Saturday, December 10, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 10Dec2016. (It has been 75 years + 3 days since the USA went to war with Japan – there’s an inconsequential factoid for your day. Ha!) Today it is the classic alchemical Three Principles spread the deck today is the *Tarot de Besançon of J. Jerger*, a Tarot de Marseilles that Evalyne Hall recently brought to attention along with her book on Antoine Court de Gébelin. I am criminally behind in my reading schedule, but the deck is a powerhouse; very individual, unique, and for some odd reason I feel real kinship with it. Way to go, Evalyne! LOL, I hope she reads these words someday. Okay, onwards & upwards. Sulfur, Mercury, Salt; Masculine, Feminine, Androgynous; Active, Passive, & Catalyst, these are the qualities of this simple 3-card MA-only draw. Try it out a couple of days in a row – with a deck you really connect with – you will be amazed & surprised, (just like those people on the back covers of comic books in the 1950’s who amazed and surprised their friends with their “super-neat” X-Ray Glasses! Grin.) So, for these three highly desirable and heavily competed for spots on the Olympic team of my draw for today, I have received (ALL upright) XVIII the Moon, XVII The Star, and XX Judgement. Two out of three fare old friends; b & c, but a), XVIII the Moon, is a card I usually only see when I’m packing my suitcases and getting reading for a voyage deep, deep into the Amazon of my twisted, jungle-y psyche. 
(Oooh, I can hear the macaws & insect life now. Grin.) This is a HIGHLY feminine card placing itself most definitely and defiantly in a male slot. That can mean a LOT of things – a male attitude or approach carried into a feminine preserve, provoking either rapid access or outraged resistance. It depends. (Doesn’t it always? What an obvious thing to say, Mark. Sharpen up, crackerjack.) If I’m going to start my day with a journey to the Moon, in this way and this manner, the day promises to be, whether I wish it or not, rather sexually confused. That isn’t particularly good for me at the moment: my “gay side” is ALL riled up and hopes to find someone to work with, and wants it BADLY, whereas my “straight side” is still cruising in “I’m just fuckin’ FINE!” with my wife; we are particularly content with each other right now. This, of course, takes the sting out of the other, but does not dismiss it. And for some reason today I feel like kicking that crayfish’s ass, don’t ask me why. I just do. And IS that a dog on the right, or something else? It sure doesn’t SEEM to be a dog, which the animal on the left quite obviously is. . I find the matching cotton balls of wind/cloud in the night sky rather amusing, rather like earrings.  On & on – I could pick apart ALL of these cards; they are SO idiosyncratic and interesting! But, “that ain’t why yer’ here today, is it, Jethro?”  “No sir! No sir, it ain’t!” Okay, so I’m getting a “gay” start to the day, and 
I DON’T mean sexually. I’m movin’ on to Hope; what is it I’m hoping for today, the eventual balance of the universe, well, yes, of course, but that is a BIT vague. If I had to personalize the waters she is pouring, how would I name them, for today? Hope & Reality? Knowledge and Passion, I think, feels MUCH more ME this morning; I KNOW this, that, & the other thing; but Oh! what I want! What I desire! What lights my Fire!  XVII the Star is pouring All of that into the river for me, and under the guiding Red, Blue & Gold light of the stars I remember to be grateful for the operation of Hope in my life. And the Catalyst to bring these two together and make them march down the road harmoniously, without ill-feeling at being yoked together? Today, it is XX Judgment. One of the oldest of my friends, and quite often a catalyst in my life! This is good! In this version of Judgment, we don’t see any damned souls, unlike some other versions. Plus, I always wonder upon what or whom is he focusing just behind my left shoulder? Grin. I’ll never know, I guess. Perhaps that mystery male I’m always wanting to complete me; along with my wife, a husband. I imagine it is hard to understand a true bisexual; Hell, I’m not sure I understand it all the time, but it is how I roll. On the whole, I really like today’s draw, it could be the harbinger of some wonderful gains in knowledge and hope, as well as a refreshing dip in the pools of the Moon to repower my intuition. Yeah, I can definitely live with this! I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL today a bigger sense of daring and hope for the Journey. Be Well!