Thursday, December 1, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 02Dec2016. 29 days until we can flush and go about our business, Thank Nekhbet! (The Egyptian vulture goddess Nekhbet was the Egyptian white vulture goddess and protector of Egypt and the Pharaohs. She was referred to as "Mother of Mothers, who hath existed from the Beginning". She was the patron goddess of the Upper Egyptian city of Nekheb [modern day El Kab], from which her name derives. She was one of the two patrons of all Ancient Egypt. [The other being Wadjet, the cobra goddess and protector of Lower Egypt.]) In the meantime, we DO have the “Remains of the Day” to see out the door, and so we move on. This morning I was a bit short with myself and the Tarot; I couldn’t decide on a draw, nothing seemed “to not aggravate me,” so I thought, “Do what’s comfortable. What feels good this a.m.? And I knew – 3 cards & a Shadow, no predefined role to fill. Et voila! this is what came to me, from me. I liked the feel of the draw; it had felt intuitively “right.” And THEN I knew how to read them; 1) How I enter the day: 2) How I spend the day, & 3) How the day departs. 
#4 represents a possible tripping point or “sand-trap on the course” today, to anticipate and avoid, if possible. And what have I pulled to fill this suddenly organized spread? Oh, look! I’ve depicted the enthronement of my phallus! LOL, ha ha! not really, of course, even I don’t think that, but it DID occur to me when I first turned the cards and saw the completed image; I couldn’t help but laugh. But it IS a good draw, and still surprising, in a way. Let’s look: For “dawn,” I’ve drawn the Page of Cups; this is intuition being born & coming alive which I can interpret as not so much a birth as a “fortifying;” the card also bears the sense of relearning what it is ‘to “carry” your emotions to others.’(LWB) In more ways than one I need to re-examine myself in relation to bearing emotions in that manner. I can understand this perfectly, as I misfired emotionally last night, in a minor way, and I knew that my expectations being out of balance were responsible. Knowing that, I can take corrective measures today. Moving on, we come to the shining sight of my . . . oh, no, that’s right, I’m not going that way. (LOL) “Powerful forces have come into play that will bring swift change in life.” (LWB) I identify quite a bit in the Court of this suit; I am often either the King 
or the Knight of Swords from day to day and/or situation to situation, and yet, I very rarely see the Ace. When I do, it always seems like an “Event” somehow, & I don’t know why. In a certain, really-I’m-not-bullshitting-you way, I feel as if I am meeting my Genesis, my Creation moment, because at heart, even though I adore hanging out with the Wands and even participating in Court Life, because of all that Fire, I feel VERY much as if Air and the Court of Swords is, “yeah, admit Mark, it’s home, like it or not.” So, the heart of my day is going to be sweeping out my mind, clearing out doubts and vacuuming up dust-balls of confusion. There is no fear today. Oddly enough, I had “subtoned” today’s reading with the fact that financial worries are present and how is the best way to go about healing the acidic concern that they generate; there isn’t a coin or disk in the reading! So, Mark, the message is ‘yeah yeah, take care of that, sure, but that’s NOT what you are about today – you are on a mission to clean house and prepare for what’s coming. Why is something coming, you wonder? Because the Page of Wands is in the act of her first manifestation; it’s shaky, she’s unsure, but it is time and she is a game gal for the effort . . . as must I be. I feel like I should put on a theme tune;
 “It’s Manifestation Time, Manifestation Time, and We’re Going to See New Things! Tra-la tra-la . . . .” In a way, this reading this morning is about stepping back a bit, for me, and rechecking the buckles and straps and cinches on my gear, making sure everything is readjusted and secure for the new day; I made some changes last night, mentally, and today it is time to carry them on down through manifestation and realization. Nothing earthshaking mind you, just a small “reformat,” so to speak. (HA! I know & you know that when you “format” a disk of any kind you wipe ALL of its info, not just a selected part according to your caprice! So, Mark, BE CAREFUL if you reach for the “Format” link.) If there is going to be a stumbling block today, it is symbolized here by the Ace of Wands reversed. “The energy of life is blocked, with the inner power difficult to unleash.” (LWB) IT’s a block in creativity difficult to overcome; life is stale, stagnant, without possibility of creation, thus engendering a loss of optimism or hope. This is about BIG fat delays, everywhere, if you aren’t careful and fall in here. (Reduction of LWB material to clarify the draw.) So, be careful, Mark!!  Okay, I’ll keep the warning in mind; it sounds like a “Beware Hubris & Self-Righteousness today, Dude!” kind of warning, so I can be fairly certain it IS applicable to me, chagrined though I am to say it. Nevertheless; the need for changes became apparent last night, so I shall implement some today. I shall take care of the $$ business as I pass through the day but not pay a lot of attention, it isn’t where the day is centered, that’s just the mask. I ask the Cosmos to give us all a clear vision through the mask of our day, if there be one (mask) present today. Be Well!     

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