Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 30Nov2016. Last day of the 11th month, and tomorrow we enter the season of Madness on a Mass Scale. As for me, I shall be celebrating the Egyptian version of the Holy Family by issuing an edict that all 1st-born children of pure materialists shall be killed. They expect no reason, only randomness, so I shall fulfill their Solstice wish. (I would be a cryptic and cruel god to live under, wouldn’t I? LOL) Today I am again using the Three Alchemical Principles spread, and the deck is new, it is the fabulous reproduction by Yves Renaud of *Le Tarot de Marseille de Jean-Pierre Payen 1713.” Yves’ reproductions, carefully, painstakingly prepared, are true works of art. I have drawn, in sequence: 0/XXII le Fol; X La Roue de Fortune; and V Le Pape.  0/22, 10, 5. Hmmm. Now, just for amusement, I am going to construct a brief reading à la LWB divination readings; I only do this because these meanings are standardized across all versions of the Tarot de Marseille – most modern Tarots are individual spin-offs on the RWS or Crowley systems, and so detailed as to require for-this-deck-only definitions. That’s bullshit, IMHO. I love beautiful art, too, but a picture of Kali doesn’t automatically change either XIII or XV into a treatise on Hinduism and the reading of the card in that manner. IT makes for a fun parlor game of “Divination, divination, who’s got a divination hidden up their ass?” The work of the archetypes is limited by your
 understanding of that particular deck; can you imagine anything more ego-bound than trying to sell the Truths of the Universe as your intellectual property?? Fuck that. At any rate – end of tirade. LOL. So, a standardized reading, eh? Okay, let’s get to it and have some fun. As Sulfur, my Active/Masculine principle going forward, I have drawn our old friend 0/XXII Le Fol. (This whole draw is creepily familiar, as you may spot, too. Fool, Fortune, Hierophant – all stock players in my theatre troupe and frequent visitors to our home. ‘Gawd ah-mighty!’ how OFTEN have I drawn 2 or more like this recently? 80% of the time? It is a shockingly high number; the message is really pounding at the door; “I get it,” I keep telling the Tarot; “NO, you don’t!” continually responds the Tarot. This may just be a misunderstanding of terms, but it is going to require study, meditation & research, and this morning I need simply to finish this blog entry, first. So, what do I see? I see the Fool striding off on his Journey, toward Good Fortune, he hopes, of course; and Fortune is looking back at him, a good sign. Fortune is NOT looking back at V the Pope, though, and he is in there somehow regulating the exchange of energies between the Fool and the Wheel - and to BOTH of their benefits, which is more! Okay, now my LWB tells me that 0/22 in itself means a Thoughtless and unaware moral character while I suffer from a surfeit of hereditary influence. I am listless and neurasthenic. Showing up this way V, however, means that I’m back on the right road and with the X signifies that I have returned in better health. O-ka-a-a-y. Now remember, this is my 
ACTIVE/Masculine current of the day! Whew! LOL. Okay, let’s tune in to what the 18th century has to say next; the X La Roue de Fortune, is always a personal sigil of happiness and luck for me; I have largely lived my life in the shadow of its beneficence. And have concurrently and consequently received my share of “bad” luck, too, but as I age, I subscribe more and more to the palliative lie that “what doesn’t kill us only makes it stronger.” That is simply not ALWAYS true. But it makes for a nice teen-pop hit by a pudgy girl getting over a doofus of a dickwad boyfriend. For our information, the LWB tells us this card is Change. An instability, a love of traveling, a love of discovery. Health is often neglected (oops! Which Get-out-of-jail-card-is-stronger, because I was just told my health is getting better. Hmm; perhaps a progressive state . . . on verra. I am of an exuberant nature, though! so it is to be expected. Showing up this way with V indicates I have a short home-rest period coming up; I hope that doesn’t mean a bout of very ill health, but showing up with XXII like this is a screaming “Danger! Danger! Danger!”  Uh-oh, what could THAT possibly be about? I don’t know, other than I am a bit broke right now, a state of financial health completely unacceptable to a medieval merchant! LOL. But again, remember! This is the passive, feminine Mercury current of the day, so the danger need not be cosmic or soul-threatening. But is IS present, and I NEED to deal with it, not ignore it; the cards keep insisting on this point. It isn’t Death, so what is so threatening? Death doesn’t frighten me anyway. Few things do. So, what is this danger barreling down the road towards me? Time may tell. And finally, V the Pope, well, we’ve got his #, right? Just how WIDE IS the stick up his butt? Oh, I shouldn’t be mean, I’m the Hierophant often enough to know better; you need to be, sometimes, to get people to get off their asses and learn, including yourself. He is loyalty and organizational ability, enthusiasm and respectability (god, he sounds like Sam Sunshine at the County Fair – I hate him already. LOL) He symbolizes successful business trips, but poor Health (SHIT!) With the X, he tells me there will be a profitable delay followed by great joy and with the XXII that I will receive unexpected, almost UNBELIEVABLE help –Wow! I like that, but help with what?? Ah, the mystery thickens, like starchy pudding! I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a bit of light-hearted mystery in our day today. Be Well!   

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