Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 09Nov2016. This being an appropriate month (November, this Thanksgiving) and the natural predilection of the cards today, I am using an on-the-spot spread I’ll call Family “Dinner.” IT is a modified Nuclear Family, with Osiris, Isis & Horus intact, but with the addition of “Uncle Seth,” the traditional “shithead at dinner” and today ONLY, and you’ll see why, there is a 5th card, as yet unknown. The deck today is the *Tarot de Marseille* of Alexander Jodorowsky (if you don’t know who he is, watch some of his YouTube stuff. The guy is a real “card!”) who has recreated & updated to personal preference the Camoin deck. It is BRIGHT and clear. It fits the “open reading” style of Ben-Dov and others, but Jodorowsky seems to have just a carnival riot of fun every time he pulls it out. He’s fun to watch... On with it . . . . Here are the cards, in short presentation: 1) The Osirian/Male/Active-Father-role energy of the family, the King of Wands; 21) The Isian/Female/Passive-Mother role energy is carried by V the Pope :
 3) the Heruan (Horus-like)/Androgynous/”Child” role energy is in XI the Force (this is also the Catalyst card from the Three Principles, remember?) and “finally,” in 4th position, that of Uncle Set(h), the shitstirrer, the jealous, envious, violent, sociopathic brother of Osiris, in this case the King of Wands (same family, see? I told you! Grin.) Again, I’m going to make you wait on the surprise dinner guest. So, with me/Osiris as the King of Wands, yeah, I can feel my day more or less starting out like that. It’s calm around hear this a.m., we are doing the coffee & croissants thing, and the air is calm, serene, & fresh from a night’s rain. To top it off, we actually slept, bliss not always on tap for the “more mature.” Just scanning the above layout, I am struck by the remarkable “cohesion” of the group, and that “all heads turned to the left to stare as s/he entered the ballroom, completely naked but for high heels and diamonds” look on ALL of their faces. I DO feel King-of-Wand-y today, so that’s “Check √”; and there is more than a bit of humor in seeing my “female” role, most likely my Anima and NOT my wife, as the Pope . . . that kind of stickler sounds like me in a bad moment, Jeanne is too easily 
bullied or influenced. An “Athena-like” child, eh? Well, sure, why not? Miss Strength 1760 is, of course, not just an infinity-headed girl, no siree Bob! She is an androgynous evolution in the human psyche, when the interior animal is dompted and reclaimed as part of the natural, WHOLE heritage of mankind. She gets the job done – she takes the two halves of our natures and unites them, bring us much further along on the Journey than we could have imagined.  But she’s here to do the job of alchemical blending with my imperious one-shot stance and the Isian current’s “slow & steady wins the race” stance on things. “Screw that!” screams the King. “Now, Daddy . . . “says Strength. Think Athena for any of those wise, calm, cool goddesses who are more about the application of Cosmic symmetry than any mere “dalliance with a phalliance (GRIN.)” (Rumpus with a pumpus?) No divine vagine action here, just evolution for the Revolution!! Yeah Baby! (LOLOL, okay, I’ll stop.) Skipping over a whole BOATLOAD of stuff here, which is of interest to me when I’m on one of my jags about knowing the astrology and geomantics et al behind today’s reading, 
but today that just seems rather “of a rat’s ass, darling,” and just doing the reading visually has top appeal today. Oh, yes, let’s see where it goes – ah ha! Card #3 represents Set(h), the brother of Osiris and also his murderer (the story is timeless, go look it up; there’s even a magic phallus involved!) –I just heard Trump has won. Oh fuck all. Here was the plan – I was going to draw card #5, the card “they are ALL apparently waiting for,” and then I would discuss that and then wrap up. But now – well, by the great green testicles of the Green Giant, I’ve just had ALL of the wind knocked out of me, psychic included. I won’t draw 54, now. As a matter of fact, excuse me if I prematurely shut this down altogether for today. I am TOO SHELLSHOCKED to believe that it is reality. I’ll be back tomorrow.

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