Thursday, December 14, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 15/12/2017; today’s deck is *Tabula Mundi: Colores Arcus* by M. M. Meleen, accompanied by the deck-intended book, “Book M: Liber Mundi” by same (Atu House, Barre, 2015.) I would feel oversoliticious and even suspiciously wheedling if I AGAIN praised this deck to the sky and invoked you to buy it. So I shan’t;  I shall, however, loudly cheer one of the BEST decks to unlocking your inner self, psyche, subconscious, have what you will, that you will ever find. Onward & Upward! The draw for today is: Sulfur = II the Priestess; Mercury = VI the Lovers, and Salt = the Ace of Swords. Look at this as my Animus (I) and my Anima (II) driving in a chariot together, and the Energy that drives that chariot, that unites I and II by combining with them to produce a new construct, a new manifestation, that of the best “hypothetical” way to approach my day today, is in Salt, or the Catalyst. All of this is taking place inside the alchemical alembic, ME, as I draw these Elements from the depths of my subconscious to see the Light today and receive either: A) a tune-up, an overhaul, a replacement, or the heave-ho, or B) transmutation in process in the alembic in the furnace (life, experience, the Cosmos.) The choice is mine, and both are good. NOT good is the third alternative, to refuse to take a look, to leave it in an “abused” condition, to refuse to let it see the Light. That choice is no longer consciously open to me; if I cannot see a positive way forward, or if I am in a horrendous state of mood & mind, then I take responsibility for the “tainted” reading and I let it go, knowing that it is useless to me; “garbage in, garbage out.” Then, auto-review; “What’s up, Batman? Can’t find a centering spot? Forget to meditate? Take 3 or 4 deep breaths, calm down, and start the meditation 
again. You know the routine; follow it with a clean heart this time.” And so it goes. Today I have a reading that makes perfect sense to me; and I am not surprised, as I let myself wander through Yesod this morning, idly dragging my feet forward towards a conscious state. Grin. I was still half in the astral when I drew the cards today (yes, even with saying the prayer & doing the meditation beforehand,) so I believe my intuitive, emotional body was more in tune with “divination” than normal. Therefore, there is a startling, ‘precise’ quality to this morning’s cards; I can place this draw exactly in my life NOW. My subconscious (with the help of the Light of Atum-Re, of course,) is saying quite clearly that my Animus today needs to spend time gathering hidden knowledge and meditating on the mysteries therein; this “should” (I despise that word, but it works so well)  be done from as much of a purely Intellectual standpoint as is possible; this is an emotional, Cups matter (that’s from me) and I must make a big decision, whether to continue or not with the newborn trust I have found and am trying to foster in my emotional & intuitional makeup. DO I trust the baby in my heart or the wise old cynic in my head? Grin. It isn’t really a question for me, as I KNOW I am intended to adventure; therefore I can prefer the unknown, chancier choice of Trust. Nevertheless, being “me,” I need more intellectual reassurance that I am proceeding in the right direction and making the right decision(s.) Trusting my heart has brought the same old story common to billions; the point is that I NEED to trust it again; I know I do, or else I am not making a sincere effort to “pull together” the Whole Man and it is only he who can apotheosize in culmination. Here I am given a LOT of exactly the right Energy, the Ace of Swords. 
This is an unparalleled engine of intellectual and logical Energy, and I am most glad to see it present for me to draw upon today. “Live by the sword, die by the sword” doesn’t exactly fit the bill, but ‘almost’ (and yes, I know, this isn’t horseshoes. Grin.) I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL a pure lance of the particular energy we need today for an important pinpoint task. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!   II the Priestess – “The High Priestess represents the deeper, more subtle aspect of the female archetype - the darkness, the mystery, psychic power, the might of the moon to enlighten the subconscious. The High Priestess is silence, passivity, containing a power of her own. Only when retiring from the world, can we allow our subconscious to rise, listen to our inner voice and recognize our spiritual power. Most people never rest like this, as our society supports the total suppression of the subconscious, but without it we will never understand ourselves. The High Priestess is inner wisdom at its deepest, a wisdom that cannot be expressed in rational terms. Trying so, we would already falsify and restrict it. As a symbol for deeper knowledge, the card can express a feeling of darkness, which might also be a feeling of fear, but also a feeling of beauty. We know there is more inside than we can see. In a negative aspect, the High Priestess could stand for passivity at the wrong time, leading to weakness and a fear of life. It could mean that a person is very sensitive but unable to touch their feelings or just live with their feelings. Drive: The desire to find the inner sources, the own springs. Light: Being one with the beginning of all, aware of the wisdom from the subconscious, intuitive knowledge, patience. Shadow: Dreaming, changing moods, doubts, ignoring of reality.” (*Raven* @               
VI the Lovers – “The Lovers are one of the most complex cards in the 
Major Arcana, standing for the love in common and the alchemy of the universe. The trump represents the power of life, the creative love, which can be quite impressive, but also destructive when one happens to disregard the fire of instinct, burning down rationalism. The card also represents a decision, the farewell to a former way of life and the full acceptance of love uncompromising. It doesn't necessarily mean that the 'love' is a person that you tie your knots to with fancy tungsten wedding bands - it can be a passion, a desire, or even a profession, like going to sea or working with horses. Many people who lead an adapted, settled life actually have deep desires and hidden wishes, that they don't dare show, that they constantly fight back, suppressing their own happiness. The Lovers can mean that someone should be honest, make a clear decision for this love, the fulfilling of a wish, of a desire, and stand by it. Apart from this, the Lovers can say that a peaceful combination of existing contrasts or contradictions is a better solution than any confrontation - diplomacy instead of war.” (Ibid.)              The Ace of Swords – “The Ace of Swords is the seed of the intellectual power, the origin and beginning of the airy world of Yetzirah, which implies thinking, analyzing, realizing through logic and mind. Like every Ace, it represents the unstructured primary matter of its suit, the undifferentiated unity; therefore the Ace of Swords is the beginning of thinking, a first idea, a first thought or impulse from the mind and the essence of the element of Air. So the card can stand for a first idea or realization, a new view of things, or simply tell us that we should let our mind work rather than following our emotions only. It also reminds us that the Ace is only the seed; that it needs growing and experience to proceed.” (Ibid.)                                      

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 14/12/2017; the deck today is one of my favorites; *Tarot Illuminati* by Erik C. Dunne & Kim Huggens (text.) This was Erik’s breakout fabulous first deck, which he followed up with the even more gorgeous (& outlandish! Grin) *Apokalypsis Tarot.* Kim’s writing matches the art, it is sublime yet accessible to all. Everyone should have at least one of Erik’s deck, and if you want a hint, try *Tarot Illuminati.* His first deck has a kind of excitement that the 2nd is too accomplished to want to follow. 
