Friday, December 30, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 20Dec2016. Today’s spread is again the Floating Three (the spread I can’t make up my mind about) and the deck is *The Tarot of Prague* by Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahoney. First off, I can’t remember ever having a draw like today’s, which is only a comment on my memory, nothing else. 1st card = 0 the Fool; 2nd card = 1 The Magician and the 3rd card = the Ace of Cups. All upright. Now, for an instant snapshot of my mind, I see this this morning and immediately think of a young man I met last night, around 30, who was simply and wholeheartedly delightful. He is, in fact, the Fool. He has joined my “circle of lost sheep” for the moment; we shall see how that progresses, if it does . . . I don’t push, it is rightly ill-perceived. Let the flower blossom, Mark. Don’t interfere. I am quite confident that this 1st card, in the place in spreads usually given to the male, the active, the moving forward, and I’m not feeling any particular personal resonance with this Arcanum today. Please don’t mistake me for an egoist who thinks he can NEVER be the Fool; I know & recognize it myself quite often; that cheery, happy-go-lucky dude tripping merrily along the Path of the Abyss and the choice to learn or to fall in, to be lost without hope. I have no ego hang-up with being the Fool, perhaps just a dose of Impatience, of “oh crap, here we go at the beginning again.” And, of course, that attitude won’t do at all if I am to take advantage of the placement of the Fool. Whether me or another, he is stepping toward the magic of love, and its expression through the powerful arcana of I the Magician and the Ace of Cups. I feel inherently that I am in this draw as I the Magician, in relation to 0 the Fool. For the moment, I am where he wants to go & to be. Perhaps it is a new/old category, “the discreet magician,”! Ha! All magicians, by definition, are rather discreet, keeping in mind the 4 powers of the Sphinx;
 to Know, to Will, to Dare, to Be Silent. Any magician trumpeting his wares or powers is by very definition being a charlatan. It is the same precept along the lines of the old “If you see the Buddha on the road, Kill him.” The idea being that the Buddha doesn’t travel the world claiming to be Buddha, and anyone who comes across as promoting their “guru-ship” is as phony as a Nerf dildo. The Fool looks to the Magician as if at a goal; and as he flies toward him on the nonsensical pillar capital he has the “look” of determination to “climb the mountain.” Motivating all of this, and turning it from questing for intelligence or action into a quest for emotion & intuition is the Ace of Hearts, a gorgeous rendition, too. The lion is from a door front in Prague, full of Masonic & mystic symbols, and the background is the Devil’s Channel off of Kampa Island, originally under the jurisdiction of Malta, and therefore home to the Knights Templar, (we can’t afford to go there here, it is volumes long.) “The beginning of wonderful new emotions and creativity. This is a tremendously exciting time [I mean to tell you!], and you feel as though you are bursting with life. Embrace 
this glorious sense of energy and innovation and use it to begin something that you will really love, whether this is a new enterprise, a great relationship, or something creative [Why not all three?!] The world is your oyster right now.” (*The Tarot of Prague* by Karen Mahoney; Magic Realist Press, Prague, 2016.) (I shan’t tell the lion that I don’t like oysters.) The Lion, by the way, represents the Philosopher’s Stone. There is a putative connection to the whole Holy Grail story, as well, but it is less well-known & documented. The Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II held his seat in Prague and was obsessed with the Grail legend. At any rate, WHETHER I am looking at a new relationship, or a new, transformed business arrangement, or a new career as the Picasso of Montpellier! Ha! I do rather have a favorite among the contenders, but I shan’t elaborate, you already know me. LOL. All, it is a wonderful positive draw for the day, as we head toward the exit from one of the shittiest years in recent memory. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a new dedication, a new push today in whatever our chosen Cups field may be. Be Well!   


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