Friday, December 16, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 17Dec2016. Today’s spread is my developing 3-card reading, and the deck is *City Mystic Paris* and I’m going to do the creator a favor and not mention her name: the earlier deck in the series (New York) was wonderful, but here, with Paris, we have an unmitigated disaster. I have NEVER seen a Tarot deck where the art was so repellant and not necessarily tied to the subject that it was painful to regard. Voila, here’s one to fill-in that dubious lack. And “art” is a generous word – these are poorly conceived pastiches, much like an unimaginative preschooler would drag home to Mom after a day in the maternelle while feeling absolutely horrible with an undefined illness. I can’t BEGIN to express my disappointment with this deck and its creatrix. My money was completely wasted this time. Don’t waste yours. With that out of the way, here’s a brutal shorty to describe, just barely, what I drew. Let’s hope for better luck tomorrow. Be Well!                            
IX The Hermit, XI Empress; My Heart and The Feather of Truth cards. Constructing on a theoretical basis ALONE (the art is unusable, even for inspiration), I’m going to pin that on a number of things. The Hermit is the d I picked last night to go through a series of gated spreads the next few days with a group of people. And secondly, it is just where I’m at, at the moment. The Empress as the Feather Truth is cool enough – I like the Empress, even though I’ve never had a lot to do with her. Being a heteronormal male has never appealed to me, and she is most definitely their goddess. But she is the ESSENCE, the Primal femininity, and as such, she is precisely placed here as the Feather of Truth. I should be alright with the Passive current today, even though it is originating somewhere I don’t have a lot of investment. And finally, my ambiance today, or the person who may make irruption into my life today is the Page of Swords. IF that little chatterbox becomes overbearing today, I have a solution; I will take him into an office storeroom, lock the door, take down his pants, and bending him over the copier I will sodomize him with Biblical fervor. There! “NOW will you shut up!!?”  Grin. I would, too. I can see decent things here, today. It is a shame that the mirror in which I am seeing them is so fucking unattractive. {{Sigh,}} oh well. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a bit of patience with ourselves and others. Be Well! 

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