Sunday, December 4, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 05Dec2016. Today I longed for simpler, more innocent times, when I had a modest farm and raised beetroot and weasels for coats and only read two-card spreads. Sigh, then the fame hit, and I had to ride that horse both up, and down, when I went through the extraordinary period of being Tarologue to the Queen of England; naturally, I had to open my spreads up, 5, 7, 10, even 12 card readings became the norm, and I began to feel more and more challenged, Then came that affair of the wrong interpretation of the cards and Prince Philip thus losing a bet and having to appear naked atop the Nelson column in Trafalgar Square. They never forgave me that. Now I’m living in neglect and desuetude, a mere ruin of my former glorious & pretentious urban self, and can only draw 2 or 3 card spreads. (Ahahaha! Okay, enough fantasy.) Today’s is an old favorite that I invented about 2 or 3 years ago, The Scales of Ma’at. The 1st card drawn represents my Heart, being placed in Ma’at’s scales opposite the Feather of Truth. If my heart outweighs the feather, then I would be thrown to Ammit the Devourer who would rend & eat my soul, and I would not enjoy the afterlife. Oh horror of horrors!!
 The 2nd card is obviously the Feather of Truth. Today’s deck is *Le Tarot des grands initiés de l’ancienne Egypte* by Jean-Louis Victor, a Major Arcana only deck. My Heart « weighs in » with VI Les Deux Routes. You’ll notice it NOT named the Lovers; this is good, because THIS is the original meaning of the card; a choice between Lilith and Eve, as seen here unclothed & clothed, respectively. I am not going to go down the long and winding road today; I thought I was in a mood for it, but I am not, after all. (Too much on my mind.)SO let’s just read the big picture; I am facing a choice today, most likely a procedural or even a moral one, perhaps. I have a feeling I already know what choice the cards are talking about, and it is addressing my inner question directly. I will have to make a choice, and this is occasioned by the sudden arrival of an unexpected turn of events, Big Time; XV Typhon (the Devil). This IS a positive card; DON’T have a cardiac incident! It is a positive card because it invites the Querent to be inventive and imaginative in dealing with the topsy-turvy. HE MUST have recourse to the powers of Creation; they are the only way to exit this difficult passage on the Path. The positive force of this arcanum is the vital energy that it offers, permitting one to 
“hang on” in the most difficult times. It is up to me, COMPLETELY, to know the terrain and “choose the strategies that are going to be the most efficacious.” (BCB.) Because I found XV Typhon to be a bit of a shock and not immediately clear to me, I drew a clarification card for the Feather of Truth and received II Le Sanctuaire.This card represents the other side of reality, sensitive and visible. Its general sense is the interior search which is unavailable to the profane. This is Isis in a silent, interiorized, ready and if necessary frank manner to reveal her Truth to those who will make the effort and who want to know and understand it. Dealing with this arcanum, one (me!) must return and analyze and engage the self. Isis invites me to “center my actions.” IT also asks me to have confidence in the karmic logic of events. We each have our own “interior logic,” and here it is a question of falling back on THAT logic, and not classical logic. This demonstrates an absolute confidence in the mechanisms of destiny, which should be able to help the situation. Intuition reigns in state here; it must be enthroned and accepted as a valid form of “knowing.” This card always asks us to take three things with us: 1) “Ask & you shall receive;” 2) “Search and you will find,” and 3)”Knock and the door shall be opened.”  With this calm and serene state of mind I should find it easier to deal with whatever Typhon is wheeling down my way today. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL that moment of brilliant clarity allowing us to move beyond the XVs in our lives. Be Well!   

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