to take advantage of the “luck” available to me at this point, the 2nd is very similar to the chicken with its head cut off – running crazily in zig-zag patterns to finally drop dead in its tracks. Without moderation, without Temperance, there is no strength, no endurance, and no capability to absorb blows and move on. The smallest thing can send one manic, or crushed into grease on the floor in deep depression. These two cards can be brought into line today, in me, with the application of the Catalyst, which in this case, is VI, Les Deux Routes. You’ll notice it is not entitled the Lovers, but the Two Paths, indicating choice. And so it is – do I choose the rather austere quest of the mind for knowledge and truth or do I choose the path of wisdom applicable on the Road of Fleshly Experience & Excess? Wisdom through the Seven Lean Kine or Experience through the Seven Fat Kine? In youth, I opted for experience, With age, I have opted for knowledge. That is not to say, however, that echoes of my first choice are not present from time to time in choices made now. I have an annoying tendency to love luxury, an easy life, and all the “finer things,” as they are called. Conversely, it doesn’t pain me to be & do “without,” it never has – not knowing the value of a dollar can be good as well as bad. The Catalyst today merely serves to remind me that I have already made my choice, and I need to remember that throughout the day today, because my equilibrium is off (thus my judgement) and I need to be “On-Line” to take advantage of the rise of Hermanubis there. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL the recollection of our gifts today and how to use them. Be Well!  


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