Saturday, December 3, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 04Dec2016: today’s draw is the Nuclear Family aka Holy Family, with the addition of Seth (the Egyptian god of Storms, the desert, and killer of Osiris, his brother, and battle enemy of Heru [Horus] as the4th card to signify the source of trouble or negativity if there is any this day. Today’s deck is the new issue of the *Dürer’s Tarot* by Dora Gadzhova &, of course, Albrecht Dürer! It will be used this once, then put away in storage; I regret having ordered it. End of story. And to top it off, this hand is gobbledygook. I “could” pull a decent reading out of it, but screw it; I’m not in the mood. So here are the cards: 1) King of Wands; 2) I the Magician reversed; 3) XV the Devil reversed, and 4) Queen of Pentacles reversed. I would say something about it from a very jokey viewpoint – 
“Well! Once again, I’m the only one with my head on straight in a Universe filled with people with their heads up their asses!” Ha ha.  Ho-hum. I started my morning a little differently today; recognizing more & more the need for exercise despite my inability to breathe, I devised some “Rihannaerobics” to which I danced around the place like a coke-crazed pole dancer gasping out her last number and staggering from “pole to pole” as I have no equilibrium now; a side effect of all the meds I take. However, with constant handholds on furniture and walls and the music pouring out, I managed to convince myself that indeed, I can still dance (Ahahaha – imagine, if you dare, that scene from Fantasia where the hippos are wearing tutus and dancing around as ballerinas – while it wasn’t ballet this morning, it was just as grotesque, I’m sure;) luckily, I didn’t have an audience, so I was able to get in some decent exercise even if I sounded like The Little Engine That Could(n’t) going up the Rocky Mountains. Afterwards, more meds made it okay (I am only a thin integument of skin holding together a vast array of drugs & conditions), but I was left with a good feeling of having moved the rotting old shell around a bit this a.m. Subsequently, I came to the reading with a good attitude and ready to either tackle the problems of the Universe or to add yet another bucketful of happiness & contentment to my already overflowing Jacuzzi. The deck came in rotation, it was its’ turn. If I didn’t do it today, I’d have to do it later, so do it, I said. As pre-viewed, it is not inspiring at all, too small, too dull, and with a “febrile anxiety” to the art that is off-putting. And then, to top it off, it gave me this draw of middling, tepid, colorless combinations with a desperate need for Ritalin or Methmeup! or whatever. Jayzuz Wept! At any rate, here are the cards for your perusal, if you care to give them a gander ‘a goosey, goosey gander, of course!) I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a “day pass” for use at personal discretion; I’m using mine today.” Be Well!   

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