I love them both, but the try the 1st first. Grin. (Pssst! And DO buy it; some day in the not-so-distant future these are going to be very pricey collectors’ items.) Onward & Upward! The draw for today is as follows: Sulfur = III the Empress; Mercury = XIX the Sun, and Salt = the Princess of Wands. I grin a bit wryly; last week’s session of transvestism must have really given my Anima a kick, because we are doing it again today. (Note that I do not say it gave my Animus a kick. Do you know how HEAVY those fuckin’ brocaded, heavy silk dresses ARE? LOL.) IF I’m not mistaken, this is the exact couple we were doing in drag, as well. SO, we are back for a visit with Ma & Pa ‘Lets-Try-Each-Other’s-Persona.’ Okay, I can grok it, “groove on it,” even if I’m not particularly appreciative of OR gifted at doing drag. Actually, I wouldn’t know; I’ve never had to voice my objections more strongly than a form, “Not for me, thanks.” However, that being said, there is a LOT of advantage in wearing III the Empress’s dress today; I re-enter “fecundity” in some manner so as to profit from its actions in my life today. Now what those actions, and fecundity, are going to be is entirely out in the open in my Anima, who is carrying the Light, the Promise and the energy of XIX the Sun, in its entire full-rayed splendor. XIX the Sun card is what I call a friendly, well intentioned “kick in the butt” to “Get Up! Get Active! It’s a New Day! Go, Sunbeam for Ra, Go! Yaay!” That always smiling and friendly high school coach who caringly yet gleefully put you through physical Hell is an apt comparison. Grin.  Being born as a desert lizard (Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A.,) I love the Sun AND the sun. However, those high, dry altitudes are very conducive to psychic overload, which I did reach several times along the Path during my years of captivity in the land of the Babylonians (smirk.) Cosmic, gene-altering radiation isn’t the only thing from which the atmosphere is meant to protect us. (In My Experience, of course.) At any rate, I’m a big fan of XIX but I am also VERY careful not to “overexpose” myself,
 either physically, mentally or spiritually. DO you remember some film image of a rabid dog slavering its way down some dusty hot street in some country town? Yep, you, too, could need to be put down if you overload and take your Tarot deck, some ’shrooms, some LSD, and some wine to the mountains (3,255 meters) on a HOT day. Go ahead, try your luck and let me know. Grin. In this instance, however, I can only see the Sun as benevolent & most-welcome. With the sheer force of the star and her Will my Anima can direct that VAST potential towards today’s necessity of “finding the fecund footpath.” (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) Flying along, we find our “engine” for today, our power source, the “recommended” Energy with which I can make this particular manifestation take breath & come to life; the Princess of Wands. We have all met this Princess before, n’est-ce pas? “He or she requires little in the way of affirmation or approval. Perhaps a mischief-maker, often an innovator or inventor, the energy represented by this card will only serve others until he or she figures out how to get others to serve him/her.” ( So, keep a third eye on the Energy source today, non? Yes! I mean, Oui! She can be tricky, self-serving & deceitful, although her energy output is most precious. I rather like the reading today, not too sour, not too sweet; “Ahhh,” sighed Goldilocks, “just right!” LOL. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                                                                       
III The Empress – “This supreme archetype of femininity also symbolizes fertility. It is The Empress who provides us nourishment and security. She is also sometimes seen as delighting us with flowers and fruit. A potentially terrifying aspect of this archetype manifests itself whenever karmic mood swings wipe out our plans, like a storm that has come upon us. Whatever happens, The Empress is the source of our embodiment and of natural Law. She might even be called "The Great Recycler." (Ibid)                              XIX the Sun – “The Sun card is about the self -- who you are and how you cultivate your personality and character. The Sun's radiance is where one's original nature can be encountered in health and safety. The limitations of time and space are stripped away; the soul is refreshed and temporarily protected from the chaos outside the garden walls. Under the light of the Sun, life reclaims its primordial goodness, truth, and beauty. If one person is shown on this card, it is usually signifying a human incarnation of the divine. When two humans are shown, the image is portraying a resolution of the tension between opposites at all levels. It's as if this card is saying "You can do no wrong -- it's all to the good!" (Ibid)                                                                                         Princess of Wands – “     This person's freedom is so important they would rather go as a peasant among strangers than inherit a fortune with strings attached. Don't be fooled by this humble appearance. This person is a future captain of industry or world leader, now serving an apprenticeship. These people are sometimes seen planting a staff like a flagpole into the earth in the far off wilderness (where they can start fresh without having to make any compromises). You could think of this card as a wild card.” (Ibid)   



Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 13/12/2017; today’s deck is the *Golden Dawn temple Tarot* by N. Farrell & H. & N. Wendrich. As for reference, there are a LOT of books out there on the Golden Dawn system, so avail yourself of the best; one among many is “The New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot” by C. & T. Cicero, Llewellyn, Woodbury, 2010. They have a deck out that is “approved by the Golden Dawn spirits,” apparently, and it is quite good as well. I’m using this one today, but I DO like the Cicero issue. (Note: today’s Prince of Swords is an Israel Regardie image [Francis Israel Regardie, known simply as Israel Regardie, was an occultist, a writer, and Aleister Crowley's personal secretary and transcriptionist, widely known for his books and commentaries on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn - Wikipedia,] not GDTT or GDRT.) Onward & Upward! My draw for today is: Sulfur = XX Judgement; Mercury = IX the Hermit, and Salt = the Prince of Swords. Well, hmmm . . . I like it.  It is a fairly emotionless reading, I feel, consisting of, in short; telling me; “Time to pull it all together, Mark, and take a good, long,  piercing look at yourself; what is the total sum, the Balance, look like? How do you judge yourself, as ready to proceed to Apotheosis?” My Anima has gone into IX the Hermit mode, to pull things together from the inside, to meditate & contemplate the accomplishments of a life so far, and to pass the “case file” to Judgment for “adjudication.” The Energy supplying this two-pronged effort (much like a BBQ fork –Grin) is sourced in our Engine room today, the Salt in our diet, the Prince of Swords. We’ve all met our friend the Knight before, haven’t we; we know him, and his excess of zeal and energy in carrying out his parents’ agenda. From the LWB; “Prince of the Chariots of the Wind, Prince and Emperor of the Sylphs, the Air of Air. Sphere of Influence: 20° Capricorn to 20° Aquarius. Intellectually: Open-minded, full of ideas and thoughts & designs. Distrustful, suspicious, firm in friendship AND in enmity, [he] is challenging, stimulating, an abstract thinker. [He is] careful, a private person, someone who prefers to work alone. [He is] unemotional & independent.” (I have taken the liberty of “adjusting” the grammar, to a point.) So, as we can see, today isn’t about a lot of emotional and/or intuitional “involvement,” this is a day to be impartial, fair & just with regard to the “balance sheet” of my growth. I believe I can do that; I’m not prone to frantically scrabbling around for an excuse when these times come. There is a wonderful little bit floating out there on the Net somewhere, a “translation” of the Forty-Two Negative Confessions involved in Egyptian last judgement, turning them into the Forty-Two positive assertions of Judgment. I’m not sure the Egyptians would have appreciated it, but they were a fun-loving, good-time beer & wine drinking lot, and I think they might have liked it. Ancient Egyptians LOVED to party, so much so that they made sure to inscribe scenes of partying in their eternal resting places, their tombs. Grin. A true fact that renders them more “human,” immediately closer to and understood by us. I will attach some blahblah below to further investigate the draw. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a day of judgments unclouded by emotions and full of the Light of Ra. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                                                                                      
