Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 21Dec2016. Today it is my meddling with the 3 Principles Spread with the 3rd card being a Court figure rather than another MA; so, for shorthand utility, the 3rd card is still called the Catalyst: now Court energy rather than another archetype. The deck today is Yoav Ben Dov’s *Conver-Ben Dov Tarot de Marseille*. The draw today is XVI La Maison Dieu, XXI Le Monde & la Reine d’Epée. (Which isn’t correct [modern] French, BTW – la Reine des Epées.) You know – damn it all to Hell, I can’t shake XVI, it is STILL around when I was hoping some already passed “crisis” would fill the bill. There is STILL a great & unexpected change headed my way, upsetting my world and reorienting my priorities. I can’t help but jump to the death of my elderly father – Noël would fit right in with the Cosmos’ sense of the ironic; my mother died exactly on my birthday 2 years ago. If it wanted to get really shitty I suppose I could drop dead too, my health leaves a lot to be desired, and then we have the sudden & unexpected accident to anyone I know – but no, that Tower is meant for me. I’m not sure I’m afraid, however; as a matter of fact, I’m sure I’m not. I’ve had too many Towers fall in my life to be “bouleversé” by yet another one, regardless of the magnitude – even my death wouldn’t particularly “upset” me – JUST ONE CONDITION, however, please, Cosmos: leave off the long suffering and excessive physical pain of any sort; you can shove that shit in a black hole somewhere. And of course the death of my wife would turn my world upside down, but even though she is a bit older than me, she is in MUCH better health, so I don’t worry about that. As a matter of fact, 
there is nothing TO worry about, you see? How is worry going to stop the lightning? How is fear going to prevent the fall of the Tower? You see? Complete & total bullshit, so why put energy there?? I can’t really bring myself to fear anything there, except perhaps the disturbance of my not-routine routine. So “hit it!” Tower, pour it on, let’s get this “cornholing” over with, ok? I’ve got other things to do today than lay around and wait for you to fuck me over. The passive, feminine, Mercurial flow today is in XXI Le Monde. Yeah, I kind of figured that – she & it have been showing up a LOT together for me in the recent past; whatever this Tower event is, it opens the World to me. And this is all shepherded into being by the energies of the Queen of Swords, who when reversed was my crazy mother (now dead) and when upright is just about every really close female friend I have, except for my wife – telling, that, eh? I LOVE the energies of someone a LOT like me, but I DO NOT want to be married to that someone. We make great friends & co-conspirators, but not romantic partners; too much Fire. When I married at the age of 53, ALL of my female friends were dumbfounded; a woman almost the exact opposite, a “they don’t make them like that anymore” wife who is of another time & generation, thus we work together. I don’t support competition well, and the fact that I would see it as competition says a 
LOT about how I see things in general. My “enlightened stance” of a 21st century male can be surprising medieval, at times, although I try NEVER to abuse my position or authority; and, I succeed. This is all okay today; not shiningly great, not horribly black, either. As a matter of fact, if you take Yoav Ben-Dov’s opinion/view of the Tower, it is the “Breaking up of solid structures. Getting free from confinement. Sudden breakthrough after long preparations. Sparkling sexual encounter. Success lies in simplicity and modesty.” (LWB) How’s THAT for a radically different interpretation? If I read it that way, then this breakthrough, here with Tarot I’m SURE of it, will open the World for me and eventually the culmination of this journey. Now THAT is cool! I don’t have suicidal thoughts, I don’t happen to believe you can escape that easily; but I WILL say that Death in order to move on (XIII has been showing up a LOT, too) is NOT the frightening event it seems to be to so many. Ah well, all in good time. Perhaps between now and then, I can sharpen up my game a bit, continue to gain knowledge and participation in the Grand Design, and I wouldn’t mind loving a man again, one last spectacular time, but it seems that may not be on the books; “okay, I can understand.” I have the great good luck to have love in my life with my marriage, and deep and mutual fondness for each other. We married later in life; we knew what we were doing, and getting; and, we are both quite happy with our union. It isn’t Fire, but I didn’t want that in my home life, so I didn’t ask for it. (Our union is Earth and Water, not Wind & Fire, although a bit of that sneaks in when I come unglued, LOL!) Ah well, perhaps on the whole a decent day; it only suffices to wait and see.  I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL some patience with our “Wait’n See” situations right now in life. Be Well, Blessed Be!  

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