Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 01Feb2017. I have used the Basic modified spread, and the deck today is a jewel; *Tarocchi Perrin 1865* created by Claudio Perrin in Milan around 1865. Edited by Giordano Berti. I happen to love the Vergnano, from the same publishing house – Araba Fenice S.a.s., but I like the Perrin a lot, too. Whereas the Vergnano is lively and full of odd surprises, I find the Perrin to be more decorous, elegant, even distant, where elegance of composition takes place over novelty. Onward & Upward! Today my Sulfur/Mercury/ Salt mixture in the Athanor is 1) XI Strength; 2) XIII Death, and 3) King of Swords. “I’ve seen a lot o’ Death, lately, ma’am, an’ I don’ reckon he has business with me right now;” which is to say that in my Mercury/feminine/passive current, and in this configuration, I’m going to place my shekels on the idea that my Anima is gearing up for Change, capital C. As I master yet again my dual nature today, 
(a theme that has been popping up a lot lately, either in her or VII the Chariot,) it gives me a supersized packet of determination to unite my being and face the change which follows. My anima has been bucking and prancing a lot lately, with Sword women and others taking over the ship in dominant guises. It is all alright with me; my anima and I achieved a permanent truce, even a treaty if you will, several years ago when I went through a deeply shadowed time of meeting her again, after a long time, and a rather tense settling of old grudges and ‘beefs’.  I love her, I do, but she can be even more of a bitch than me, which is saying something! Grin. Yes, I’m cracking jokes; she is inherently part of me, of course, and not an outside force. But patterned as she is on the women I knew in early childhood, she tends to be a ballbuster. BBs are admirable for their death grip on their character, and fun to watch, but they are High-fuckin’-Maintenance to live with in a home.  There is no doubt in my mind AT ALL that it is why I married a very Zen, very calm woman who’s only desire was to give her love entirely to someone. Low Maintenance is the only way to go, if you want to keep your being within reasonable stress levels. And this goes for women, too, especially if you are married to a “Drama Queen,” who blows everything out of proportion, to the point of ridicule. High Maintenance men are always narcissistic and care far more for themselves than they ever care about anyone else. The hubris is suffocating, along with the self-righteousness. Whew! Big sidetrack! LOL. So, with Strength in my 
masculine & active current and Death/Change in my feminine passive current, I can see that at least both are traveling in the same direction, but how do I catalyze them together in one addition? Surprising enough to me, my energy nexus is to don, yet once again, the robes of the role I just recently vacated in order to change Courts, the King of Swords. I know him intimately, in & out, and I MUST remember not to fall into old habits as I don the old robes. But by damn, he is an intelligent dude, and he has a VERY forceful way about him. “The king of the Martian and Saturnian element naturally is the king of matter and of war, i.e. also he who wins war and conducts the battle of earthy interests. It denotes the dominion and rulership of this element, consequently the military chief . . .  As the ruler of the ascendant, the card may certainly mean any person heading a cycle of material activity and before all a pioneer on this plane, an independent man living on his own means. While material integrity is implicit, duplicity, doubt, double-dealing or uncertainty are definitely excluded. It indicates material certainty and severity, whether benefic or malefic from a personal point of view, healthy or rude, even cruel.” (A.E. Thierens, *General Book of the Tarot*) As you can see, not a guy to fuck around on any level.  This is all in all a dynamic reading, at any rate, and it will be interesting to see the day develop. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL the Strength we need for today. Be Well, Be Blessed! 


Monday, January 30, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 31Jan2017. I’m using the Basics Modified spread and the deck is the *Tabula Mundi Tarot: Colored Edition* by M. M. Meleen. I celebrate its reintegration today! A missing Ace was replaced, et voilà! This is one my Favorite decks. (The accompanying book is *Book M: Liber Mundi* by M.M. Meleen, Atu House, Barre, 2015.) No words of praise would make this deck better; it is already near perfection for my readings. Onward & Upward! Well, to finish out this shocking month, here is the reading: Sulfur, male, active = VII the Chariot: Mercury, feminine, passive = V the Hierophant, and Salt, catalyst = the Ace of Swords. All upright. Well, what a shockingly good draw! Grin. My male current today is about getting on with t, so to speak. I have united the opposite natures of myself (which I was reminded to do again by this card inverted just VERY recently,) and now that the engine is complete and tuned up, I’m off! A bit more about the card itself: “AKA ‘Child of the Powers of the Water, and Lord of the Triumph of Light, he is Cancer, with the ruling Moon and the exalted Jupiter; His Hebrew letter is Cheth, “a fence.” He is on Path 18, going from Binah (Understanding) to Geburah (Severity). There is a lovely poem;                                                                     “When in the height heaven was not named, // And the earth beneath did not yet bear a name, // And the primeval Apsu, who begat them, // And Chaos, Tiamut, the mother of them both // Their waters were mingled together. // And no field was formed, no marsh was to be seen; // When of the gods none had been called into being, // And none bore a name, and no destinies were ordained; // Then were created the gods in the midst of Heaven.” – Enûma Eliš. (*Book M: Liber Mundi* by M.M. Meleen.)                                                                
