Sunday, November 6, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 07Nov2016. Today I’m using the alchemical Three Principles spread and the deck is the *Tarot of the Holy Light* by Christine Payne Towler & Michael Dowers. If I’m not mistaken, Ms. Payne-Towler is the tarologue and Mr. Dowers is the artist. Whatever; this is one of the top 3 – 5 decks I would take with me on the long caravan journey to the Courts of Kublai Khan. Years & years passed along the Silk Road, well . . . you’d better have something to show for it, and this deck is a surefire help. It is, quite simply, a masterpiece of the esoteric and one of the royal flagships for the Tarot Navy. It always feels like an honor to use it when you do use it. Enough about the deck, because I want to move on to the reading itself. I have RARELY gotten a reading that grabbed me by the short hairs and made me sit up & take notice, but this one has, and Big Time! Look at that: XX Judgment, XII The Hanged Man & XIII Death. That is one FUCKIN’ HEAVY LINEUP, and I don’t mind telling you I’m a bit shaken to see it. First of all, I’m going to note the important factoids for all three cards in a super shorthand way; we can use the info, but I want to conserve space for commentary. XX Judgement: On the Path from Tiphareth to Yesod (Crowley has it from Malkuth to Hod), its ruling planet is Saturn, its element Fire, and it’s “Quality” being Peace, Liberation & Redemption. XII The Hanged Man: on the Path between Chesed and Yesod (Crowley, Geburah to Hod), its sign is Libra, its Element is Water, & it also takes in Uranus & Neptune (Crowley.) 
I’ve given the Crowley assignations, but to be honest I have a liking for Ms. Payne-Towler’s a bit more, they seem more on the money (not to mention in line with continental classic assignment.) XIII Death: Crossing from Netzach to Hod (Crowley, Tiphareth to Netzach), Element Water, and Astrowise Scorpio. So that is the breakdown on the three cards. Now, let’s do exactly the opposite, and look UP from the microscope and READ the triptych. My Path has brought me to Judgment; “This is also the descent of Sophia into the world. Her eagle of speech provokes the prince (the immortal soul) to awaken from its sleep in the grave of Incarnation. The soul separates itself from matter in response to the eonic announcement. Releasing all focus on the transitory field of time, the soul climbs and then cast aside the Ladder of Lights to discover its eternal identity. The self, the soul, the Call, and the angel are one.” (*Tarot of the Holy Light* by Christine Payne-Towler and Michael Dowers; Noreah/Brownfield Press, 2015.) If I were to say to you, “Tell me what you see there, go ahead, tell me what you see,” you might be tempted to say, “Mark, the time has come. You & your Path have merged and become one to find yourself at the doors of Judgement; the Call has been sounded. If you accept it, you run the risk of losing everything not-core behind you; if you refuse it, you must circle back around and re-walk the Path; but if you ignore it, you are sinning against the Cosmos and the karmic payback may be devastating. So, it is time to choose, Mark.”  And this is my ACTIVE, male current! This can only be reinforced by the arrival of the Passive, feminine current of XII, the Hanged Man. Self-sacrifice in a BIG WAY for the greater good of the race, of humanity, with nothing to necessarily show for it in the immediate Now. “IF there is a paradox here to meditate on, it is that fate designates certain individuals (who are seemingly mere creatures of the moment) to provoke collective awakenings that produce timeless results. . . This is the offering of the mundane self for the sake of creating a higher octave of consciousness through which the distilled wine of the Spirit can be shared out through the collective mind in a sacramental way. At best, this is an intelligent act of self dedication to preserve what is highest in the human makeup and relinquish those ego-centered motives that only impede the progress of humanity’s maturation.” (Ibid) 
“Alright, okay, I see,” said the blind man. I get it, it just seems rather cold news to swallow, and after I look at the Catalyst, I feel a bit “skittery,”as it is XIII Death. Death is my Catalyst to get Judgement and the Hanged Man functioning smoothly and for the best outcome! I need to die to bring about a successful result. Period. I can intuit that this is EXACTLY the meaning – don’t freak, I didn’t say physical death, because I have NO feeling or intuition of imminent death in my immediate future. No, there have been OTHER Catastrophes, sad to say, in my life recently that I am hoping will resolve for the betterment of all concerned. One is that deportation issue I mentioned last time – we are still unsure about the fate of our friend at the hands of the appeal bureaucracy. On verra. There is also my breathing, a health issue that has turned dramatically worse, and which the doctors and I are addressing with a carnival midway full of medications being tried on a “maybe THIS ONE will work?” basis. Consulting the pigeon’s entrails would be as useful, I fear. Whatever, a “Death of Self” is being both signaled and called for, and unless I am willing to abandon the quest entirely (I most certainly am NOT!!) then I must die. It’s clear, isn’t it? I see it, even if you may not. It is Time To Change, Mark, and I mean CHANGE in a BIG way. If you have ANY hopes of ever turning around and lending a helping hand to humanity, this is necessary, pal. You’ve seen enough movies and read enough books to get to the higher meaning of this, even if you are a bit frightened. It’s time to step up and put in your application to carry forward the Truth. Hurry up, Mark; get busy and die so that you can live. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a good dose of courage to face our destiny as it unfolds. Be Well!   

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  1. from Christine Payne-Towler:
    Mark! You did a beautiful job with that! Thank you very much for all your kind words. Now, as to your interpretation, of course it strikes to the core of things because of the cards you pulled, but let's also scale back just a moment and "think small", just for contrast. Saturn is Chronos, Lord of Time. With the Judgement card, time stops and "the living (immortals) are separated from the dead (mortals)". So the question is, who are you, what do you believe is real?". The Hanged Man is the turn-around point halfway through the Trumps, basically the theological "metanoia". Asking the question "what do I need to change, in order to continue doing/being what I was sent for?" Finally we have the suggestion to melt down, recycle and release the past, "let the dead bury the dead". Accept the losses and clear the field of contention for a fresh start.

    I'm sure you can apply this to a lot of things going on right now! But as to the breathing, try chewing the tiny leaves of thyme herb and inhaling the fumes of the essential oil of thyme. Michael swears by it, and he's been on the verge of a full-blown case of COPD for years. It helps that he's no longer torturing himself with addictive food allergies, and of course he quit smoking tobacco 25 years ago and marijuana 4 or 5 years ago. He still uses the vaporizer, swears by it in fact, but the thyme is where he turns when he just can't catch his breath, or when the coughing gets intense. I now grow thyme around his back door so that even in winter he's only a few steps away from a fresh source.

    Be well, my dear! We want you on the planet for years to come.