Friday, November 25, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fools Tarot for 26Nov2016. Blahblah yakyak, heavens! I’m tired and don’t want to do this today; “Tough shit, Mark, you’re doin’ it anyway, or I’ll whip yer butt down the street in front of God & everybody.” Ah, sweet memories of Dad . . . LOL. (I don’t recall him ever whipping me in public, but he WAS a hard son of a bitch with whom to grow up. Age softened his raging erection against the world, finally, and he’s a mellow kitty, - sort of – these days.) My father was the type of man who made John Wayne look like a mincing, lisping catamite . . . so my opinions of fathers and “Father energy” all come from past experience with that EXTREME version of the archetype. It is also where & how I learned how, and how NOT, to be a man. Some things I borrowed, somethings I rejected, but that kind of man is the construct I was given. (Today's spread is the Nuclear Family, and the deck is *The Revelations Tarot* by Zach Wong.) The King of Wands is very much like that man, as is the King of Swords. Either way, that’s the masculine energy flowing through the masculine construct today, so it was pretty assured that my “father being” today is this guy, and for some reason, I’m going to be fully inhabiting the role today, especially as a “father” or “authority” figure throughout. (Hmm, do I get to spank anyone? Grin.)
 He is ALSO the source for the outrageous streak of parody-heterosexuality I like to mock; the SNL type of thing, that they sent-up so hilariously in their sketches in the *HMS The Raging Queen,” Where they were all “manly men doing manly things in a manly manner,” and the ship’s motto was “Rum, Sodomy & the Whip!” It was quite funny. As was my father, in hindsight.  Whether I intend to be funny today or not is yet to be seen – I have a feeling it IS going to be a rather low-key day, so yes, I imagine we’re going to be doing “funny guy” mode if I express him at all today.  He’s wonderfully flamboyant & a natural showman, the King of Wands, but he’s not good at all at repeat performances – he has no long-term definitions for anything. IF there is anything long-term in his life, it is due to other factors, other people. The one danger for me in the role is that I relate to the role through need, not duty. Having felt no masculine love growing up, it still haunts my days, and probably will until my end, EVEN THOUGH I still have gotten on with Life and Love and good friends and loving partners. Accompanying me in the June Cleaver role today is the Knight of Wands – oh goody goody, Junior Me. Mini-Me. Either I am due for some stiff opposition today which will arrive dressed in the robes of a ‘fougue’ individual who will offer me resistance seeming to come from my own younger twin, so to speak, or a “young man” (in fact or in spirit) is offering me either “a friendly joust” or 
involvement in something less than honorable. A 3rd, far-fetched possibility is that it could represent a gay romantic interest, but for the time being nothing leads me to follow that path. The Cosmos is still keeping the future there very dark and me out of the loop. Our “Horus” today, or “child” or offspring or energy signature, if you will, is XI, Justice. Odd, that, but not surprising – she’s been attached to my coattails since 1937! JeezLouise! Justice is . . .well, Justice, therefore without sentiment; so “our” answer isn’t to view the interactions here in any sort of anthropomorphized or personalized manner; these are elaborate, shiny brass cogs in an infinitely complex pocket watch in the vest pocket of Hermes Trismegistus. LOL. While it is tempting to always stick your mug in there and tag every movement of destiny in the cards with “This is ALL about ME,” remember, “It ain’t so, Madge, it ain’t so,” sometimes YOUR destiny is wrapped up in a larger group dynamic that will have a great deal to do with your Path or Journey. Such as belong to a Masonic temple or some obscure mystery or initiation cult; those tools, those “vehicles” are out-of-date, therefore fighting your way FREE of them to find the Path (“Yes, that means the Church, too, Bridget, yes, ... stop crying Bridget O’Shaughnessy, or I’ll give you a smack so hard your head will ring!”) Justice in this case, however, has to be applicable in only one very important sense; turn it into a quality, Mark, because you are being called upon to be just. Why? I don’t know . . . yet. I would surmise it has something to do about the relationship between me and that young man, but again, the day must be lived for the truth to be told. If I’m not concerning myself with Justice & young men today, then I have either missed the boat or the cat has secretly been arranging the cards again. I ask the Cosmos to give ALL of us today a solid stance and an equal hand, that our justice be fair. Be Well!  


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