 “The Charioteer’s Primary function is to be the holy warrior and bring forth and protect the Chalice.” Today my job is “to ride the pipeline, in perfect balance for the oracles of black and white determine God’s will. Achieve the highest good and convey the Grail. Quest and seek. Move forward with victory in mind.” (Ibid) Moving on to Mercury, the feminine, the passive current, I am surprised to find her in the role of V the Hierophant, a study in rectitude and spiritual rules & regulations - Ugh; but also a storehouse of knowledge and a true teacher - Yay. I am all too familiar with the Hierophant; I’ve loved taking on his mantle before in life, but no longer, actually. I feel that I have most definitely moved on to other developments & concerns and while I respect his par in my Journey, I continue. It is surprising to think that perhaps ALL ALONG the Hierophant in me may have come from my anima and not my animus. That IS a surprising thought, and yet it makes perfect sense in the light of my Journey now, when I look back to recollect. I shall contemplate that with easy serenity, I believe, as yes, it does seem right from the current viewpoint. And now, my Energy nexus for today is a true Powerhouse of Energy, the Ace of Swords. AKA the Root of the Powers of Air, “With the Princess of Swords as its throne, rules the quadrant of space for Capricorn-Aquarius-Pisces, and the area of the Americas.” (Ibid) He is the ‘Vau’ in  
“Yod Hé Vau Hé,” the Great Tetragrammaton being the 4 Hebrew letters of God’s name. I am “supposed to be,” or “was supposed to be,” a member of THIS Court; everything in my younger life points uniquely, ONLY here. In mid-life I decided to jump Courts to where the new me was now growing, the Court of Wands. I am living out the karma of the Court of Pentacles in this lifetime, I know; I have a VERY ambivalent relationship with the Court of Chalices; I was born in Swords, and I have advanced to Wands. There ARE times when that old Swords energy flares up and yes, it is STILL a potent force within me, as well as the King, to whom I have always attributed my current diffidence after a youth of folly. (Tarot tradition says that only this king among the four doesn’t want to be there; he seems unsure of himself and world-weary to the point of disconnection. I grok that!) Back to the Ace – If there is ONE pure & unfucked-up card in this suit, it is this one. ALL of the others have agendas that are intellectually top-heavy & laced with almost-violent energy. It is a real parade through one’s ego, yes siree! BUT, the Energy available is stunning in its amount (“watts”,) its vivacity (“amperage,”) and its pure motivational power (“voltage”.) I am very glad to have it as an energy source today, to help not only catalyze the two previous currents, but to supply power to me to get that gorgeous but energy-intensive Chariot of Power on the move. I ask the Cosmos today to give us a source of power equal to the day’s tasks. Be Well, Be Blessed!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 30Jan2017. Today with the Basic Modified spread, and *The Archeon Tarot* by Timothy Lantz, I have pulled the three following cards in their order: 1) Sulfur = IX the Hermit: 2) Mercury = I the Magician, and 3) Salt = the Queen of Swords. As you know, these are also my 1) male, active current, 2) my female passive current; and 3) the androgynous current of the Catalyst for the other two, symbolized in a Court card or an Ace, in other words the energy nexus most needed today. The layout this morning doesn’t baffle me, but it leaves me a bit perplexed. If I’m following a lonely road today, then why would my anima be manifesting I the Magician? 
“Under cover of the Capuchin hood, Marsha secreted herself in the monastery tower until the full moon, when she began to chant and hum, manifesting her Will.” Grin. I doubt that it is quite that Nancy Drew-ish, my Anima is generally waiting her turn to speak, and when she gets the opportunity she has a LOT to say. But skulking around behind my astral back isn’t her/my style; “Go Direct” is MUCH more me. And then there is the question of advancement; does my anima want to go back to I the Magician? Is she feeling like she is just starting at One? Is she recalling I the Magician to/for me? Or is she simply off on a power hunt of her own under feelings of need?  OR is it another reading entirely. Is it, in fact, that in being the 
Hermit recently and engaging in a group Tarot activity at this moment call forth the Magician in my anima in order to capably deal with the group objectives? That actually sounds more ON-LINE as an interpretation FOR me; for someone else, these cards could summon the other interpretation. As for energy to power this Hermetic Magician’s machine, I shall need to draw upon the energy inherent in the nexus known as the Queen of Swords; she has always been and still is my great aide and abettor, furnishing energy to me out of a deep, deep well of it that was created by my personal Queen of Swords, my mother. She could be a neurotic hard-assed bitch, but she always had purpose and energy, and it was more important to her to teach her children to survive & thrive rather than to coddle them.  A Real Queen of Swords mentality.  I did not grieve her passing, but I have powerful memories of her, that serve me still in a fantomatic way. Funnily enough, we have a rendez-vous today with the “croque-mort”, the funeral home representative, to finalize the deal on my burial insurance. My wife has hers, as I insisted, and now it is my turn. Advance planning to make it efficient and rapid, neat & tied-up for any survivors. VERY Queen of Swords! LOL. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a moment of brilliant clarity on our workings today. Be Well, Be Blessed!    

