Thursday, November 3, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 04Nov2016. Today I have used the Nuclear family spread, which I have finally nailed into  place: a 3-card spread, with one representing the “father” energies 5Acttive, Male), 2 representing the Passive Female Isian qualities, and the 3rd, the child of 1 & 3, represents many things, from the Problem-or-Atout of the “child,” and the resulting outcome of this meeting of energies, to a reason why it is or isn’t going, and finally it COULD be the outcome of the bigger question behind the issue that has produced the first two cards. Majors AND Court cards ONLY, a total of 38 cards. (In the classic 3 Principles spread, ONLY Majors are used. No Courts, no pips.) Today’s deck is the wonderfully quirky Tarot de Marseille of Pole Ka, by, naturally, Pole Ka. It’s a kind of depraved inbred cast of characters that people the cards, some wildly humorous, some less so. It is a fun with which to work, and indeed it does work well. Onward and upward! My 1st card, XX Judgement, is an example of “oddity” – but the point here is that, as I know, µJustice and I have been old buddies for a very long time. Also, Judgement is in the same category as Justice, in that they are BOTH old friends of long date with me, have hung out in my head & heart with me for a very long time. (BTW, the classic, traditional meaning of this card in a TdeM deck is Good will, righteousness, love of beauty, health without big problems. In this case here, there is also the meaning “goal attained” as Judgement is being influenced, but more about that later. 
“If Saturn denotes 'death' and the grave, what more natural than that his counterpart Jupiter should stand for the resurrection from the grave? While Saturn, Lord of the mineral kingdom, is held to 'kill' by his crystallizing effect, Jupiter, Lord of the vegetable kingdom and of all that grows and expands and evolves, leading up to sublimation and elevation, abstraction, etc., afterwards, is first the emblem and function of organic life, later on also those of psychic and spiritual life above the material existence, barren and naked, from which it consequently brings deliverance. The latter meaning is chiefly viewed when symbolizing this principle in the card of the Last Judgment. "An angel sounds his trumpet per sepulchra regionum and the dead arise." (Waite) Some people say "that it signifies renewal, which is obvious enough . . ." and "that it is the generative force of the earth and eternal life." (Waite) The latter fairly covers our definition of Jupiter's function. Again Waite further mentions, that it "is the card which registers the accomplishment of the great work of transformation." This is also in the line of Jupiter, Io Pater, ‘Our Father that is in the Heavens.' And every great work needs his co-operation; there is no important or great work done in this world without Jupiter, the planet of ideals playing a prominent role in it. Ideals, that "are the angel part of us," as Zanoni tells his disciple. So this card stands for ideals, religious, social or any other and for the elevating effect they have on man; for ideas and leading motives, aspirations, etc., consequently for generalization, illumination, dispersion, elevation, for all that is honorable on one hand but also for illusions or vain aspirations on the other hand. It is the sign of deliverance from narrow thought and hampering conditions in the soul as well as in the body and in life.” (A. E. 
Thierens) It’s all about Jupiter. My 2nd card, Passive/Female/Isian, is the Valet of Cups reversed. Old-style, this is a fair young man, studious, worker. However, when reversed, there is a tendency, an inclination, to friendship, desire, engagement, invitation, seduction. “The Page or servant, messenger, of the cups suit comes on the Eleventh and on the Seventh house, and has to do with friendship and relations, e.g. marriage. He must be the friend who brings inviting messages, seductive proposals, if not of formal marriage, perhaps of some love-affair or jolly gathering, sportive meeting, or intellectual entertainment, lecture, etc. It is not quite impossible, that the idea of 'seduction' is connected with it or at least a strong sense of persuasion. If it relates to news, there is emotion in it, news that will affect the feelings in some way or other. Relations will be of a passing nature, but may be very pleasant. The combination of the Water with the Air generally adds much to the instruction, development or education of people, so there must be much of all this in the Page of Cups. The effects do not always bear the characteristic of reliability, nor of permanence.” (Ibid) So, there’s the feminine for me today, not too concentrated on the work at hand but more interested in “dragging” someone and dilly-dallying in the hollyhocks, I fear. I need something to bring her back in line with what Judgement wants to accomplish today; always recognizing new evolution and cleanup of now-useless detritus of the old self. Gotta have a clean house when you open the door to enter Atu XXI ! Well, fortunately for me, I am going to receive a supercharged, high voltage package of energy from above & beyond, with XX the Sun. IF nothing else, this is a powerhouse answer to “How do I get them to move on the same direction?” Here’s my answer; raw power. In speaking to the more traditional version of the TdeM, Thierens has this to say about XIX the Sun: “"The walls indicate, that we are still in the visible, or material world." (Papus) [Remember, he’s looking at a ‘traditional’ Tarot de Marseille. -mm] This relates to the picture which shows a child on horseback--or two children as in the older editions of the card--playing beneath the bright Sun and evidently within a walled enclosure. So far so good: we are and we remain in this world. And for the rest the Sun is the Sun and this card means everything that astrology can tell about the Sun, in every respect and on all planes. It means the positive or masculine elements in general, the power and function of will and concentration, great benefit and mighty protection in spiritual as well as in mundane life and matters. 
It may signify the father of the Querent and high authorities, king, president, ruler, etc. The spiritual center of man and the center of importance in everything are indicated by it. Physically it indicates the heart and the solar-plexus. The protecting power of the Sun is well illustrated by "the hieroglyphic value of the Hebrew letter Qoph, which expresses a sharp weapon, everything that is useful to man, that defends him and makes an effort for him." (Papus).” (Ibid) I’m not a man to force a woman, my wife, my Anima to do something against her will by using raw masculine Force. It isn’t my style, I find bullying abhorrent. (And we won’t even GO into domestic abuse! That shit puts me in orbit.) However, the use of “pure, raw Force” IS possible without violence or threats or even “Why do you have a mean look on your face, Daddy?” It is all about Confidence and the power to be Patient when needs be and the power to set the Cosmic gears turning when faced with an unacknowledged shutdown – with Intelligence, you can buttress Force to create something much akin to XIX the Sun, and with the indwelling of the Divine we actually BECOME that Sun. I’m more than alright with the reading today, and because I was so self-satisfied, I figured I could afford to draw the Shadow card for today and see what was barreling down Highway 666 straight towards me. (There is an actual Highway 666 in New Mexico, a desolate stretch of road that passes by Shiprock, a mammoth natural formation. One can easily imagine it as the Devil’s home! Grin!) I pulled V, the Pope.  Disgruntled lady, it seems! I imagine she is, having to tie down her boobs every waking second of her life, “and always play it butch, Barbara.” Rules, regs, “follow the queue, please!” kind of stuff to shadow my day, but more importantly she throws Shade all around her; She pushes Judgment to complete the goal successfully, which is done; she pushes the Sun to grant me Longevity, more than enough to complete my work; and finally, the Sun is influenced by XX Judgment to make my work productive, and to reveal to me a shared love with someone else.  Okay, well, as a Shadow card, s/he certainly provided me with some interesting reassurances, which is what I believe the point to be. I ask the Cosmos today to give us an unshakeable certainty about our spiritual evolution and a dazzling awareness of our capacity for Love. Be Well!   

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