Thursday, December 1, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 01Dec2016. Here we go, heading into the home stretch, and I for one can’t wait for 2016 to drag its sorry ass out the door. We have entered that long-awaited Age on some many ancient civilizations’ calendars, The Age of Abandoned Insanity. Hic. It is hard to imagine the world getting much weirder than the current “Pizzagate” scandal-thingy in D.C. – Hillary as head of a vast, satanic, international pedophile shadow organization, not only dealing in children, but having orgies where they are abused; to top it off, this is all coordinated & run out of a pizza joint in some dull D.C. ‘burb. These people are INSANE, and they are in the seats of influence & money. Ugly, vicious little piles of demon-shit waiting to ignite and burn up with an acrid whiff of hatred & Hell. . . . Which gives us ALL good motivation to hurry up and put the pedal to the metal on the evolution of our inner selves and freedom to continue our galactic journey back to the godhead. I’m not a Christian nor do I  lend ANY credence to the Bible as an inspired holy book ; yet, one could almost believe that the so-called “End Times” are upon us, no? An insane real-estate developer as president of the 
most powerful military machine in the world, Europe fracturing into new, far rightest neo-Nazi style politics, climate change is being ignored more & more and general indifference & cruelty are at astronomical levels.  So, what’s the point? The point is that as this is the 1st of December, and we are facing a rather deranged Christmas season and I am under financial pressure this holiday for the first time in years: I’m not flipped out, but I AM a little worried if the month is going to be too terribly unbalanced along with cash flow restriction. And, just to be real, I also feel very vulnerable on an emotional level as I am having deep & profound feelings for several people, and as it is all above board at this point (& even if it weren’t! Ha.), I don’t want THAT to suffer from temporary difficulties, either. So while my draw this morning was, as usual, “how do I profit best from this day?” (Sort of, that’s really only part of it.) Today it’s a Nuclear Family with the addition of “Where’s Uncle Seth?” (The source of trouble, if there is.)Just so we are clear; 1) is Osiris = my active, masculine current today; 2) is Isis = my passive, feminine current today; 3) Is Heru (Horus) as our androgynous child = catalyzing element, neuter; and 4) is Seth = the source of trouble and/or storms, if there are any. Almost always male-gendered, 
but surrounding cards will determine it finally. The balance between Heru and Seth can indicate quite clearly the “atmosphere” of the day. For example, in this instance, the relationship between the King and the Slave of Cups is clearly delineated. Some Cup slave may come sniffing around my tail today looking to cause trouble, but he’ll receive an overpowering reception if he tries something funny, like stirring something up; I’ll knock his psychic block off. (I am always surprised when, rarely, somebody actually takes me for the nice, intelligent, “let’s talk about this” kind of guy they can swindle and squeeze at will. Believe me, they don’t know me. The pleasure of doing so usually costs them a limb.) At any rate, I’m cast in my oft-recurring role of the King of Wands (and not a Coin in sight this morning! – sigh, well, I’ll go play musical chairs at the bank with what coppers I do have & see if that will keep the wolves from the door another week or so, until my check arrives. Oh well, that’s Ok, I’ll cope, and my wife takes a perverse joy in returning to “simpler times” for a brief period. But NOT forever.) As King of Wands, we already know my story; “This is the force of Will and Intention in the archetypal world of Ideas. He’s got ONE BIG SHOT, and then he’s done. The Passive, Feminine, Isian current in me today is XI Force reversed; 
if we interpret this card through II the High Priestess (numerology magic) we can see that Force upside down is the kind of fracturing of self also prevalent in those attempting, and failing, to penetrate the Temple. I don’t believe I am in the process of self-fracturing, far from it; however, I do believe that, more basically; I am simply and quite “right before your eyes, stupid!” just WEAK, physically, at this time. I have no “vital force” because I can’t breathe, thus making effort quasi-impossible. The doctors don’t seem to be able to get a grip on it, and I think I know what it is, but I can’t tell the doctors: I am, quite simply, trying to prepare to live a purer & better life, and perhaps it is essential to my enlightenment. A perfect state of health is no longer a reasonable expectation from this body; I put it through an ASTRONOMICAL amount of abuse in 64 years. And I’m OK with that; I KNOW this is the bill being presented. “Our child,” our co-operative manifestation (“our” being me-M and me-F) is, remarkably enough, the proof that Desire is the energy of Creation, and that dominion over it will determine what kind of a world we manifest. The PERFECT answer to my physical fatigue!! – “The job isn’t physical, Mister!” And finally, if there is an outside influence for good or ill in today’s draw, it is the Slave of Cups, and we have discussed this situation with his King at his back earlier here. He may question my purity of intention, but he is NOY allowed to impede me. He’s persnickety.  So there we have it, Mark on a stick for 01 December 2016. S-i-g-h. I need a “smoke” . . .  I ask the Cosmos today to gift ALL of us with enough clean-burning and energy-efficient Desire today to get our machines on down the Road. Be Well!   (PS: today's deck is *The Revised New Tarot Art Cards* by J. A. Knapp & M. P. Hall. mm)

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