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 29Jan2017: I have to give this spread a name so it sticks, so how about ‘Basics Modified’? Simple. Good. Today’s deck is one I truly like, the *Tarot of the Sephiroth* by Dan Staroff, J. Stockwell & J. Mori. (the last two for the accompanying book, *Guide to …* The deck is a ¡Zinger! for energies with which to work, and my intuition is always open to the deck; she likes it, too (grin.) Onward & Upward! For Sulfur, Mercury & Salt today I have drawn 1) XX Judgment; 2) III the Empress reversed, and 3) the Ace of Wands. This is good; not bad, not great, but good. As my Sulfur today, male & active, I have drawn the Judgment card (their alt spelling. And no, there is no longer a difference.) Judgement was recently reversed, saying decisions had been delayed, the “wrap up” of the issue needing more time. I see that today the energy is available to me, if I care to use it, to come to Judgement about the issue and my participation (or not) in the affair. Symbology is important, so I shall detail “what’s going on;” “The Hebrew letter at the center is Shin, meaning tooth or fang. The pyramid is a fire symbol, and the Solar & Lunar crowns are eternal life (Sun) engendering and sustaining transitory life forms (moon.) 
All of the Elements are represented, but Judgement is particularly associated with primal Fire, as the Fool is primal Air. The altar is an icon for magic and/or transformations, and LUX is, of course, Light. Energies available here include productive restructuring; it is knowing when it is time to make a lifestyle change. It connects Malkuth and Hod on the Tree of Life. (This is) ‘The mental awakening to the path of manifestation,’ with its do’s & don’ts, while at the same time clearly showing the path to full and autonomous individuation.” (Ibid, + me.) Mercury today is III the Empress reversed. I get it; my feminine, passive current is running opposite my Sulfur today; therefore problem #1 is to get today’s “opposing parties” to instead run together, and what direction that will take will still be visibly Judgement, but it will have been replotted and influenced by the EXTREMELY strong energies of the female today, if they are going to cooperate at all. We know the Empress; “. . . she has the letter Daleth, meaning doorway. She wears the starry Crown of Demeter. She is the embodiment of all Mother Goddesses.” (Ibid) Therefore, one can see that her influence is going to be MIGHTY in altering the flight plan of the Serpent. If I had been using the traditional Three Principles spread, no doubt my third card would have been XIV Temperance! LOL. However, I have a powerful ally & friend today in Salt, for it is the Ace of Wands. My home court, Wands (although I descend to Swords when flummoxed,) & plenty of Fire energy for an old salamander like me. “The Ace of Wands is attributed to all of the Fire signs, and its key symbols are the 10 Yods around the Wand; it is the source of spirit; volatility; vitality; energy itself. It inhabits the sphere Kether. This is my “burning bush” today.” (Ibid & me.) The 
Catalyst in the Salt, which will work its magic on the opposing forces and (hopefully!) align them running in the same direction, for the best possible use of my day and my growth opportunity here. As always, “on verra !” I’m not diving into the alchemical & cabalistic T-of-L today to really “work those cards, pal, work ‘em!” (BIG grin.) I’m perfectly satisfied with my “morning briefing,” and can move on to the day which contains yet another Tarot-centered activity and group manifestation. (A small group of tarologues is constructed a Gated-spread for Imbolc; “[Candlemas, Imbolg, Imbole] - February 2nd; Pronounced: EE-Molc; Incense: Rosemary, Frankincense, Myrrh, Cinnamon. Decorations: Corn Dolly, Besom, Spring Flowers. Colors: White, Orange, Red. One of the 4 Celtic "Fire Festivals. Commemorates the changing of the Goddess from the Crone to the Maiden. Celebrates the first signs of Spring. Also called "Imbolc" (the old Celtic name). This is the seasonal change where the first signs of spring and the return of the sun are noted, i.e. the first sprouting of leaves, the sprouting of the Crocus flowers etc. In other words, it is the festival commemorating the successful passing of winter and the beginning of the agricultural year. This Festival also marks the transition point of the threefold Goddess energies from those of Crone to Maiden.” (Wikipedia) It is involved and intense and I am enjoying my share of the work. We shall arrive at completion of the Gates on Imbolc, and thus welcome Fire back into the world. Even if you are not a practicing “new pagan” (neither am I, in a full & total sense,) it is good to mark the day with a small ritual of your own to welcome Fire back. Try it, you’ll like it! (Grin.) I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a tempered course today. Be Well, Be Blessed!   

Friday, January 27, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 28Jan2017. I’m going to be short & sweet today, as this deck is far, FAR from being an accurate tool/ The deck is *Le Tarot des Egyptiens* by Laura      Tuan. What a piece of shit. A talented artist thought she could whip out a Tarot, but she has hopelessly muddled the Arcana, doesn’t have the vaguest idea about traditional interpretations but just wings it, and invents Major Arcana to suit herself! It’s a real ego performance, which could have been swallowed had she done her homework; instead, just crap. QO, I took the titles and “approximations” of what should have been but wasn’t pointed out. Some people forget this isn’t one of the New Age toys that can mean anything you mean it to mean, including sharing with everyone your fears. Bad form, Laura Tuan, VERY BAD FORM. So, as you can see, the rundown today Force as my masculine current, Temperance as my feminine current, and energy from the Ace of Swords, a thermonuclear powerhouse of energy. I’m fine today. Let’s move past this travesty, and I will see you tomorrow!   