XX Judgment – “If Saturn denotes 'death' and the grave, what more natural than that his counterpart Jupiter should stand for the resurrection from the grave? While Saturn, Lord of the mineral kingdom, is held to 'kill' by his crystallizing effect, Jupiter, Lord of the vegetable kingdom and of all that grows and expands and evolves, leading up to sublimation and elevation, abstraction, etc., afterwards, is first the emblem and function of organic life, later on also those of psychic and spiritual life above the material existence, barren and naked, from which it consequently brings deliverance. The latter meaning is chiefly viewed when symbolizing this principle in the card of the Last Judgment. "An angel sounds his trumpet per sepulchra regionum and the dead arise." (W.) Some people say "that it signifies renewal, which is obvious enough . . ." and "that it is the generative force of the earth and eternal life." (W.) The latter fairly covers our definition of Jupiter's function. Again W. further mentions, that it "is the card which registers the accomplishment of the great work of transformation." Which is also in the line of Jupiter, Io Pater, 'Our Father that is in the Heavens.' And every great work needs his co-operation; there is no important or great work done in this world without Jupiter, the planet of ideals playing a prominent role in it. Ideals, that "are the angel part of us," as Zanoni tells his disciple. So this card stands for ideals, religious, social or any other and for the elevating effect they have on man; for ideas and leading motives, aspirations, etc., consequently for generalization, illumination, dispersion, elevation, for all that is honorable on one hand but also for illusions or vain aspirations on the other hand. It is the sign of deliverance from narrow thought and hampering conditions in the soul as well as in the body and in life.” (“The General Book of the Tarot” by A.E. Thierens.) 
 IX the Hermit – “P.: "Humanity fulfilling the function of God the Holy Spirit. The human creative force." Indeed this is clearly Sagittarius for every astrologer. The author might have mentioned in the same line that the Hierophant (Leo) represents God the Son. The Hebrew letter "Thet represents a roof and suggests the idea of safety and protection . . . protection ensured by wisdom." The astrologer says: the Ninth house is the house of the Master--idea of wisdom and protection in one; the Master in fact shields his disciples like a roof . . . in some way. The sign is that of thought-power, creative mind, idealism, which throw their own light on the things below, and consequently the Sagittarian is remarkable for always seeing things in his own light and trying to throw light on things in order to instruct other people. He is the eternal traveler, the indefatigable walker. And mentally he is always more or less lonely. All this is very distinctly symbolized in the card of the Hermit, which stands for ideas, perspectives, spiritual or moral influences and for light thrown upon the objects of this earth-life. In divination it stands for teachers, legal authorities, advisers and guides, and with the guiding principles in everything and questions, in relation to the Querent. But above all it is his own idealism, etc. The direction in which his thoughts are running. In the older cards the Hermit is shielding his light on one side with his mantle. This may be indicative of the habit of Sagittarians to evade and disarm contradiction beforehand, knowing by intuition the power of darkness. He is leaning on the staff of knowledge with regard to earthy matters. W. is perfectly right in saying, that "Prudence is the least of its meanings and the most negligible." Some authors (M.) held this card to be the symbol of 'prudence,' but indeed the Sagittarian is not very famous for this virtue, though the card is truly Sagittarian and nothing else. This is again proved by the striking explanation of W.: "His beacon intimates that 'where I am, you also may be.'" This is the stereotyped way in which a Sagittarian thinks.” (Ibid)                                                                            
The Prince of Swords – “Astrology: 21° Capricorn to 20° Aquarius. Element and world: The Air in the Airs of Yetzirah. Tree of Life: Tiphareth. Being Air in Air, the Prince of Swords is the pure manifestation of mind and intellect, full of plans and ideas which on the worst side may disturb and confuse each other, on the best create an inexhaustible spring of creative thoughts. The Prince of Swords is intelligent, idealistic, full of creativity and fluidity, a real Mercurial spirit who often will argue just for the fondness of arguing - and not so much for the arguments themselves. The Prince of Swords can throw himself head over heels into a scientific research, reaching highest levels within a short time and then throw everything away without further notice because something else appears more interesting at the moment. On the dark side, the Prince of Swords lacks both the qualities of Water and Earth; he can easily become unstable, unreliable and extremely moody, using his amount of intelligence to trick himself through life, becoming a master of disguise and cheat. Drive: Idealism, intellectual agility. Light: Creativity, wealth of ideas, intelligence, mastery of words. Shadow: Harsh, malicious, unreliable, cheating, crude.” (*Raven* @                                          

Monday, December 11, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for the 12/12/2017; the deck today is *Tarot of the Sephiroth* by Dan Staroff (LWB by J Mori & J. Stockwell.) We all know, ad nauseam, how much I like this deck, so let’s leave it there. Obtain a copy if you can, they are rare & very expensive. Let’s all hope for a reprint by U.S. Games. Onward & Upward! The draw today is as follows: Sulfur = XVI the Tower; Mercury = XIX the Sun, and Salt = the Prince of Cups. Whew! There it is again, XVI the Tower in Sulfur/Animus’ position, and I’m a bit tired of thinking the same old thing every time I see it, not to mention that apparently I am NOT getting it. Hmmm. I need to empty the stale marshland of my previous ideas about the Tower, simply because it keeps coming back; obviously I’m missing another, more important interpretation (for this run of XIVs.) There is a separate guidebook to this deck, by the same LWB authors, and perhaps as the start of a thread to follow, I will look there. “Key Symbols: Hebrew letter ‘Peh’, meaning mouth, pictured between two horns of the solar and lunar crown; 
