Friday, November 25, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot this 25Nov2016. Today has gained the sobriquet “Black Friday” in homage to the endless American appetite for consumer junk. I propose we remember “Black Friday” for an entirely DIFFERENT reason; as today we also commemorate, with just a bit of theoretical sadness, the death of Wsr, aka Osiris.  Murdered by Set(h), then collected and re-assembled by Isis, but without his penis; She later conceived (!?!) Horus by mystical union with Osiris (oh, okay), settling over the reanimated body of her husband in the form of a kite (the bird.) Osiris was then murdered again by Set, and reassembled for good, again by his wife, Isis, this time with Horus to protect the entourage. Thoth and Nephthys (Isis’ sister) were accomplices to Isis. Here are some links to learn more, if you like.
That being said, let’s move on to today’s draw, shall we? It is the Three Principles & the *Tabula Mundi Colores* again, just as yesterday. I really enjoy working with these majors; I’m learning leaps and bounds concerning the mindset of an alchemist and how I would fit as one – rather marvelously, as it turns out. Ha! I have always had an inexplicable attraction to the city of Prague; now I know why! (Prague was the occult capital of Europe for centuries before the Enlightenment swept first France and then Europe.) I’m looking at a thing of symmetrical beauty this morning; I have yet to know if that bodes well for me! I had one of those moments, when bits of disparate knowledge clicked into place and I saw that indeed, VII the Chariot is a “bookend” in companionship with V The Hierophant, on the Tree of Life, one being bathed in Water, the other Fire. It was a “Well, of Course!” moment, and they are fun to have, are they not? Today, smoothly, EXCITINGLY! enough, VII the Chariot serves as my Sulfur card, the masculine, active influence of the day, and Bang! I get a card symbolizing speed, on its most basic level; on its most mystical, “I am to ride the wave forward, porter of the Grail, achieving the highest good and determining God’s
 will." (Companion book) (Gulp.)  Here, let me repeat that, in case it was momentarily lost; (Gulp!) That is a FAR-too-large scale of human interpretation being applied to God’s will; the only fit comparison I can think of is trying to weave fine Kashmiri wool with two rude sticks. However, if we believe, and I do, that we are never “asked” to accomplish the impossible; sometimes the Highly Improbable, though, yes indeed. Usually accompanied by the mystical phrase, “Time to grow up a bit, fucker.” Okay, message received! This is complemented (? Really?) by the Passive current of XII the Hanged Man today and my intuition is screaming at me to read this as reversed, even though the card itself belies that. Well, okay. “I’m sorry; did you say you were hungry in particular for symbols?? Boy, do I have a plate for you!! Orphic Eggs, Jewish cubes of Matter, world trees, you name it, OccultSymbols’R’Us has got it!” As far as I can see, this card is telling me to “Surrender! There is NO OTHER WAY!” In return, the Waters are going to gift me with their Wisdom (paraphrase from *Book M: Liber Mundi* by Ms. Meleen, a gifted alchemist herself!) “Devote yourself to destiny. It may take time.” (Ibid) Ahahaha – boy, the understatement in THAT statement is the difference between patience & madness.) Finally, How am I going to authorize and generate any complicity between 
these two obviously differently axed energies, unless I can listen in silence to the Voice of Truth, of Wisdom. Acceptance again of that initiation into the mysteries that has already happened, and by remembering the precepts embodied therein it is (almost) impossible to misstep. As a matter of fact, I rather like the “Oracle” from *Book M. . .*, as it both “sells” you on V (Ahahaha!) and seriously explains why; “Listen to the guidance of the wise one that holds the keys. Endure and keep silence for in silence you will receive wisdom. Bring down the celestial fire and become an initiated priest of the mysteries. Invoke occult forces and receive teachings. Seek higher purpose. Wisdom and compassion bring enlightenment, the diamond light that destroys ignorance and reveals truth. Beware intolerant doctrine. “(Ibid) (Interesting, that last bit, in light of Trump’s election, eh?) Whatever; the card is The Hierophant, not The President. So, onward and upwards! I ask the Cosmos to gift us all with extra strength in our Bullshit Detectors today – I have a feeling we are going to need them. Be Well!    

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