Monday, November 28, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 29Nov2016 : today I’ve used the Three Principles spread, today’s deck is *Tarot Apokalypsis* by Erik C. Dunne & Kim Huggens, and I have drawn on a 4th card, on a pure, intuitive hunch of where I should look today for either unexpected aid or opposition. These are all, in order: Sulfur = Active/Masculine = VI the Lovers; Mercury = Passive/Feminine = the Empress reversed: Salt = the Catalyst = V the Hierophant; in the 4th Help/Hurt position sits the Queen of Pentacles. I must admit, when I sat down this morning with the cards I didn’t expect the day to resolve into this; it isn’t bad, just unexpected. When you are thinking, "What is going to happen to or involve me today” and it’s wrong, it should be “What is happening with US today?” I get so deeply involved in Tarot, and metaphysics, and the details of my Journey, glittering or grimy as they may be; it behooves me to remember that I am married, and when I married this woman, I promised to be of aide in HER Journey, too, and I wonder how much of an aide I have been lately. Which is why I believe the cards are popping up today to tell me to take a look: at the general state of the State and the particular state of your partner’s Journey; are her requests, if she makes them, for aid being honored and in a timely fashion? 
Yes, I believe so, but it never hurts to check over your “job performance” to see if there are areas for improvement, and of course, there inevitably are. At first glance, I took the Choice/VI the Lovers to be applicable to just me, and I thought, “Oh no, no, no – not more insistence on the necessity of making a choice and trying like hell to choose the ‘higher road,’ I hope? I’ve heard it, YES, thank you!” Then taking in “the big picture” I immediately realized it was all in reference to our marriage, and not my Journey. Well, good! because as a commentary on my Journey it didn’t make much sense! Ha! Let’s just run through it; My Choice upfront is that I decided to participate in the Journey of another person as a helpmeet and aide, and above all as her soul-friend, who is there with and for her. She (III the Empress is an introverted and passive person; the reversed Empress is very much her, she is NOT an extrovert leader for original thinker, she needs a Cause to follow. She is also of another generation of woman, the “mothers/sisters/wives” generation, dealing with men as lost beings holding their umbilical cords in their hands and wandering rather dim-wittedly, looking for a place to plug in. They say that having a man is rather like owning a dangerous, exotic animal; life is safer and calmer without one, but . . . .  GRIN. (My most sincere piece of advice to any woman seeking a man is, Be Sure! You may get that for which you 
pray!) On the other side of the coin, there is a generation of men who assume the male side of this role, and treat women as the dangerous & exotic animals. I know a simple truth: a woman or a man is as dangerous or as exotic as you yourself are capable of being; we almost never choose outside of our “class.” I am not of that generation, I’m a generation younger than my wife; I am convinced that if there is a dangerous, exotic creature in the room it is just as likely as not to be me and Seth knows I AM dangerous if riled; I burn towns, bridges & anything/one standing. I am capable of being overwhelmed by my Fire, and I never know what to expect then, except I know it will be costly. I chose a partner of cool, airy disposition, a Libra; I didn’t want to quench my Fire in Water, nor augment it in another Fire, nor reduce its power through Earth; It needs Air, although the danger exists that air can fan a conflagration. My wife is on the very, very passive side of Libra, and prefers to leave literally EVERYTHING to me, as she bears no ultimate responsibility that way. It’s okay, it works, because I find it hard to bear, trying to live by another’s decisions. Let them live by mine, I’m not stupid or cruel, my decisions let the machine run quite well. Our marriage counselor–in–chief today is V the Hierophant, and as a Catalyst he works very well between the two of us. If this spread says anything, it tells me that our marriage is, as usual, in its own state of functionality,
but PERHAPS it wouldn’t hurt to look around and check the machine, Mark. Does it have enough gas and oil (love & affection)? Does it need new tires? How’s it looking? Does it need a wash and a polish? Do you care how this vehicle you are using looks, operates, and functions with alacrity and gentleness in a cold and hostile environment, the non-progressing, non-evolving world culture? Have I done my bit to make sure that my wife has the opportunities for choice that she needs on her journey? Does she do the same for me? Are we happy together, finally? Do we feel this is right, being together? Are we nourishing a living marriage, or preserving a dead flower? I need to know, she needs to know, we must know if we can continue to journey on with this wonderful benefit. I feel we can. So does she. The spread before me simply says that today is a GOOD day for repair and maintenance and a wash and a wax. We are important to each other; we need to show it, and I can do my part by starting today with a desire to see if the metaphysical needs of my wife are being met, and how I can help, if I can help, to make sure that continues. I keep my wife aware of MY needs on a much more regular basis (grin!) so she need make no special request to know where I am; I tell her at the drop of a pin, if she asks. But only if she asks, I don’t wish to be a boor. On the side of today, we have a lurking Queen of Pentacles for help or hindrance. Hmmm. Okay, I’ll keep that in mind. I ask the Cosmos today to bless us ALL with the perspicacity, wisdom & kindness to take a look at our nearest and dearest and ask ourselves, are we doing our best? Be Well!   


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