energy ingested then externalized speech; vibration. / Eye: Eye of Ra, from which emanates a lightning flash sword, symbolic of the singular energy underlying the multiplicity of form. / Yods: spiritual sparks of creation descending and condensing to physical matter. / Mars: symbol depicted on the Tower, invokes destructive force in order to create anew. / Head and Stairs: the entrance to the Tower through the mouth of the goddess Hathor. // Energies of the Path: Inevitable change; form adapting to function. // Evolutionary State: Embracing structural change. // Path Color: Scarlet. // Connecting Spheres: Hod, orange – Netzach, green. ¶ Physical Transformation predicated upon mental transformation; transformation of consciousness. Physical plane results of change – restructuring/deconstruction – dependent upon mental and spiritual changes or changes of consciousness. A healing path in relation to physical dis-ease being a direct result of mental or spiritual dis-ease. Also the transformative power of our physical plane means of communication, through the vehicle of vibration, speech and song.”  Well, well, well, do you read, as I do, absolutely NOTHING about the inherent “badness” of the card or that it should be taken as an “evil augury?” Nope! I knew that already, but that interpretation tends to get lost in the general melee when XVI pops up to stick its warning right in your face. I am obliged to think, immediately, of my lung “dis-ease” (illness of the “vibration, speech”) and the possibility/probability that it can be transformed by the healing of the mental/spiritual condition leading to it. That would certainly be miraculous, and I would be less stunned than overwhelmed with mouth-shutting gratitude for the change. “On verra.” Dancing the light fantastic with new lung-power,
 we find my Anima in XIX the Sun today, and that makes me very glad indeed. I do love the sun; I was born in a land of intense light with the sun present nearly 320 days of the year, Albuquerque, New Mexico in the U. S. A. It is a ‘high desert’ climate, thus without humidity, the Sun becomes a living being very close to you rather than the dreadful tyrant of the tropics. I have “worshipped” the Sun, in one fashion or another, all my life; I do not, however, cultivate skin cancer. Grin. (Being partly Native American, I am always “lightly tanned.” Grin.)  Through the majority of my life I have “perceived” the stars as the actual “citizens” of the Universe, and we are like nanobacillæ inside its sphere of influence. ‘Sorta kindof’ . . . . LOL. Esoterically, I enjoy XIX and profit from passing through its portal, but I am a touch less enamored of it tarotistically than astrophysically. It is less the “Be All” of existence in the land of Spirit, and more one of the necessary “enlightening stages” through which one passes in the penultimate steps to apotheosis. I am delighted to see it, of course, but it isn’t the real center of the draw; today it plays a supporting, positive role. 
Now we waltz to the final cadenza of today’s reading, and the source of our Energy today, available for use; the Knight of Cups. I am always delighted to receive a Cups Court card as energy these days, because this suit is the reason for this pointed promenade through the Arcana this time around. This from the separate book to the deck; “The Air of Water – Tiphareth – Yellow [LOVE IT!] – Goals geared to creative inspiration and emotions. Progress in creativity; understanding cycles; emotional fulfillment; health matters. He is the physical and metaphysical health and well-being of the heart, and of the emotions. As with Tiphareth on the Tree of Life, all things emanate from and lead back to the heart. Physical disease stems from emotional disease – either or both can be explored here. Come here to open the heart, and to improve the free flow of emotion.”  (Ibid) I find some EXTREMELY interesting points in there for me, today, especially the health problems & emotions, although I WILL say that cigarettes and alcohol gave quite a big pair of helping hands, too. LOL.  Ah well, my philosophy has always been “You gave the party; Pay the bill.” Ha! I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a new insight today to our physical well-being. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                               

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 11/12/2017; “Ladies and gentlemen, we are indifferently announcing that Christmas has been renamed this year; it is now officially called Moneymas. Thank you for your attention.” The deck today is a sentimental favorite, *The Navigator’s Tarot of the Mystic Sea. This from Aeclectic; “. . . I found the artwork in NotMS solidly grounded in the cards' meanings, and well-done to boot - few people nowadays get their equine anatomy correct, but NotMS does. The deck is not gender-balanced in its minor depictions, which will aggravate my fellow feminists. It's not a deck for looking at and understanding on a logical basis; "Navigators of the Mystic SEA" speaks to the emotions directly, and I recommend it to non-beginners whose approach is extrapolated beyond the logical.” (Lin Barrett, reviewer.) That last phrase is key; “. . . whose approach is extrapolated beyond the logical.” That is precisely the great, big, lovely point of why I like this deck so much: it is truthful in a way that words rarely are. If you can find a copy, I highly recommend you obtain it. Onward and Upward! My draw for today is: Sulfur = XV the Devil (Ha!); Mercury = V the Hierophant, and Salt = the Knight of Pentacles (again.) Well . . . Harrumph! Grin – This is actually a quite acceptable hand for today (and if it wasn’t, tough shit, Mark. Grin.) XV the Devil popping up right out of the box first 
thing is guaranteed to startle anyone; but after recognition, I smile wryly; the Devil and I are old playmates of long date; I know his tricks and he knows mine. He only has one more to offer me, the entire world laid at my feet if I will bow down and worship him (no, I’m not comparing myself to the fictional Jesus of Nazareth, so untwist your knickers. At some point in the Path, he offers it to everyone.) And I, following in the footsteps of better men than I, shall have the same response; “Keep walkin’, creep.” (Or some version thereof - Grin.) I’m obviously keeping company with him for a reason today, and I shall need to examine this; at the present moment, I feel no ties of thralldom connecting us, other than the fact that a surprise surplus of money would be welcome in order to finance the escape of my friend from a civil war. (Actually, financing only goes as far as a plane ticket, the hard part is up to him: getting to an airport somewhere in a neighboring country in order to flee. However, the ticket will be expensive.)  My Anima in V the Hierophant today is a bit obscure, as well; I know EXACTLY what this pertains to (and no, I shall not enlighten you – grin.) Taken in the general sense, of course, this person is all about rules, regulations, & teaching; safeguarding knowledge as well as suppressing or hiding knowledge from the uninitiated. Here I think it is functioning in a dual capacity; not only is s/he thinking of the structure of the forthcoming manifestation, but that can and cannot be employed in its creation, its use and its continuation. Form there we move on the engine room of this Construct today, and we find that our power today is being supplied by our old & faithful friend, the Knight of Pentacles, who takes the phrase “I won’t leave your side” to whole new levels of meaning (i.e., he can become quite “sticky.” Irksome.)  However, let’s not look a gift Knight in the mouth, eh? Your “too” faithful friend is choc-a-bloc FULL of energy; he has MOUNTAINS of it. It is a comforting thing to know that you are not going to run out of fuel in mid-manifestation, nor getting it on down the Red Road – Grin. I shan’t go into a lot of personal detail today; I do not find that there is merit in it, at least not for now. Instead, I would like us all to consider these three Arcana and their presence in our lives today; where are they? What are they doing? Are we involved, or observing? Is there some blessing we have yet to uncover in the combination? All good questions. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the appreciation of complex combinations in any form today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                              