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 27Jan2017; today is my now usual Three Principles modified, and the deck today is the wonderful *The Rosetta Tarot* by M. M. Meleen. This deck actually pre-dates her extremely popular Tabula Mundi. I like both, & this one has a first-time charm. The draw today is: Sulfur = VIII Adjustment reversed; Mercury = VII the Chariot, and Salt = The Princess of Disks. I find this to be a just draw, if not particularly palatable. I knew going in this morning that I was carrying some anger over a professional matter, and I honestly did my best to find and maintain a peaceful vibe for the draw, but I KNEW anger was still “waiting at the gate.” Therefore, boys & girls, Uncle Mark entered the reading in an UN-balanced state, and thus the counsel is obviously, “You’re off track, out of balance. Justice isn’t being served if you are emotional.” Oh, so true, boys & girls! (Grin.) 
My Mercurial counsel today is “Hey, PackRat, in getting ready for the move from VII to VIII, you got it backward this morning and thus you tried to enter VIII unprepared. Get your butt back here and finish me, riding in the Chariot pulled TOGETHER by your two natures, animal & spiritual.” My Energy for the day to do this is available from Her Golden Glory the Princess of Disks.  She’s a sly girl, our princess. She is in actuality the start and a powerhouse of the Tarot. However, first things first. Here is what VIII Adjustment normally looks like; “Venus in Libra, standing for fairness and justice, with a clear aspect to Saturn. Sign = Libra. On the Tree of Life: connection between Geburah and Tiphareth, with the Element: Air. It is the number: 8 as the number of justice and adjustment (2 x 4, 2 x 2 etc.) The Adjustment is a symbol for the balance of contrasts, complementing one another and also building up room and time. She combines the High Priestess and the Magician. Both are connected - true, conscious action results from realization, wisdom is based on action. The 
principle of activity completes itself with the passivity of inner reflection, the adjustment being the balance in between. Another common name of this trump is 'Justice' - the card tells one to be righteous in all aspects of our life, to ignore, suppress or prefer none if need be. Only when we have an objective view of all and accept them, can we can find inner balance and silence.” (Raven) Well, that is how it is SUPPOSED to be; if it is reversed, as in today, it means the construct has been polluted by one’s self-righteousness. I can cop to that with a sigh, yes, anger was present, I need to NOT jump stages when I’m momentarily too emotional to make a fair & adjusted judgement. Voilà. The Chariot, in the Passive and Feminine placement, speaks rather to a kind of imperious summons to “hurry up, get it right, and let’s get it on down the road! OK, Jack?” In looking for where I am going to find the necessary Energy to straighten myself out, I need look no further than the Princess of Disks. “(Princess of the echoing hills) In Malkuth in the Tree of Life, & astrologically: Venus in the Earth signs. Her Element and world: The Earth in the Earth of Assiah. The Princess of Disks represents the Earth in the Earth, thus she is the pure manifestation of the qualities of Assiah, the physical world of making and growing. She is the last of the court cards and therefore implies a new begin of the circle, which could mean the beginning of a new project or a new physical creation. The Princess of Disks is warm-hearted, sensual and generous, an unwavering and concentrated person with all the reliable stability of the Earth. Yet she lacks Fire and Air, as well as the conforming qualities of Water, she can easily be a little too dependent from outside influences but nevertheless being unable to really adapt to others.” (Raven) This is my girl today, and I grok her, but she has a BOATLOAD of Energy as Assiah in Assiah, so I will gladly accept her gift in order to get my shit straight. It is really no more complicated than that today; a little backup, a little repair, then On the Road Again! I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a pause to check the nuts and bolts today. Be Well, Be Blessed!    

