Saturday, December 17, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Fool’s Tarot for 18Dec2016. Well, we’ll be celebrating the birth of a prophet in another week. If we are going to do it for one, shouldn’t we do it for ALL? That would at least be fair. (“Sure, go ahead and rale against the Judeo-Christian establishment that has a stranglehold on the culture. Keep it up and they’ll cut your dick off, buddy, and feed it to the crazed zealots they keep caged underneath the Dome of the Rock.”) AT ANY RATE – I’m feeling like “Tarot Lite” today – not necessarily good OR bad, just the way it is. Conversely, I’m using one of the most beautiful decks in the Tarot de Marseille-style category, the *Tarocco Soprafino* Milan, 1835. It is one of those decks where you keep saying, “Oh, wow, I never noticed that!” And it isn’t cheap, especially the il Meneghello woodcut reproduction of the MA (get the whole deck 1st); but hell, you could easily spend the money on a lot of other things that aren’t nearly as beautiful or soul-nurturing. Enough – onward. So, I’m involved in this other, closed group where we are doing a 5-day gated spread to greet 2017 and scope out our possibilities. The first step was picking a Major to identify yourself, and then some procedural work. I picked IX, the Hermit. As it goes along, we’ll see how he grows and evolves into 2017, and I’m looking forward to it. In that theme, although the Hermit is not present here in today’s draw, I’d like to take a look at XX Judgement in the Heart position and XIX the Sun in the Feather of Truth position. The Ace of Coins reversed is indicative of the atmosphere at the
moment, and appropriately so! Ha! My wife & I are in a temporary cash flow crinkle, so money is “tight” for a bit.  I’m not going to go all heavy & deep today; I just want to lay out a couple of thoughts on the cards, separately, and leave that to pool collectively in the psyche. First, let’s take XX Judgement. As you know, he eats at my table pretty much every fucking day, but you know how it is with freeloading nobility; you can’t kick them out. But he IS a good friend, and always had something relevant to say, if I can translate it from his usual deathspeak; “Jones, there, was a bad man & must suffer!” = “Jones there spent his life avoiding his karma; he will be back.” I can understand the latter; the former is just condemning and condescending mutter-y bullshit. (Perhaps this was behind my choice of IX the Hermit for the closed group; the need to escape the endless ebb & flow of bullshit.) You know, for the most part and most of the time, I see Judgement in a GREAT light, not just good. I’m a BIG practitioner! Ha!! LOL. I’m not going near THAT again, not today! But look on THIS card – it is one of the few decks that show us that there are LOSERS as well as WINNERS on Judgement Day. I like that; the voice of brutal honesty, even & especially then. Next, in the Feather’s slot, is a funny card to end up here, XIX the Sun. The Sun and feathers has never been a good combination and conjures up, if nothing else, the image of Icarus falling out of the sky when the wax on his feathered wings melted. But here I am assured of its benefic intent, lighting the way for me and my 19th century rustic daylight gambol with the randy milkmaid. (Or something of the sort.) I can live with it, it is just a case of “Right church, Wrong pew,” for now at any rate. And finally the upside down Ace of Coins is exactly that, nothing deeper; we are broke. Not forever, of course, but for a few days, yes. It is fine, we are cyclic that way. Long Live the X! 
Grin. Now for some random card vibes: XX Judgement; “I have said that this symbol is essentially invariable in all Tarot sets, or at least the variations do not alter its character. The great angel is here encompassed by clouds, but he blows his bannered trumpet, and the cross as usual is displayed on the banner. The dead are rising from their tombs--a woman on the right, a man on the left hand, and between them their child, whose back is turned. But in this card there are more than three who are restored, and it has been thought worthwhile to make this variation as illustrating the insufficiency of current explanations. It should be noted that all the figures are as one in the wonder, adoration and ecstasy expressed by their attitudes. It is the card which registers the accomplishment of the great work of transformation in answer to the summons of the Supernal--which summons is heard and answered from within.” (A. E. Waite) On XIX the Sun; “"The walls indicate, that we are still in the visible, or material world." (Papus) This relates to the picture which shows a child on horseback--or two children as in the older editions of the card--playing beneath the bright Sun and evidently within a walled enclosure. So far so good: we are and we remain in this world. And for the rest the Sun is the Sun and this card means everything that astrology can tell about the Sun, in every respect and on all planes. It means the positive or masculine elements in general, the power and function of will and concentration, great benefit and mighty protection in spiritual as well as in mundane life and matters. It may signify the father of the Querent and high authorities, king, president, ruler, etc. The spiritual center of man and the center of importance in everything are indicated by it. Physically it indicates the heart and the solar-plexus.” (A. E. Thierens) And finally, the Ace of Coins, reversed; “The element of Fire, of the nature of the Sun and Venus, on the house of the Sun, the Fifth: indeed this card has been well defined by the traditional renderings, which give it all as very benefic. How could it be anything else? The aces are all more or less a commencement, new prospects, etc. If you get the ace of pentacles or hearts on one of your houses in the horoscopic figure, you may be pretty sure that the matters to which the house in question relates will be beneficial and, on account of the fiery element, irresistible. It means the commencement of that what is wished for, desired, and this is what man calls his happiness. It is the spark of the Ego demonstrated in the practice of daily life; and this is what may well be called the note of good, which also brings good luck to other people. So there is creative energy in this card. Not yet worked out into details, but originally decided and fairly sure to work out in the future in lucky events and prosperous happenings. So there is promise in it and it is above all a card of good augury of a new and prosperous beginning. It is like a bright spark. Even among very bad cards it is the bright spark of hope and good-will, though of course in such cases it may be too weak to conquer adverse circumstances immediately. It may mean further a person or thing of first ranking. A child. A speculation.” (A. E. Thierens) Okay, kiddies, that is it for today. Professor Bumblethorpe has had enough, too. Grin. I ask the Cosmos, quite simply, to give us all a GREAT DAY today! Be Well!   

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