Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 14Dec2016. Today’s deck is a new arrival, *The Dark Exact Tarot* by Coleman Stevenson. I like it. Accurately captures the quintessence of each lame, but this is like a flash card only, just a memory jog for you to supply everything yourself from your mind. It is of the standard RWS numeration, with King AND Knight. This is certainly NOT an everyday deck, but it is perfect for when you don’t want to be “distracted by the pretty cards.” LOL. As to the spread . . . well, ummm; we need to talk. I keep drifting back to trying a three card construction that does EXACTLY what I want. I’ve got the Scales for that read – I tinkered around with 2 cards until I “perfected it for myself.” Now I want to do the same for a 3-card spread, but I’m having a bit of a slower slog at it. Today I’m trying out a modified {{“sigh”, I hear you exhale} Scales of Ma’at. The 2 cards to begin with, but pulled ONLY from the Major Arcana, still represent Heart and Truth, but today-specific. Then a 3rd card is drawn from the Court Cards with the addition of the 4 Aces. This card represents what kind of energy is present that I must either work with or vanquish, OR it represents a person embodying that energy, and whether s/he will be a help or hindrance; must I seek hir out, or avoid hir like the confused plague she is!! (Grin.)  So, off we go! My Heart today is symbolized in VIII Strength. I like the spare but complete illustration; the noble lion, our best combined human & animal hybrid, the blending of natures, of temperaments, of powers and faults and ALL of it; reaching up for the split branch, two “Paths originating in one, and sweeping back together to form a future One. Bingo! 
Right on target, not a line of art wasted. Grin. Well, I’m glad of the card; I can use Strength just to get through today, another unusually grey and wet day in Occitanie. (That is our new name here for two departments in the south of France; it evokes the local history, as well as culture and language, and has the odd distinction of being the home stomping grounds of the Cathars.” This “return to Catharism” seems to have rather delighted the Montpellierains; why, I don’t know.) However, I feel strong and “united” at Heart, and unwavering in willing to step out and meet the day, warts and all. The Passive side of this morning, the “feminine, Anima-driven” courant, or the Feather of Truth card if you rather, is that ultimate of mysterious femmes fatales, II The High Priestess. Oh, take my genitals to Azkaban and lock them up now, I happen to really like “femmes fatales”! LOL.    I find a woman whose mind is always whirling away in tenebrous lands while at the same tile hoovering my house and cooking my meals wonderful! Ha! but that doesn’t exist . . . well, yes, it does. I believe I found the last one left alive in Europe, although her manipulating ways are quite gentle now that her fires have banked. I could go on & on about her unique wonderfulness, but no need. The loveliest thing of all is that, to her, it is just common sense; and a great deal of love for me, bless her overgenerous heart.  I have never met anyone more on the Path of Pure Compassion than she; I’m a long way on my Path, I like to think, but it certainly isn’t Compassion. You have to be a certain kind of empath to sign up for that class, just as for all of the Paths that we choose one must have a certain ability according to that Path. Here, however, I’m dealing with the Archetype, so I need to lift my perception of the f.f. up several levels & look rather for my secret friend, the High Priestess, my co-conspirator in the plan to get my full share of knowledge, of the Path, and of the ways & means I needs have to reach illumination and realization in that higher order of things.  More than anything else, since I have made peace with my 
Anima (not so terribly long ago,) the High Priestess is somewhere in the shadowy, avatar-haunted land of what I know as the Feminine Me, a truly strange place where I think I see echoes of past women I may have been and the shadows of women in this life who have been marked in my psyche by some event or events. She is there, and she is always willing to work with me, but NOTHING IS FREE, FELLA; she’s glad to help you, but you will need to fulfill a service for her, as well – some interior task you’d rather not get near, but oh well, that’s the deal. Go on, get over to that last tenement flat you own and kick out old Mr. Misogyny from his latest rat-hole. Go on, do it. He’ll be back, we both know it, but that is why we remain vigilant. And finally, in terms of Power and/or Ambiance today, I have the Ace of Swords. Oh, {sigh,} frabjous joy. I know, how incredibly rude of me to look a gift arcanum in the mouth, but I could have been better pleased with ANY other Ace. Swords are so fucking tiresome when you are not in the mood to mentally joust and parry, nor in the mood to carry the essence of that seed which will be desperately, ENERGETICALLY, looking for a place to manifest. Oh well, {sigh again} it could be worse, you could have no clue at all, dude, so fuck that attitude, and Get grateful. And I know I AM capable of wielding that Sword, I have done it effectively before. Okay, well, if it is needed, I know fit will be to hand.  Enough. I ask the Cosmos today to gift us ALL with an unexpected but welcome shot of Energy to carry though today on what we need to carry through to the end. Be Well!     


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