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 26Jan2017; the modified Three Principles spread and the same deck as yesterday, *Le Veritable Tarot de Marseille* Restored by Kim Hadar. (His research was among 15th century decks to ‘restore’ this edition, although he claims that the Tarot in France goes back LONG before that. Maybe.) I wanted to use this deck again because it had been the messenger of yesterday’s dismal news; I thought if today is different, I want it coming out of the same ‘mouth’. Yesterday’s reading started a long inner discussion about what’s “left to do” before I (much less anyone else) “Break On Through to the Other Side.” (LOL. I loved the Doors.) It turns out that I’m quite the prim little missy, because I felt like I was looking for dirty anklets and muddy MaryJanes;  I took some even more far-reaching decisions about cleaning up “little spots” that previously had always been, “Yea, I’ll get back to that,
but right now, I’ve got a Goliath on my hands.” And then, of course, the stream keeps coming, and you keep battling demons and talking with angels as you fight every malformed animal that comes down that river. You forget about going back and dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s. I find it necessary to go back and collect together all those bits & pieces and work on them now while I still have time. If I was a normal individual in normal health, I might be able to wrestle another 30 years out of this gig; but I’m Me and I believe it is too late; this vehicle has been run hard and put away without checking the oil & gas far too many times. I know this, it doesn’t surprise me. Therefore today’s draw of 1) I the Magician, 2) XX Judgement reversed and 3) the Queen of Wands, is extraordinarily merciful and kind. The Story is right there in my face; I received that ominous hint yesterday, and took it as an indicated opportunity to back in and do some inventory, and find those “dirty anklets & muddy MaryJanes.” So, I went in as my Magician, fully informed and                      
Aware and ready to sacrifice what needed to be sacrificed in order to smooth my ride on the ‘Escalator’. I was also very aware, for some more arcane reason that I couldn’t’ spare the effort to investigate, that in particular the 4 Elements were awake and stirring in my being, my mind, as if being called to duty to stand alongside their general, “Who, me?” Yes, me. I’m looking back to the past in review, then I defer “liberation” for the time being, and I ask the Queen of Wands, Athena if you will, to be present as I turn and look towards the future. Her qualities are now on call for center stage as her energies are what are going to power my next sprint for “le Maillot Jaune;” serene, calm Athena, inflexible Athena in judgement of moral trespass, carrier of the Shield of Light in arcane tradition. She is a Grande Dame. I knew a wanna-be Athena/Queen of Batons, but the best she could achieve was a Queen of Swords, and she was often reversed. The poor lady was limited by her lack of True Knowledge and still stuck in fear-based realities of her own creation. She WANTED to be the superwoman she thought she could be, but she didn't have the SPIRITUAL STAMINA to do it. I pray that her return be more rewarding. The clarity I see in the cards today is crystalline and lovely – It Makes Sense. So, back to work, mes amis. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL today a sense of the Justness of the Balance we must maintain. Be Well, Be Blessed!    

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 25Jan2017; today the spread is again the Three Principles modified, and the deck today is *Le Véritable Tarot de Marseille* restauré par Kris Hadar. This is going to be brutally short today; the cards gave me a draw upon which to reflect deeply & await bad news, or reflect deeply and then drop dead. Check it out: XIII Death reversed, XVI La Maison Dieu reversed, & the Knight of Batons reversed. Quick shorthand? Someone (you know or you yourself,) is going to die today in an accident, disaster or catastrophe and it will be caused by an error in judgment. I can tease that out into metaphysical folderol all I want, that is the basic root message. I’m not going to get into spraying room
deodorant to hide the stench of shit by explaining this away as “the death of a personality trait; the death of the old you; finally crawling out of your mewling cocoon of self-ity and blossoming like a butterfly – horseshit, all of it. The cards know me and I know the cards; they wouldn’t give me the mewling excuse routine, they give it to me flat out & face up; it is up to me to have the emotional, intellectual & spiritual maturity to deal with the unvarnished Truth. So, that being said, I retire to meditate upon this draw, and perhaps I’ll see you tomorrow. Grin. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a moment of self-collection before we start the day today. Be Well, Blessed Be!  


Monday, January 23, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to the Fool’s Tarot for 24Jan2017. As usual lately, I’m using the modified Three Principles spread, and today the deck is again the *Golden Dawn Temple Tarot* by Farrell & Wendrich. It is an odd thing about some very few decks; you like it, but are not all that impressed with it, it doesn’t “zing.” Then (in my case due to a recent reshuffling of my deck rotation,) you run across it again and suddenly it can do everything but dance & sing, and it reads for you like an out loud 3rd voice (after you & the Querent.)This deck has done exactly that; I even used it last night in an impromptu reading for a friend in spiritual pain, and it gave us insights like a champion. Thus, again. Today for Sulfur I have drawn XIV Temperance; for Mercury is VI the Lovers reversed, and my Salt is the Prince of Swords. Sulfur, Mercury, Salt; Male, Female, Androgynous; Active, Passive & Catalyst. I had an “interfered” start; 