XV the Devil - "The Devil Tarot card expresses the realm of the taboo -- the culturally rejected wildness and undigested shadow side that each of us carries in our subconscious. This shadow is actually at the core of our being, which we cannot get rid of and will never succeed in taming. From its earliest versions, which portrayed a vampire-demon, The Devil evoked the church-fueled fear that a person could "lose their soul" to wild and passionate forces. The Devil image which emerged in the mid-1700s gives us a more sophisticated rendition -- that of the "scapegoated goddess," whose esoteric name is Baphomet. Volcanic reserves of passion and primal desire empower her efforts to overcome the pressure of stereotyped roles and experience true freedom of soul. Let go of inhibitions. Allow yourself to express all of who you are. The Devil card advises that you show some spunk. There may be nothing to be gained by trying to be subtle or strategic in this situation. Assert your agenda, express yourself honestly, and let the chips fall where they may. Your best bet could be to express your true emotions, possibly even including anger. Acknowledge that you have whatever feelings you have. While it may not be necessary to act out what you feel in every situation, accepting the power and depth of your inner experience enables you to remain true to yourself." (                                                   
V the Hierophant - "I saw the great Master in the Temple. He was sitting on a golden throne set upon a purple platform, and he wore the robe of a high priest with a golden tiara. He held a golden eight-pointed cross, and lying at his feet were two crossed keys. Two initiates bowed before him and to them he spoke: --  "Seek the Path, do not seek attainment, Seek for the Path within yourself. Do not expect to hear the truth from others, nor to see it, or read it in books. Look for the truth in yourself, not without yourself. Aspire only after the impossible and inaccessible. Expect only that which shall not be. Do not hope for Me,--do not look for Me,--do not believe--that I am outside yourself. Within your soul build a lefty tower by which you may ascend to Heaven. Do not believe in external miracles, expect miracles only within you. Beware of believing in a mystery of the earth, in a mystery guarded by men; for treasuries which must be guarded are empty. Do not search for a mystery that can be hidden by men. Seek the Mystery within yourself. Above all, avoid those towers built in order to preserve the mysteries and to make an ascent to Heaven by stone stairways. And remember that as soon as men build such a tower they begin to dispute about the summit. The Path is in yourself, and Truth is in yourself and Mystery is in yourself." ("Symbolism of the Tarot" by P. E. Ouspensky [1911].)                                                                                                        
 The Knight of Pentacles - "The Fire on the Eighth and on the Fourth house, personified. The traditional renderings are not bad but far from complete. The eighth house is that of our debts, money of other people and of the dead in particular. So the Querent may profit by legacies or inheritance. Consequently the beneficial influence on the weak point in our material conditions may be interpreted as: advantage, interest, etc. But the knight is always a personification, too, and this is not given in the traditional interpretation. We must see him as a person who is obliging, carrying out a will, coming to the aid of the Querent, secretly or confidentially perhaps, at least not publicly, visiting him in his house, saving him from material and financial troubles. It may be a loan, inheritance or advance, but without any hard conditions connected with it, so it may be a present. On the other hand the houses mentioned give the tendency to retire from the outer world; this accounts for renderings such as 'inactivity, inertia,' etc. . . . We should say, it means the tendency to enjoy the good things of the heart(s) within one's own private or family circle, in repose, in some retreat, secretly. In weak cases there may be some danger of degeneration into idleness or indolence, etc. In connection with the fourth house, ruling family matters and the past, the home and the storehouse (of memory, e.g.) the card must have to do with pleasant memories, recollections, people we have known before; collections and collecting." ("The General Book of the Tarot" by A. E. Thierens.)

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 10/12/2017; only a fortnight left to begin your downward spiral into depression, alcohol, drugs, and abuse of others. Hurry Up! And all of that to worship a stolen god . . . {{sigh.}} Grin. Excuse my bad manners in knocking christianity, it is simply too easy a potshot at this time of year. Do you remember that song, “She Blinded Me With Science”? I tend to hear “She Blinded Me With Hypocrisy” during the holidays. Enough, Mark! The deck today is again the *Santa Muerte Tarot: Book of the Dead” by Fabio Listrani. I really like this deck, and unfortunately there is still a dearth of images on the Web, so I have picked three random and appropriately lugubrious cards to represent the draw today, which is: Sulfur = VII the Chariot; Mercury = XI Justice, and Salt = the Knight of Pentacles. (However, before we dive in, I want to notify my readers that I will be changing the spread immediately if not -maybe- sooner. This Alchemical Spread modified has been exceedingly useful, and will be again, but I need a change? I don’t know to what, but keep a third eye peeled for the changes. Thank you.) Now, back to the draw; when VII the Chariot popped up, I thought, “Good! At least it promises to be a day than it isn’t deadly dull.” However, that feeling was immediately modified when XI Justice turned up next; it set me back momentarily, and I’m not sure why. There is nothing particularly weird or blatantly bizarre in the coupling – as a matter of fact, it could easily be read 
as “the swift arrival of Justice,” or “the Balance is/or needs to be swiftly restored, perhaps by the control of the two natures of Man (?). As you can note, there are quite a few ways to lean on this; one would need to take into account the Querent & the Question, as well as what subconscious vibrations are coming through the cards to you from the Querent. Add to this the purest dose of intuition that you can muster, and voilà! the cards’ intended meaning will be clear. “Don’t teach your grandmother how to suck eggs, Mark!” Grin; of course, I wouldn’t dream of insulting Granny that way; I might never eat her blueberry pie again on top of getting a good dose of the Bible. {{Sigh}} Well, so now I am feeling a bit unquiet with no reason when I turn over the Knight of Pentacles – sigh, relief, ah! A known quantity! LOL. The LWB accompanying the deck describes him thusly; “The Knight of Pentacles brings with him a rapid and dynamic gain, such as an assured booty. [!] He is a resistant and persevering worker, very practical and taking initiative. He can also easily be egocentric and unconcerned about his own or other people’s feelings as long as he can achieve his own interests. He can also be caught between laziness and indifference. ‘The Advice of the Dead’: Do not let a good occasion escape when it is in front of you. Take a risk even if it is your heart that is pushing you in that direction.” Well, that’s a crystal clear statement directly from the heart of my subconscious, reaffirming what I already “know” is this “good occasion” I shouldn’t let pass by; I am assured within myself that I am following my Path, that my ego isn’t running the show and my desires are not the only items appearing on the inventory sheet. Thank Amun-Ra! My desires, extravagant & baroque to the simplest, have ALWAYS lead me to places where serious and often drastic measures had to be taken for me to become “unstuck” and move forward. “So, PAY ATTENTION, Mark.” I am a strongly sense-oriented person, and a natural libertine; the two together always manifest Fire at its warmest, and sometimes it can scorch my ass, too. So, pay EXTRA attention today, Mark. I shall plug-in several info-citations of the cards below. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL the friendship of a sturdy and practicality-minded person to bridge our gaps. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!
