Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 22Dec2016; today I’m still using the 3-card spread that today I am calling the Chemical Wedding; 1) Active/Male/Sulfur; 2) Passive/Female/Mercury and 3) Reagent/Androgynous/Salt. 2 Major Arcana and 1 Court Card including the Aces. 42 cards total. Today, I have received, in order, V Religion, IX Wisdom (typo on card=XI) & the 8 of Air (Swords) reversed (which was SUPPOSED to be a Court card! This slipped in, and I'm guessing, because IT NEED TO BE THERE SO I COULD DRAW IT.) The deck is new, the *Ibiza Tarot Soleil* by Dale Andre, Tamara Sophia & Amalia Chitulescu. (Say that last name aloud; doesn’t it sound great? I love it. Grin. She’s a Romanian artist, btw.) The deck is an oversized professional production with a polished end product, so no complaints about cardstock or ink or etc. The deck is centered around Ibiza, of course, but on its historical & mythological past; the Phoenician history of the island, worship of the goddess Tanit, and the fact that the earth’s 3rd most powerful lay line runs underneath the island and is marked by a prehistoric ritual pillar on the island. Cue the time-misty music, pump the fog onstage . . . . It’s a slick deck, and other than one mistake, the printers numbered the
 Hermit/Wisdom XI, and XI is of course already taken by Justice. Silly mistake, nobody caught it and now in the rare world of pricey off printing errors, if the deck is corrected tout-de-suite, this erred deck will become quite rare & valuable! Of course, I’ll be LONG dead, but perhaps my cats can profit . . . LOL. Onward & upward! SO, on the testicular side of reality today, I have drawn V Religion. Yeah, yeah, been there, done that; I KNOW, and it isn’t that I am resentful of the return, it is that my thinking has grown to the point where, recognizing the need for a Hierophant for the majority of people, I am also cognizant of the fact that I have so far outdistanced that its position & role, its very existence seems to have a kind of “Oh, you have a challenged child? We have a school just for that . . .” The next card, IX Wisdom/the Hermit, is more in line with where I am able to be, to function, to BREATHE these days. I just tried to be V, with my Tarot group, and fit died out from lack of interest. Also, it’s Noël, so the timing wasn’t great. AND, to top it off, I have NO desire to be the yardstick that everyone sticks up their religious ass in order to behave in accord with the masses; “Hi, Betty, so NICE to welcome you to the neighborhood! And OF COURSE we’ll see you at church every Sunday morning, right? Right, BETTY? RIGHT?” LOL, no, thanks, I enjoy disciplining adults but not that way or that reason. (Yes, you read that correctly. Erotic “play” is one of my likes. Want my phone #? LOL) And besides, who has the time?? If I’m going to assume the saffron 
colored robes of the teacher, (and I WILL CHANGE THAT COLOR; I prefer chromium yellow! Grin) I am doing it Hermit-style; and besides, he REALLY IS more me, hiding out and disinclined to involve himself with society UNTIL he has a yen to go out and amaze and astonish the local yokels with his party wardrobe & brilliant, erudite social chatter. LOL. Yeah, I’m a real fuckin’ case, I admit it, but . . . I do it with STYLE! LOL. My catalyst, my reagent, my “salty odd fellow” for the day is the 8 of Air (Swords) reversed. Hmmm. At the best of times, and upright, this 8 is terribly problematic, indicating you are in a bind and having exhausted all of your own ineffectual means to get out of it, you turn to the only thing left, Prayer. Okay, now, turn that on its head. What is it? A reversal of characteristics, a mirrored spectacle? Or is it more of a diminution of its qualities upright, as if diluted and sent away to boarding school. (Grin.) I’m intuiting here, today, that what I am due out of this card is the very gentle opposite values; I haven’t boxed myself into the bind (yet!) and while I could pray (and truth be told, probably will anyway,) LOOK at the card; the bind is falling away and down from me, freeing me of their own accord. I may still be smudging my mascara behind closed hands, but I’m NOT in the bind, now or soon. Perhaps I think, or thought, I was, but I don’t this morning, and that is the point. Remember, I’m not solving the Question of Existence with 3 cards; I’m just getting a read on my day! That seems more than reasonable as a write-up of my cards today. I sometimes wonder who reads these, and what kind of impression they have of me. And then I shake it off; it is none of my business. We are three days away from celebrating a commercial holiday; in the midst and underneath that, I’d personally like to wish ALL of you the joy of the lights and the brisk air; the pleasure of the smell of wood smoke and pine logs on the fire and warmed eggnog a little too heavily dosed (grin) but hell yes, we like it that way. That glance at someone near you and you are suddenly surprised by how dear that person is to you. That looking up at a cold night sky in deepest December and having a tear spring to your eye, not because it’s cold, but because the spectacle over your head is just so fucking amazing and moves you emotionally. And those waves and waves of love and regret and remembrance and sorrow that sweep over you like tides over shallow sand . . . I wish ALL of this for you this holiday season, and I shall ask you to know that, in some strange way, the Cosmos understands you and sends you reassurance of your Path, if you seek it. Be Well, Blessed Be!   

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