I drew the 1st card, and another flew out of the deck. I replaced it, and prepared to draw the 2nd when “a” card flew out of the deck, again. So, I took the card (unseen) & placed it as Sulfur, and withdrew the 1st card (unseen.) More about that later. So, as Sulfur, what turned up (literally) is my old sparring partner Temperance, who has since become my good friend. She wasn’t terribly welcome chez moi when I was I young, but my aging increased her value many times over to me personally. This deck gives you two choices for XIV; the other is the white angle with a rainbow overhead and all is coconut frosted angel cake. Not for me, thank you; Temperance isn’t a simpering idiot, THIS is more her, an active, forceful magic archetype who WORKS HARD to establish and keep a balance, a moderation in all things. You could say she is Ma’at’s Chief of Staff, with all of the ensuing duties and prerogatives. Which is apparently needed today, as my Mercurial Feminine seems bent on indulging in the wrong choice; addiction, impulsive decisions, separation, loss. Well, I can see that I must invoke and let Temperance guide me in the fashion by which I shall correct her behavior, or at least keep a rein on the desires & urges. I always favor a good spanking, but am so rarely indulged 
(Grin.) I am not EXACTLY going to take it for granted that I shall succeed in instilling some moderation into Mercury, but the chances are heavily in my favor seeing as how this is an old skirmish, between Me & me. Moving on to my Salt, the Catalyst to run these two together in a smooth ride, is today the Prince of Swords, an admirable choice if I do say so myself. I can literally SEE where he is the exact right combination of energies to facilitate the taming of the Lovers. “He is Air of Air and he is ALL about being an open-minded, intellectual kind of guy. While he is full of ideas, he is suspicious by nature (good, today!) but firm in friendship, he’s an abstract thinker who can be challenging & stimulating, but he is more comfortable alone, without a lot of excess emotion and very independent.” (LWB & Me) It is HIGHLY unlikely that this is a person who is going to walk through my door today; not impossible, just unlikely. Therefore, as usual, I treat this as the Energy card, the Catalyst that is going to make functional the pairing of Temperance and the Lovers. “On a day ruled by the Prince of Swords it will be our inner world we need to direct our attention towards. We need to study our thoughts, and allow them the time to extend. Too often a thought crosses our mind and we are unable to give that thought the room to grow and develop until it achieves its maximum potential - and because this happens very often we fail to live up to ourselves too.” (angeltarot.com) I’m not quite in accord with that ultimate statement, but okay, let it pass. After all, what I’m after here is the Energy nexus, I’m not fishing in a young man’s waters for his judgement of me. You can sink that idea. All in all, it’s not a bad day reading, just a day when some work must be done to understand why Mercury is swinging wildly in her “orbit” at this time and to do something about it. “Yes, Chief? I understand the mission, Chief. Over and out.” Today I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL the ability to adjust the mechanics of our Journeys. Be Well, Blessed Be!  

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 23Jan2017 ; today I use what has become a normal spread for me, the modified Three Principles spread, and today’s deck is the *Golden Dawn Temple Tarot* by Farrell & Wendrich. This deck is not always accepted by some GD members, but it is true to its root source and the GD tradition, and I like it, so screw ‘em. Today for my Sulfur, Mercury & Salt I have drawn I the Magician, XII the Hanged Man and finally the Queen of Swords. This is one hell of a hand I am looking at visually – it resembles nothing so much as a family portrait; Dad the Magician, Mom the Queen of Swords, and baby the Hanged Man between them. It really is striking in its obviousness. Which makes me suspicious, but “on verra.” (We’ll see.) 
I’m aware that sometimes I give the impression that I treat the cards as adversaries to be conquered, but it isn’t true. It simply helps me perform that all too feeble & human need to categorize and organize. Alright, Onward & Upward! First we have my Sulfur today, I the Magician. I like being told that this is my male, active energy today, but not TOO much. We all start Tarot thinking this is where you are hopefully going to “end up and win the game.” Well, wrong. It is where you start, and you “re-live” for the 1st time (think about it) your Path of Initiation to Enlightenment. I LIKE seeing him show up, but I am NOT enamored to the point of folly with him. I like to think that at my Best I come into this personage, and have the knowledge to adeptly use the tools at my command. So that’s me as Dad, I believe. Next, I’m going to take on the Court Energy nexus that is being recommended today, and that is, breathtakingly enough, the 
Queen of Swords. She doesn’t kid around, this lady. You can see he, and you know her attributes, those of Bellona/Minerva/Athena, who are NOT pushover women. Which is fine by me; by nature I am equipped to deal and cooperate with this Queen, although by Preference I married the Queen of Cups; I opted for 100% comfort in my home ‘nest’. I receive, and have received over time, a BAGFUL of Queens of Swords, and I learned that I liked and wanted them as friends, but I didn’t need the drama at home, in my bed. My wife is not an intellectual challenge; she is a spiritual woman, as I have never known anyone as loving and blindly accepting of human foible, and above all she loves me. That is of a price beyond pearls. To find someone whose love is THERE, 100% of the time, is such a RARE thing, I believe, and for some reason it came to me. But that is not who I am bedding today; The Queen calls, and our child is the proof of our mutual commitment, XII the Hanged Man. He isn’t a figure of doom & gloom, you know; I am present in my “son,” and in “donating expiation for the advancement of us all.” I also dive into my wells of prophecy and intuition, I provide a home for the descending Spirit, and in stilling the mind I gain insights into Spirit and the awakening of my Higher nature.   This is an interior journey (which is good, because my physical mobility is limited! LOL. Ah, if only I HADN’T fucked up my lungs – take Uncle Mark’s advice and if you are thinking of doing it, DON’T.) So thee we have it – a fairly clear reading for some very powerful cards. I believe my week is starting with a Bang! and not a whimper. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL a packet of Energy to start our weeks. Be Well, Blessed Be!   