VII the Chariot – “In the Seventh house of the evolutionary cycle the relation of the Self with the Not-self or outer world is contracted and completed and the 'organism' arises as the systematic whole of organs, a lawful microcosm, which in every instance is a phenomenon of the Cosmic Law, first significance of Libra . . . It is the Self embodied. This card consequently means marriage, contract, body and bodily existence, organization, achievement, co-operation. P. says this card has to do with the Hebrew letter Zain, which "represents an arrow." Now it is very curious to see, that in Hindu astrology the sign Libra is symbolized by an arrow touching an eye, evidently meaning the principles of the organism or systematic complex of organs, and at the same time the understanding, or knowing, which is the result of the eye seeing the light. The Magician has become the 'Conqueror'; the forces of good and of evil both drawing his chariot symbolize the fact that good and evil, agreeable as well as painful experiences, make us wiser and contain the elements of Existence, spirit and matter both. As a matter of fact the card may have to do with our adversaries. . . Here the 'Fall' into matter has been completed. The sphinxes are female entities; the driver of the Chariot is a man. This not only symbolizes the subjugation of Nature by will-power, but also the fact that, while inwardly 'woman rules the world' (the Empress), rulership in the outer world lies with man, and it is his duty to keep within due bonds the 'attractive' forces of woman, who, however, appears to be the personification of motor force to him and his 'chariot.' That woman practically gives the inspirational lead and motive to man in this world is being openly recognized by psychologists in our time.” (“The General Book of the Tarot” by A. E. Thierens.)                                                                   XI Justice – “Whosoever might hesitate before the emblems of this card and think it might as well stand in relation with Libra on account of the idea of 'justice,' generally ascribed to the latter sign, and the balance which the woman holds in her left hand, will do well to consider the systematic relationship existing between all signs of the zodiac or evolutionary cycle. 
The left hand derives from, while the right hand is instrumental in giving out. Scorpio derives from Libra the balance and the idea of justice, but the sword in the right hand shows, that we have not justice pure and simple, platonic so to speak, but that which has often been called 'avenging justice.' Au fond it is more vengeance than justice and Scorpio is famous for its tendency to vengeance, in every way and every form . . . So the card of Justice means above all the faculty of desire, higher as well as lower, from the most spiritual or religious longing down to the most crude lust. Sexual experience is one of the most important expressions of it, and we may safely say, that one of the principal significances of the card is sex. Another, principally where sex is sublimated, is occult experience and the psychical side of earth-life in general. This house is the school of life and it is remarkable how it is concerned with 'school' in every respect. In this house the Self takes from life and from the cosmos surrounding what it wants, consequently what it does not yet possess, and the card of Justice becomes the index for our debts or the possessions of other people.” (Ibid)                                                                                      The Knight of Pentacles – “The Fire on the Eighth and on the Fourth house, personified. The traditional renderings are not bad but far from complete. The eighth house is that of our debts, money of other people and of the dead in particular. So the Querent may profit by legacies or inheritance. Consequently the beneficial influence on the weak point in our material conditions may be interpreted as: advantage, interest, etc. But the knight is always a personification, too, and this is not given in the traditional interpretation. We must see him as a person who is obliging, carrying out a will, coming to the aid of the Querent, secretly or confidentially perhaps, at least not publicly, visiting him in his house, saving him from material and financial troubles. It may be a loan, inheritance or advance, but without any hard conditions connected with it, so it may be a present.” (Ibid)                                            

Friday, December 8, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 09/12/2017; we’re terribly sorry, but Christmas has been cancelled this year due to the fact that Father Christmas has been admitted to rehabilitation for opioid addiction. Grin. That, my friends, is my humor today after waking up feeling draggy and disconsolate, nothing specific but a general malaise; then, after the morning choo-choo train of household quotidiana, done with sluggish step, then of course I drew the cards. Presto! Changeo! New mood and outlook on my day. I DO feel actually, physically better after having drawn the cards, and not simply for having received what I interpret to be a positive message; I believe that the satisfaction and “re-energizing effect” come from the simple physical act of drawing a spread; speaking of opioid addictions, perhaps I am addicted to the TarotJ; if so, I welcome the addiction with open arms as it has only EVER helped me find my way on the Red Road. The deck today is the *Tarot de Marseille Millennium Edition* by Wilfried Houdouin, and it, along with the *Vieville Tarot de Marseille* constitute my two favorite TdeM decks for the moment. I like it a lot, as it is clear, clean and well-presented, and one doesn’t tend to get lost in the “how many angels are dancing on the head of a pin?” kind of pointless minutiae that can obscure the message. If you have only one TdeM in your collection, then this one is a good choice. Onward & Upward! My draw today is: Sulfur = VI the Lovers; Mercury = II La Papesse, and Salt = the Queen of Cups. We have ALL got  basic grip on the “meanings” of these cards, so I won’t bore you with detailing the obvious; I will simply say that this is an extremely good reading for me, as it bears directly on not only my topic for this Journey through the Sacred Tarot (opening up my “Cups,”) but it also shows some very powerful “protection” or “compassionate approval” looking on my Choice, Virtue or Vice, and of COURSE we all 4 (me, Cupid, Virtue, Vice) bask in the approval of these facets of the Divine. “Yeah, yeah,” you say, “so . . . what does that mean, Mark?” It means that my project of helping a 
