Friday, December 2, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 03Dec2016; today I am using the Three Principles spread, and pulling one card extra for the “Atmosphere for the Day.” The 4 cards are as follows, in sequence: I the Magician; XVII the Star; XV Cernunnos, and the Ace of Swords for general atmosphere. Today’s deck is the *Druid Craft Tarot* by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm & Will Worthington. “The Druid Craft Tarot combines the nature spiritualities of Wicca and Druidry in a beautiful set of large-size cards.” ( So, let’s move right on. I took one look at the Magician card and thought, “Girl, it’s a nice drag, but you wearing too much eye shadow.” Well! So much for being impressed by the spiritual resonance of the cards! LOL. Or at least, perhaps, this I Magician in particular. For the moment we’ll ignore that and “read” the card; “realizing your dreams and ‘Open yourself to the power of Awen and Nwyfre, of inspiration and life force, and let it flow through you and into the world.’ ” (Eponymous accompanying book.)
  As my Sulfur, Active, Masculine card in this reading for today, I couldn’t have asked for a better card! despite its overly dramatic and rather childish rendering of a “glamorous druid priest practicing pagan magic! Oooh! My little teenage body just thrilled with the magic of it!” LOLOL. (My wife just floored me by walking in with my morning coffee and croissant, saw the page so little advanced as of yet, and chortled, “Good morning, Vietnam!” You could have knocked me over with a feather!! . . “Wha-a-a-t?? Who are you and what have you done with my wife?” LOL) Okay, I get the card, let’s move on, I’m not in the mood to trail my fingertips through my own metaphysical sputum this morning and meditate on the random bubbles . . . .  As the Mercury of the spread, my Passive, Feminine current of the day is the good side of XVII the Star. I say “good side” in particular because since it is the passive and feminine, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see it reversed and heading in the opposite direction from I the Magician. Working 
together from the start without me interfering or correcting is a giant help and step forward today. Interesting enough, once again I find the art insipid – what is going on with her breasts??? And frankly, she’s balanced on one set of tiptoes and a knee in the air, AND she’s pouring her Waters (Mortal & Divine) in 2 DIFFERNENT directions, instead of pouring them together to blend as they fall. Even Ursa Major is taking a dump on her, placed as he is with his lifted tail directly over her head!  I know, I know, it is supposed to signify something else, but sorry, Charlie, that’s what jumped out at me. To catalyze them, in the role of salt we have – ta da! – XV Cernunnos. I believe him to be at the heart of today’s spread, and in fact the key. This is a superb way to introduce these concepts into the Tarot RATHER than the traditional XV the Devil card, because the card was never meant to and isn’t currently supposed to represent Evil. We may ALL call, “Bullshit!”  Cernunnos is the Wild Herdsman, the Lord of the Animals, and a symbol of “the raw power of the instincts and of Nature. . .” (Ibid.) 
In effect, XV Cernunnos is “The call to Awaken to Responsibility. This is the challenge presented by this card: to come to know and accept Nwyfre (life force) in all its power into your being, without becoming obsessed by it, and without using it exploitatively.” (Ibid) It is a wonderfully USEFUL way to look at the concept inherent in the figure: plus, it has the benefit of not being twisted and warped by the Christian institutions into a figure of evil, because free will and liberty of choice is anathema to organized religion. As is, of course, knowledge of any kind, especially of the Physical, which could lead to disobedience & free thought & action. As for the art on the card, I’ll pass over in kindness the two human figures below only to remark that all things considered, Cernunnos is looking a lot like some of my “hotter” fantasies – LOL! And finally, I wanted to know what kind of atmosphere was going to prevail around my day today, so I drew a 4th card from the Courts & Aces and received the Ace of Swords. That is telling me, quite simply, “It’s your home atmosphere, Mark – Swords. Intellect, difficult, sometimes violent and quarrelsome. Clear, incisive and great insights, though. “Clarity is dawning, bringing the gift of perceiving the situation as it truly is. The sharp focus that this card offers may give you the opportunity to cut yourself free from attachments that no longer serve you, or a negative situation.”  (Ibid) In referencing a relationship, the card symbolizes “being well-grounded and secure, peaceful & enduring.” That’s rather trite writing, but comforting in a kind of “Sure, Grandma, right,” kind of way.  As for the art, I have always loved the idea of the Excalibur image, rising and sinking out of and into the Lake at the hand of the Lady of the Lake. (Accompanied by weird soundtrack, of course.)  So as we can see, it isn’t a bad day ahead; as a matter of fact, it carries the possibility of being rather inspired and UP – There’s Magic, there’s Hope, and there’s Sexual, Natural Power on tap today in my home atmosphere of Swords. When it is viewed that way, as an ensemble reading, it becomes clear that this is a GOOD day for me! I need to watch my P’s & Q’s (the dangers inherent in this particular Catalyst)  of course, but it looks up & up in terms of energy, precision and who knows, maybe even a bit of luck on the physical side of things! This would be great, as my “Physical” has had an overall rough fucking time the last 4 years. It could use a good dose of Cernunnos, it really could! Okay, that’s today. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a champion dose in the gonads today; times to feel ALIVE! Be Well! 


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