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 22Jan2017. We take the modified Three Principles spread a bit further afield today, into the realm of decks numbered 1 – 78, without divisions. The first 21 cards 1 – 21, are as normal, with 0 sometimes being 78, sometimes 0. You can read the suits into the structure if you absolutely must, but why? It wasn’t really designed that way, and they are time-tested and proven. Today’s deck is, IMHO, the best of them all; the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* by the Argentine occultist, Iglesias Janeiro, early in the 20th century. (Thanks, Aeclectic.) They are incredibly difficult to find if you aren’t in South America, so if you locate one, grab it by all means. I was especially fortunate in getting one with an English LWB. Onward and Upward! It is hard to describe how 
I knew to read today’s reading, but it just came to me as I was looking at the three cards ensemble. When I was young, I used to fantasize about being some archpriest-like figure in a decidedly non-Catholic religion (LOL.) I lost my faith early in life (APS –abusive priest syndrome,) and migrated immediately to Kemetics, or the mythology and religion of Ancient Egypt, simply because I had been obsessed with it all of my young life. A book on the subject was the 1st book I ever checked out of a library. I have had HEAVY reverberations throughout this lifetime of an Egyptian incarnation or life, although I can pinpoint no further than that. Unlike most egomaniacs, I don’t think it obvious that I was a Pharaoh or a High Priest – I might have simply been a Nubian house slave, or a prostitute on the docks (although I could be accused of wish fulfillment there, too! LOL); I don’t know. But I needed to look at the totality of the draw today to see what is going on. Here is the draw: 5 the High Priest reversed; 2) 14 Temperance, and 3) 62 Proscription reversed.  If I were to do this by card by card I would arrive at a different, and erroneous, conclusion. Suffice to say that what I 
read here is quite simple: “Mark, you need to ditch your romanticism about this position, this role; it is a caged being, after all, caged in his own belief system and by too hoary an attitude towards the rules & laws of theocracy and theology. He’s crusted, he’s “dug in,” and if there remains ANY of that illusion left to me, today is the day to rid myself of it. It is to be done with moderation, of course; she has always been a key companion in my life, and one to whom I almost NEVER listened. She stuck it out, though. She’s confirming I need to ditch Pappy there or any leftover vibrations from him, as for quite a while now I have followed a different Path. I just need to do it with calm, considerate attention and not hysterically. And finally, by doing so, I can attain freedom from the strictures of always struggling with Proscription(s) and the “do this, don’t do that” business of always being the King of Swords, which doesn’t exist here, but if he did, this Pharaoh could be his clone. That’s how I KNOW this is for me, yes indeed. Reversing Proscription gives you Liberation. The fight for freedom, the loosening of restrictions & the rising above apathy are all here in this reversed “tyrant.” (I NEVER like characterizing the ancient Egyptians; it is so very “alien” to put yourself in that “state of mind.”) I LIKE today’s reading, even though it has a forbidding appearance; it spoke its Truth to me. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL the freedom from assumed restrictions. Be Well, Blessed Be!  


Friday, January 20, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 21Jan2017; the spread today is my mutation of The Three Principles, and the deck today is the *Vecchio Tarocco Italiano* by Stefano Vergnano in Turin, 1830 c.e. (© by G. Berti), Boves CN, 2014. Limited edition of 500. Wonderful deck. Onward & upward! Here are the cards I drew today: 1) XI Strength; 2) XV the Devil, and 3) the Ace of Swords. Well. . . Wow! I don’t know whether to be VERY excited or a little afraid of today’s draw! I haven’t seen that much force, strength & power ensemble in the cards for a LONG time. Normally I would doubt that it signified ANYthing in the physical realm, given the state of my health, this I would read it entirely out of the physical plane as far as subject matter is concerned. ON THE OTHER HAND, I have started a whole new regime of medications today because I complained about the inefficacity of some of the others. He (my ‘toubib’ – French slang for ‘doctor’. “too-BEEB”) changed over ¾ of the meds, leaving only the very basic untouched, my thyroid meds. SO, perhaps with all new meds, this access of force MAY signify something on the material plane as well, my Health. Hurrah!! But, don’t count your Cosmic Eggs before they hatch; I saw that written on a temple archway in Atlantis. (Grin.) So, let’s take a look at the components. In my Sulfur/Male/Active slot, I have drawn a female figure, XI Force. Female is a relative term here, as the Lion is (supposedly) male, and the card symbolizes the strength inherent in the step of mastering your two natures, human & animal, and having control over the resulting balanced Force. It is a strong moment, no pun intended, when you finally learn to leash your animal nature, and you combine it with your human, thus reuniting them from an artificial separation and thus obtaining the FULL force of you, the balanced center point. “The astrologer says that the Eleventh house is the house of the 'friends.' This means, that it contains those who are with us, and that which we have within the limit of our power, because 'friendly,' is that which is understood. The forces of nature, which we have mastered, are friendly to us and this is very well expressed by the woman who "is closing the jaws of a lion." The latter stands for passion more particularly. She derives this force from the eternal or superhuman and this is indicated by the lemniscate above her head. In older editions of the card 4 we find half the symbol for Aquarius, as a line of vibration added to it: Viewed from a purely astrological standpoint it is evident, that the force to conquer Leo should be found in the opposite sign, Aquarius. Early Renaissance must have seen this in the same way, as we find exactly the same image--only with one difference: it is there a young man, not a woman--a man closing the jaws of a lion in the capital of a pillar in the church of St. Andrew-the-Less in Vienna. This proves at the same time, that the chosen image is not of a very recent date. (Musée du Trocadéro: Paris.) Papus identifies it with the Hebrew letter Kaph, which he says "is a reinforcement of the Gimel--