young man out of a war zone in a civil war and bringing him to Europe, IF we can, is on track and has my subconscious’ approval on the both the level of “organizational context” and “emotional content.” There is only a vague presumption that this may carry more for me than the simple act of helping a man out; we both acknowledge that “that” may or may not exist, and won’t be fully explored until we meet. We both hope that that facet exists, naturally; but we are able to acknowledge that it may not. For those of you who wonder, yes, this is being manifested with the agreement and cooperation of my wife, who is, as always, a stunning example of Charity. So there it is, now exposed to daylight and given birth; the manifestation has actually been stated publicly now, giving it that much more force. I am glad; I’m not necessarily a happy “secret keeper.” It bothers me to shade or disguise the truth in any fashion. (To be totally honest, I would have to amend that to say “except when it benefits me,” but Life has been a long journey away from that infantile grasp of the world.) I’m a happy camper this morning; my “project” is “out of the closet,” so to speak, and accordingly receives smiling benedictions from both II the Priestess and the Queen of Cups, Mistress of the Mysteries of the Heart. This also helps, immensely, in aiding my resolve; in terms of long, geographically, politically and emotionally involved questions such as this one, it is VERY easy for Doubt to slip in and cause you to begin the fatal undermining of your own thoughts. “Not today, you poxy bastard!!” Grin. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a realization of the correctness of our Journeys today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                     VI the Lovers - "From the original meaning of the sign Virgo, the virgin matter of the cosmos or world-ether, to that principle which makes 'lovers' is rather a long step, but we will observe that all these Tarot symbols relate to human points of view and human life in particular, i.e. cosmic principles seen from this particular standpoint which gives more of a practical image than of abstract reasoning, the abstract cosmic significance, however, being embedded fairly accurately in them. 
So in the human constitution the sign Virgo means the nervous system and everything acting as an organ as well as the relatively 'virginal matter' which is extracted from the food and will serve to build up the body. So this house is known to rule health and sickness. It is further known to relate to the principles and materials of our work. And so the card of the Lovers must in the first place symbolize these things. It does indeed. P. says it is connected with the Hebrew letter Vau in its significance of "the eye, and all that relates to light and brilliancy. The eye establishes the link between the external world and ourselves; by it light and form are revealed to us." In fact 'the eye' is a very ancient symbol for the idea of 'organ'; the Neoplatonists repeatedly used it. When saying it "establishes the link," we must be aware, however, that it is not yet this link itself but offers the elements for it. And again this card does not say 'love' but 'lovers' (in the French edition of the cards the singular is used: l’amoureux). Evidently the meaning is this: what makes man feel 'amorous' is his sensuousness, the word used in the strictly philosophical and biological meaning of receptivity of the senses for agreeable, caressing, benefic, gratifying vibrations. The same receptivity, however, exists on the other hand for disagreeable, painful, disturbing, malefic vibrations. The receptivity and the condition of an organic center in its double possibility of experience is only the phenomenal expression of the same in organic existence in general, consequently stamping the whole of manifestation with the law of duality of 'good' and 'evil.' The latter is well illustrated by the picture on the older cards where a youth is represented standing between two women, the one appearing to be benefic, the other malefic. This sensuousness indeed can lead to a lower sensuality or can be the means of demonstrating love. A sort of angelic figure (Cupid?) is seen shooting an arrow: symbol of the ray of light. The card which was drawn on the authority of Mr. W. shows a man and a woman in a state of paradisiacal nudity, and over the two hovers the figure of an angel. It confers much the same meaning, of course. "This is in all simplicity the card of human love, here exhibited as part of the way, the truth and the life." (W.) And we shall find, that the same force which makes us love, physically, is at the back of all the work we do. Because it is the material response to the fiery and central pushing power and includes actual possibility on the basis of practical knowledge, experimental knowing. W. did well to show the Tree of Knowledge in the drawing, it being the symbol of Nature in general and of the seed or seminal elements." ("The General Book of the Tarot" by A. E. Thierens.) II La Papesse - "When I lifted the first veil and entered the outer court of the Temple of Initiation, I saw in half-darkness the figure of a woman sitting on a high throne between two pillars of the temple, one white, and one black. Mystery emanated from her and was about her. Sacred symbols shone on her green dress; on her head was a golden tiara surmounted by a two-horned moon; on her knees she held two crossed keys and an open book. Between the two pillars behind 
the woman hung another veil all embroidered with green leaves and fruit of pomegranate. And a voice said: "To enter the Temple one must lift the second veil and pass between the two pillars. And to pass thus, one must obtain possession of the keys, read the book and understand the symbols. Are you able to do this?"      "I would like to be able," I said.   Then the woman turned her face to me and looked into my eyes without speaking. And through me passed a thrill, mysterious and penetrating like a golden wave; tones vibrated in my brain, a flame was in my heart, and I understood that she spoke to me, saying without words:   "This is the Hall of Wisdom. No one can reveal it, no one can hide it. Like a flower it must grow and bloom in thy soul. If thou wouldst plant the seed of this flower in thy soul--learn to discern the real from the false. Listen only to the Voice that is soundless... Look only on that which is invisible, and remember that in thee thyself, is the Temple and the gate to it, and the mystery, and the initiation." ("The Symbolism of the Tarot" by P. D. Ouspensky.)                                              The Queen of Cups - (Camoin-Jodorowsky image) "Traditionally, representing the energy of a Queen, this card traditionally portrays a sensitive, vulnerable, omniscient woman who offers unconditional love. She is supremely empathic -- sometimes to a fault. Her caring nature exposes her to everybody else's emotions and needs. This person sometimes has difficulty identifying her own best interests in the midst of her responsiveness to others. As a result, she sometimes appears slightly unfocused or perhaps overwhelmed, filled as she is with "spirits". She represents the Grail Queen, as well as the Goddess of the Family. Exercise your empathy. Be nurturing to others in a way that allows them to understand what it is all about. The Queen of Cups in this position encourages you to be generous, kind and forgiving. Support the ability of others to get what they want. Nevertheless, remember as with anyone in a caretaking position, you have a fine line to walk. You do not want your loved ones or teammates to become complacent or dependent, as if they can take your support for granted with little or no consideration for your needs. Cultivate an awareness of love as freely giving and receiving. In the process, help clarify the important difference between receiving energy and taking it. Do not allow your willingness to give be misunderstood or abused, as if it were a weakness." (                                              

