Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 10Nov2016. Today I am using the classical version of the Three Principles spread, in true original fashion taking the numbers of the 3 cards drawn and performing basic math magic on them get a 4th card, the M.O. of the day. The deck is the *Tarot de Marseille of Nicholas Conver*, 1760. Today I have drawn: 1) Sulfur/Active/Male –XV The Devil; 2) Mercury/Passive/Female – XXI The World; 3) Salt/Catalyst/Androgynous – La Maison Dieu reversed, and 4) 15 + 21 + 16 = 52 = 7 = The Chariot. I get it, I really do; The “Material” won yesterday, big time, and that is the thrust of the world today, an increase in the chaotic rage of the spiritually bankrupt. MAY THE DIVINE LIGHT SHELTER AND PROTECT US.  IF I can’t align myself with this, I at least need to be aware of it. Life is a BIG place, and while the XV the Devil may hold public sway for the moment, it behooves me to remember that the Universe is LARGE, and the Evil is local.  Finally, the Catalyst AND child of all this razzmatazz gangster showmanship, The House of God reversed; 
“When the Tower shows in reverse, it is unfortunately still a possibility that some people/situations that you have counted on as being “there for you” may no longer be there in quite the same way. Try not to over-think this; it doesn’t have to indicate a major, horrible change in life. It’s just some change. Stay mindful of the reality that you either already have – or can get - all the resources you need, to deal with life and to do what you need to do. . . people around you may be unusually stressed, and arguments and misunderstandings are going to be happening a lot. It is important that you don’t take these personally, and that you don’t involve yourself in conflict unnecessarily or let your ego take over. With the reversed Tower, it’s especially critical to think before you speak . . . . Generally the concerns for a love relationship are not as intense as they are when the card appears in an upright position. However, it is an indicator that the relationship needs more work and more communication if it is to survive. Think positively and don’t focus on “changing your partner,” consider how you are contributing to the situation and ways in which you can improve your 
own part of the relationship. Take one step at a time and don’t lose your cool: as with the upright meaning, the reversed Tower tells us that this is a time to keep a positive attitude as much as possible, regardless of what is happening around you, count your blessings, and don’t take things personally which are not personal. New understandings and insights may come to you in the blink of an eye.” ( A truly bland and common approach to the Tower reversed, but useful, VERY useful. When in doubt, GET BASIC.  As to how to deal with this draw and this world I see around me today, newborn and hideously disfigured, I receive the advice from myself, “Hey, pal, #7, the Chariot. Think about it!” It ISN’T “Get the HELL outta here!” because “I already done got, Papa!” precisely because 13 years ago I saw the dawn of Fascism (again) forcing itself out of America’s womb and into public life with the double-clusterfuck of the 2X-Bush & Cheney Interregnum. The wholesale rape of America began then, and now we have Nero to play his violin while Rome burns (an apocryphal story, but always a crowd-pleaser!) “In the Seventh house of the evolutionary cycle the relation of the Self with the Not-self or outer world is contracted and completed and the 'organism' arises as the systematic whole of organs, a lawful microcosm, which in every instance is a phenomenon of the Cosmic Law, first significance of Libra. This idea is very well illustrated by the picture of the Chariot, 
drawn by the White and the Black Sphinx and governed by the Magician incarnate. It is the Self embodied. This card consequently means marriage, contract, body and bodily existence, organization, achievement, co-operation. Papus says this card has to do with the Hebrew letter Zain, which "represents an arrow." Now it is very curious to see, that in Hindu astrology the sign Libra is symbolized by an arrow touching an eye, evidently meaning the principles of the organism or systematic complex of organs, and at the same time the understanding, or knowing, which is the result of the eye seeing the light. The Magician has become the 'Conqueror'; the forces of good and of evil both drawing his chariot symbolize the fact that good and evil, agreeable as well as painful experiences, make us wiser and contain the elements of Existence, spirit and matter both.” (A. E. Thierens, “The General Book of the Tarot”) And thus, so, thereforth, and so on. “It’s all done with smoke and mirrors; there are only 5 real people in the world.” You know, I won’t pretend to say that I understand the general level of stupidity, arrogance and brutality that is necessary to BACKTRACK from goodness and instead, 100 yards back, take that left fork that says, *FUCKING HELL – 50 miles.” But I’m not going to sit down in the dirt, soil myself and cry and weep and wail: I’m getting on down the road, because, as always, I STILL want to know how to evolve and GET THE FUCK OFF THIS ROCK. Today I’m asking the Cosmos to buck up, to shore up, an ailing spirit that is so deeply disappointed in Mankind, once again. Please join me. Be Well!    

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