Monday, December 19, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 20Dec2016 ; today I’m using the 2 + 1 spread, you know the one, the Scales of Ma’at with a 3rd card, the Bes card. The Egyptians LOVED to party, they even had a god for it: Bes. He was a short, ugly dwarfish creature, always smiling and happy, and ALWAYS yelling, “Lets Party!” I’m a big fan of Bes; I can no longer partake of the fermented date wine, nor the “ayahuascotep” (LOL!) of the Temple, but by the teats of Hathor! I love a good party! And, as we know, ANYTHING can happen at a party, so this is neither “good” nor “bad”, just “there.” And for this macgyvered spread, I am using today *The Egyptian Tarot* by G. Berti, T. Gonard & S. Alasia. I love the deck, of course, but more importantly, it has the blessed quality of always delivering the Truth that is somehow palatable . . . or perhaps that is simply my penchant for ancient Egypt, who knows, but the deck works. If it appears too alien to you, don’t worry, get it. You’ll never be disappointed, (Okay, enough shilling for a company from which I receive NO remuneration!) Onward & upward! Call it what you will: Sulphur, Masculine, Active, Heart, Foundation, the 1st card I’ve pulled today is XVII the Stars. I ALWAYS like pulling our Star Lady; she is Immortality in the Divine World, the Spiritually Illuminating Inner Light in the Intellectual World and in the Physical World she is Hope. “. . . She drops dew on our saddest days.”
 (BCB) The Flaming Star symbolizes the Apocalypse of Destiny, enclosed by the seven seals which are the planets, and the butterfly is the symbol of resurrection, of course. (Loosely paraphrased from the BCB – Big Colored Book.) I don’t really need to paraphrase or quote anything; I KNOW this gal, she is one of my oldest, dearest and truest of best friends. She has kept tight company with me ALL OFMY LIFE, and it is by grace of her intervention that I am alive today, still learning and continuing my Journey. I am quite serious about that, for reasons which shall remain private. Suffice to say here it represents how I feel this morning, pushing ahead and full of Hope for our Illumination and eventual “Repatriation.” Just to briefly note, her nakedness symbolizes that after all is gone, Hope remains. “Remember, oh son of Earth, that hope is the sister of Faith. Strip yourself of passions and errors in order to study the mysteries of the true science, and their key will be given to you. Then a ray of divine light will shoot from the Occult Sanctuary to dissipate the shadows of your future and show you the path to happiness. Whatever happens in your life, never destroy the flowers of Hope, and you will gather the fruits of Faith.” (BCB) Next up for my day came the Mercury, Feminine, Passive, Feather of Truth, the Solidifier, the 2nd card today is XIX the Sun. . . . which is EVERYTHING those qualities aren’t !! LOL! One thing the Sun brings, and that is heaping cosmos-loads of energy to wherever you apply it; so, today, I’m interpreting the Sun here as my own personal nuclear dynamo hiding in and power the feminine currents of my being. It feels kind of perversely exciting, to tell you the truth! The Sun, that big butch hunk, is doing drag today! He is the Letter Q and the number 100, expressing the supreme Heavens in the Divine World, Truth in the Intellectual and Happiness in the Physical. 
Zipadeedooda, Hallelujah! ‘Remember, oh son of Earth, that the light of Mysteries is a formidable fluid put to the service of Will by Nature. It illuminates those who know how to direct it and strikes those who ignore or abuse its power.” (BCB) Yes that’s it, took the words right out of my book! LOL.  SO . . . in a way, we have the masculine in the feminine and the feminine in the masculine today; you COULD say, “Boy, he’s got a fucked up day ahead,” but No! Oh Ignorant One! (grin) you forget the TREMENDOUS advantage of having struck a balance with your anima/animus and the fact that, IF YOU SO CHOOSE, you can “go hermaphroditic” at any moment you wish; throw your feminine into the masculine and your masculine into the feminine, and if you aren’t scared BECAUSE YOU’VE ALREADY WORKED IT OUT, you can have one hell of a super day! And then to top it off? The King of Chalices as Bes? Really, BES ??? You give me the party god “in love” on a day when I am going to have this wonderful synthesis going on? LOL, stand back! Hermaphroditic me at an emotion-banging party, eh? The day should be memorable! Finally, I’ve basically just described the entirety of Bes, so to sum up a bit on His Majesty the King of Chalices, the Lord of Bounty. An educated, cultivated and sophisticated gentleman, if one is reading him as a person. The symbol of faith & credibility in the emotional world, and yet a bit withdrawn himself, because “As We Know,” the King of Hearts actually fears a bit giving his heart entirely to another (and I’ll give you one guess . . . LOL) Which is why he so deeply feels the need to connect now, as he nears the next step, to connect entirely and now. I’m missing one element for that to happen, so I continue to search.  Well! This has ALL been a most enlightening wake-up call for the day. I like it. I DON4T like being reminded I’m still lacking an ingredient for the total synthesis, but Amon-Ra willing, I shall find it. Who knows, perhaps even today? I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a rebirth of our deepest, unfulfilled desire today, and the ability to light it anew, IF IT BE YOUR WILL. Isis & Osiris keep you, Be Well!   


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