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 08/12/2017; hurry, hurry, hurry! Only 17 days left to buy something completely useless and unwanted for your spouse! Grin. Today’s deck is the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* by J. Iglesias Janeiro, & his book, “La Cabala de Predicción,” Kier, Buenos Aires, 1984. (My Spanish isn’t superb, but it is up to this. Grin.) As everyone who has ever read one of my Kier readings, you already know that I consider this one of the “Master decks” of Tarot. The intuitional qualities are blindingly bright & solid, and its ability to you discern amongst the many clamorings of your subconscious is simply uncanny. Despite other opinions to the contrary, I DO believe that “the connection” is made easier by a deck you can like or even love. An ugly or displeasing deck kills the vibe, even if you subscribe to the belief that they are only pasteboard & ink. If you EVER spot a Kier deck that won’t cost you a 2nd mortgage, I “urge” (read “demand” – grin) that you buy it. Onward & Upward! My draw today is as follows: Sulfur = XIX the Sun: Mercury = II Strength, and Salt = XXXVII Art & Science. Wow! Well, I am CERTAINLY glad to see XIX the Sun pop out on my horizon today. It’s grey & rainy here in Montpellier, and has been tending that way for a while; a bright, sunny interior day can pick up my spirits and give me the strength to fly despite the ice building up on my wings. J. Needless to say, the esoteric Sun shining on my horizon 
today is welcome, as well; I’ve been indulging doubts about my “Cups mission,” and they are insidious and repetitious in their refusal to depart. I need to balance the negative energy displayed here with a more informed decision, I believe, then any doubt will be assuaged as to whether I am on the right Cups Path or not. I’m doing a risky thing, helping a person escape a civil war zone in his country; my motives are primarily benevolent, but we have also raised the possibility of there being mere personal and intimate developments in the process. Needless to say, I had a long discussion with my wife to sound her opinion and weigh her preferences; it was well done, because in the end my wife is on board with the project 100%. Moving on, yet curiously keeping a hint of the Animus, my Anima today is residing in the comfort of XI Strength. She always feel good here, as if she needs to be reinforced with the assurance that “Yes, you, too, Marie, have Strength.” Of course Strength here is significant of much more than the ability to open a stubborn jar or lift a car to save your child; the Strength here is your accomplishment of mastering your animal force and uniting it with your spiritual force, with calm and “strength-controlled” panache & mastery. This is all to the good, because if I have my Animus in XIX the Sun today then the very last thing I need is a timid or fearful Anima riding alongside me clutching her chest & screaming, “Slow down! We’re going to die!” LOL. “Ra knows how to drive his ride, darlin’; you just sit back and enjoy the passing stars!” Grin. Coming up over the horizon, we meet our source of Energy today and it is an intense, compact & inextinguishable energy of the human spirit that we can use today to proceed further on the Path: XXXVII Art & Science. I have a private belief that people who are on the Path have an extra appreciation of Art and
 Science that many of the non-Tarot reading public cannot imagine; I firmly believe that because of our indoctrination into the “system of kabbalistic knowledge & spiritual growth” that is the Tarot, we more easily see the symbology in the occurrences of everyday life than do many others. The Energy that Art & Science can add, that energy of the Empowered Imagination and being willing to set out to discover it, to represent it, to share it, derives ENTIRELY from our spiritual connection with the Cosmos and the bigger, grander, Great Patterns that we cannot see as long as we are limited to our human-3D-oriented senses. This is WONDERFUL energy, but, needless to say, one must know HOW to use the tool before it provides any result. THAT is the education we are in train of receiving. The Energy available is intense, concentrated, and MUST be decoded by the proper inner mechanisms to flower. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL the nourishing fruit from the Tree of Education. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                                        XIX the Sun – “INSPIRATION in the act of radiating its emanations. It is a symbol of mystery of the knotted cord coded in the letter Quoph. It represents the principle of creative fire, nutrition of nature, the succession of acts, the mysterious force that is clamor, pain and glory simultaneously. Modeling attribute: Sagittarius, dwelling of Pluto. In the Spiritual Plane is the divine light, the principle of all knowledge, the fundamental truth that all truths emerge. [The] Mental Plane represents the intelligence that formulates the knowledge, the source that feeds the sources in which the images are reflected. In the Physical Plane it tends to the processes that facilitate union of the masculine and feminine element, the materialization of the ideas in acts. Transcendent axiom: "Take the shield of your faith and move forward with decisive step, either in favor of the wind or against all winds.” As a predictor, it tends to increase power, success in the endeavors, said in the acts that are carried out, benefits for own effort concept and of the others, inheritances, clarity in what is desired, fire that consumes what is desired.” (“La Cábala de Predicción,” J. Iglesias Janeiro, Kier, Buenos Aires, 1984.)                              XI Strength - PERSUASION in the gentle act of persuading. It is a symbol 
of the mystery of operating force coded in the letter Khaph. It represents the hermaphrodite principle of the matrix cosmogonic, the effort of the mind, the reflex acts, the moral power, what is superior in the man. Modeling attribute: Aries, dwelling of the Sun. In the Spiritual Plane it is the hierarchical principle of the acting forces; the action of the spirit on the matter, of the imponderable on what is it. [The] Mental Plane represents the intellect, the faculty of creating and dominating by means of determination that gives the knowledge of the truth. In the Physical Plane it tends to the dominion of the low passions, the preservation of one's own moral integrity, the creation of material elements through faith. Transcendent axiom: "Joyful in hope, suffered in tribulation, be constant in the prayer.” As a predictive element, it promises control of the direction that is followed, domain of the elements, vitality, rejuvenation, acquisition and loss of friends by things of the family, sorrows, obstacles, jealousy, betrayals and resignation to overcome the setbacks." (Ibid)                                                                                  XXXVII Art & Science – “. . . as factors of individual evolution. It symbolizes virtue of the discipline itself as an element of progress. Modeling attribute: It is associated with the Sun, the letter I and the number 1. It represents the principle of creation through applied knowledge. Transcendent axiom: "Land of promise before my eyes, help me, foot, to reach it". As element of prediction, promises sincere friendships, magnanimous helps, probity, equity, resources imperious, compulsions, perversions, popularity, not all uplifting.” (Ibid)