Sunday, November 6, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 06Nov2016. Well, I see the cards are holding true . . . . Nuclear Family, of course, and today’s deck is *Le Tarot des Alchimistes* by Jean Beauchard. It is a deck in the old French tradition of large cards (“pasteboards” actually) and continental alchemical references. The deck is true to alchemical tradition, with overlays of “franc-maçonnerie” with a fine French flourish. As the draw was also a bit foggy on atmosphere, other than “lugubrious,” I drew a “helper card” from the I-Ching and received #16, Enthusiasm, which greatly cheered me up and gave a much better cast to the reading. I am operating in a bit of a dramatic environment because a very close & dear friend, here in Montpellier, has been given 30 days to prove his “raison d’être” in France or else be deported, back to a much less favorable country of origin. Amongst our group, our “family,” this is of course high drama. The protagonist himself is terribly un-encouraging, and of course that doesn’t bring any happy reprieve. So, with this as backdrop, I’ve had these “Death & Justice & Temperance & quirky royals spreads” and it is becoming clear that the “death” spoken of here, besides my own metaphysical journey, may well have a physical event horizon as well in the end of our friend’s chapter in France. 
I would hate that, but my sentiments are of no consequence in the face of the juggernaut of Fate. Let’s just get through some information about these cards, strung together and swallowed in one big dose, and then if I feel so moved I will come back to the issue of the drama of our friend’s possible deportation. There is also the possibility that the cards are mirroring my interior life without reference to the other issue, but I doubt it – the fit is too perfect for it to be a different Death event requiring Temperance & Justice to hang out in the corners. So, on to the read – my 1st card is VIII Themis or Justice (of course.) This represents me/Daddy/Male/Active etcetera, and of course as we ALL know Justice and I are old drinking buddies (back when she was just Miss Parking Fine.) I need to keep in mind that this is an alchemical deck and therefore I need to cast my reading in that direction, too, in order to receive the FULL benefit of the “language” used.  (Reading one system with the language of another can produce cryptic curiosities, but for the most part it only breeds “genetically unviable monsters.”) I’m going to give you some freewheeling translation from the accompanying French book (the translation is great, because I’m good, but you’ll have to take it on faith because I’m lazy, too. Ha!) “The first part of this card consists in finding the balance, and the alchemist cannot claim to have commenced the Great Work before having succeeded at this first stage: the harmonization of the psyche and the physical body. The Path followed in the first seven stages (I – VII) concerned the individual face with himself. Evolution is going to prolong, on a new blueprint, the process by calling on the “me” to open to others. This card invites work on filtering yourself, of the choice and the ardently desired harmony between the conscience of Me, which one has of Others and the first unconscious layers of self. The Being will be able to gauge with more clarity the dark parts of his personality if he has a better comprehension of their origin and of their relational incidence. It will thus be better to relativize them to reestablish the just equilibrium in their relations.”  (*Le Tarot des Alchimistes* de Jean Beauchard, Véga, Paris, 2006. Trans. Mark Miller) Okay, and “Looky, Looky, Mommy! Santa brought Death reversed for Christmas! Oh boy!”  Yep, the female Passive, Isian “thang goin’ on today dat card rite ere, . . XIII . . .” but reversed. I get the deepest, most direct feeling here that the meaning hasn’t changed here at all, just the time scale . . . Death reversed is going to be dragging its heels for a bit before it actually gets around to farting at the wedding. Again, from the book, “The Being actually has already put into question his a sort of sacrifice. This permanent alchemization of the unconscious/conscious can appear as the remedy to the mortifying waves between Life and Death which are accosting one another. Initiatic death is a “letting go” which cannot happen without the acceptance, not only by the conscience but also the unconscious, which will be concerned by the regeneration of that which follows. This implies an established relation between different “leaves”, known and unknown, of the Being. “ Yes, yes, all of this, but MUCH SLOWER, in our case . . . this “death” may be the initiatic death of my friend, as he would be losing everything in order to start all over again; I certainly don’t see it manifesting in MY life in any other way at this time. And finally, in order 
to try and bring some reconciliation about between what VIII wants but XIII is delivering, we have our “child, for good or ill,” in the Queen of Water (Cups.) Wow, that is an extraordinarily good card to draw in these lugubrious circumstances!! There isn’t really a nice, neat little info package to present on the Queen of Water/Cups, so we can just import wholesale what we know of her from the Tarot system at large. Her arrival promises a soothing effect on the troubled waters, and she brings as well all of the good qualities and vibrations of her suit, for she IS her suit. Here’s just a bit of A. E. Thierens on this Queen; “The personification of the soul on the house of Capricorn, the Tenth, manifesting into the world that which it carries. As such this queen is to us the image of the married woman and the mother and of all that which woman can give to man and mankind, by her virtue both of soul and body. So the card must also mean the realization of hopes and wishes, consequently success, etc. The 'wisdom' is here more of the practical blend, usefulness, knowing how to act with care and prudence. The card may represent a woman, or an impersonal power or authority, whom the querent has to obey, or to whom it will be to his advantage to submit. It expresses a tendency to go out into the world and make a name and position for oneself, and indicates the right moment to do so. It is fairly certain that it will ensure some publicity, renown, fame, or even glory or theatrical success, but of 'scandal' we see no indication whatever in the card itself, though of course 'publicity' connected with very evil influences might end in something like that. In such cases, however, we must not ascribe the effect to the card, which means publicity, but to that of the evil influences. It is a mistake, which we very often meet in the traditional interpretations, to ascribe effects, resulting from certain combinations of influences to one card which is only one of the composing causes.” Well, that’s all fine & good, but in today’s needs, we (I) need to see the card in light of someone who is going to be able to pour oil on troubled waters, and I think that person has already been called to the fray, so the solution may already be in the works, just unseen as yet. One doesn’t know – yet. We shall see – On verra. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a strong dose of empathy for those who don’t understand the Machinery, or even suspect that it exists. Be Well!    

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