Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fools Tarot for 24Nov2016, Thanksgiving, or as it is called in France (although not observed here,) “Le Jour de l’Action de la Grâce.” I believe I can state with reasonable certitude that it is a lugubrious festivity this year, with the advent of the Orange Horror as President, more than 50% of Americans (Hillary won the popular vote, despite her “rampant corruption”) are wondering, “What da fuck!?!? Wha’ happened??” Another stunning Electoral College victory, as in line with the Bush campaign when eventually the Supreme Court gave the office, wrongly, to Bush instead of the winner, Al Gore. America has come to be a DREADFUL place, and it makes me weep to say that. The Juggernaut has reached “full-speed ahead!” and although I probably won’t be alive to see it (although I WISH I could be!) the Revolution has picked up enough momentum now to make it, with a capital R, a certainty; Revolution. Geb & Nuit! I hope so; we desperately need a clean start! That being said, I asked the cards today to please help me see what I have for which to be grateful. (Not that I’m not grateful; it’s a rhetorical question, get it?) It gave me a Whammy! of a response. #1) Sulfur = XIII Death; #2) Mercury = 0 the Fool; #3) Salt/Catalyst = X Fortune. It is, of course, the Three Principles spread, and the deck is, again of course! 
*Tabula Mundi Colores* by M. M. Meleen. I’ve had this draw before, recently, or something VERY much like it; I remember XIII in the 1st position and 0 the Fool hanging around as well; Fortune is interchangeable in this “ghost spread” with Judgement, the Hermit, Strength or Temperance for the 3rd card. The MAIN message doesn’t change though; “Hang on to your hat, Mark, because Change is coming, Big Time, and you are going to be a Beginner on a whole NEW adventure. Bonne Chance!” It doesn’t feel like my death, it really doesn’t, but boy, fuck YES, it feels heavy; I can feel the imminent arrival as a heavy beam straight across my shoulders. (Like the crosspiece of the Cross, although Yahweh knows I’m NOT Christian nor do I have some sort of Messiah complex!) But WOW! FUCK ME RUNNIN’! as my Father used to say with considerable Force and emotional weight. (Grin. I can still see him; he was a man who KNEW how to get Angry!! LOL. He’s still here, just not that man any more, thank Valhalla!) The Cosmos, apparently, has plans for me about which I know nothing, but suspect a good deal. If I am being called to serve at THAT level, the Cosmos needs to arrange some BIG things in a different manner for me to be able to do that. Which, of course, I assume it is certainly capable of doing; therefore, logically, I have only to wait for the 
Cosmos to show me the Way. Well, partially true, perhaps, but not entirely; I doubt that I get to sit around on my ass eating bonbons and watching soap operas until I am called for; and besides, I would be bored to tears! (And probably as big as a hippopotamus! Grin.) Let me be honest – I LIKE this draw, as I have before, because it promises BIG things, Big Changes, Big Journeys, New Adventures; and to tell the honest-to-Athena truth about it, I am SO tired of this rinky-dink two-bit steampunk version of Westworld. GAWD! Everyone is a fucking stinker, a hypocrite, a liar, a murderer, a war criminal, or worse – except my friends, of course! (Grin!) Responsibility is just a word; not a practice, or a concept, or a duty or a pleasure, it is just something to be avoided at all costs. Gosh, I HATE the stinking moral morass this world has become, and yes, I want OFF! and OUT!, just like the draw says: I hope  it is telling me the truth, that what I want, that what I DESIRE TO MANIFEST, is going to come through without hang-up or SNAFU or any other hitch. Okay . . .  rant over. LOL. NOW – let me address the fact that all of that “previous speech” sounds as if I am a raving sociopath, at the very least, and perhaps I’m not a desirable influence on young children. Grin. I’m not. There: issue addressed. (Grin encore!) I don’t have 18 pages at my disposal to truly deconstruct this reading, symbolically rich as these cards are, so I must leave this address a touch incomplete. I’ll throw some factoids at you, though, if you’d like? No? Okay, your call. {{snicker}}Yeah, you can look up the factoids yourself if you are so taken with that branch of study, so I’ll let it slide. For me, I’m just blown away; it is a very curious feeling to be told, “Sorry to keep you waiting, Miller. [Has it REALLY been 65 years? Holy Smoke!] Now, where we,. Uhm, oh . . . YES, that’s why we waited; you needed to recover a few dropped credits. All done? Good. Alright, then, I have good news for you. It has been decided to boot you up a bit, Miller, you lucky sod! You’re to be assigned as a bodhisattva to an emerging strain of bacteria on Rigel IV. What do you say to that, eh?? Pretty damn lucky, I’d say!!” LOL, grin, yes, pretty damned lucky, I’d say. LOL. Actually, I WOULD GRIN and with a laughing heart accept the position. What the fuck do I know, eh? Maybe that is crucial to trans-galactic peace; I don’t know. I asked the cards; and in all seriousness, this is their response. Kind of overwhelming, to tell the truth. I don’t feel like a nascent explorer on a 2nd degree Journey; nor do I feel close, AS OF YET, to Osiris, Anubis and the Reaper. I can only wish that I was in as good a shape as 0 the Fool, (except for the werewolf feet, though.)  And Fortune . . . well, we have a very complicated history we do, Fortune and I, and it goes back lifetimes . . . a few of them. It was a strong illusion that needed a lot of time (and isn’t dead yet!) to disempower. Needless to say, I wasn’t dealing with the real thing, but my construct of it. B-I-G breath. . exhale. Whew. .  Okay, well, that certainly gives me a turkey-leg sized strip of “jerky” to mentally chew on all of today. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a quiet and ACCEPTING moment today, a day of thanksgiving. Be Well!   

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