(Gemini)--so that we might say that it designates the hand of man in the act of grasping strongly. Ideas of strength are therefore applied to this letter." We should say it is the grip of friendship. A well-known symbol in many societies of brotherhood consisted of two hands united in a close grip of friendship. "It is connected with the mystery of union . . . in all planes . . ." (Waite), and this also is evident, because we are united with that which we have mastered and with people who are able to respond to our (electric) emanations of thought, or to whose emanations we ourselves respond.” (A.E. Thierens, “General Book of the Tarot.”) My Mercury/Female/Passive current today is in XV the Devil. Wow! I haven’t met a passive female demon since my last trip through Las Vegas! LOL. No, of course this card signifies chained to the material, and in a way the passive, feminine side of the issue is that I DO feel chained in a position by my weakened health. I just simply don’t feel good, most of the time. I won’t go into a catalogue, but suffice to say that in the process I have learned, for the most part, how to isolate the pain(s) into a compartment in my mind where I can rail and curse all I want against them, WHILE leaving the rest of me to be a reasonably calm, thinking, rational human being, and on a good day, there is even some compassion and mercy thrown in. I get this card; I don’t like what it means here, but oh yes, I recognize it instantly. “The goat-like figure recalls the sign Capricorn in which astrology teaches that the planet Mars has its exaltation, the name 'devil' means the evil, as is well known, and this alliteration holds good not only in English. It is the symbol of that which to exoteric human understanding is as much of a malefic nature as Venus is benefic. The counterpart of Venus: Mars, planet of pain and struggle, passion and sex-nature, but also of the energy necessary for the process of formation and generation in Nature. Allusion to sex-problems is found in the two human figures, man and woman, chained to the pedestal on which the diabolic figure is seated. That sex-nature binds man is a natural fact of a more or less occult order. So it has to do with generation in Nature in every sense and kingdom, though astrology teaches that Mars has a special connection with the animal kingdom and animal passion -- passion which drives to the preservation of the body as well as of the race; fighting for existence in both senses of the term. So Mars always figured as the War-lord. Not only sexual energy, but every energy in Nature chains the result to the cause and object to subject. It is unnecessary to work this out any further. We shall be safe in interpreting this card as energy, desire, lust, war, struggle, difficulties, pain, loss, etc. But also as exercise, training; tests to which the personality will be subject. The torch in the hand of the figure denotes, of course, the fire of passion and desire, which may rise to anger, etc. So it may well be said to represent the condition of "Adam and Eve after the Fall" (Waite) The struggle for existence, in short. Papus in regard to this card points to the Hebrew letter "Samekh which expresses the same hieroglyphic sign as the Zain (7th arcanum) . . . etc., a weapon of any kind . . ." We can see, that this generative force has much to do with the house of marriage.” (Ibid) And 
finally, moving on to the energy nexus that drives this car today and the way by which the two currents may work together, and today it is, well, THE Dynamo, the Ace of Swords. Whew! Talk about wanting a small thing and receiving an enormous quantity of it provokes at first the smile of a happy Fool, then after a second, the thoughtful face of someone with a nuclear bomb in their pocket. That is Energy, capital E. “This is the first step of the element of Earth, coming on the First house or ascendant. Of course this has to do with a beginning, a strong outpouring of force, an impulse, and a material one too. Positive activity on the material plane is typically masculine, and this is a very masculine card, perhaps the most of all. There is no negotiation possible with it. It is emphatically 'yes' or 'no.' One of the primary expressions of the masculine is fructification, and the male action is indicated by this card. For the same reason it means germ, seed. And its natural consequence is conception and childbirth, the ace indicating here also the ascendant. In everything this card means the actual beginning in material execution, which at the same time may cut short something else. It may mean decapitation, or any justiciary execution. It signifies of course a decision, the end of uncertainty or twilight. It is a fresh starting point in matter: 'alea jacta est.' And so it may as well mean a strong demand, an appeal. There is courage in it and firm initiative. It may cause pain and affliction, but annihilates doubt, the greatest torture.” (Ibid) And so we have it. This last card is an equinox egg FULL of surprises, as you can read above. The killer is the last line, “It may cause pain and affliction, but it annihilates doubt, the greatest torture.” That is a POWERFUL statement; and I shall try to keep it in mind today. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL sufficient energy today to power all of our individual “engines.” Be Well, Blessed Be!  


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 20Jan2017. Today is the inauguration day of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America, and a blacker political day has rarely been seen. I leave his fate to Destiny, but I shall just say he is very lucky that I am not Destiny. There, out of my system, on to the Draw. Today I have used the modified Three Principles, and the deck is *The Medieval Scapini Tarot* by Luigi Scapini, accompanying book by Ronald Decker. It is an unusual deck, and worth examining. Onward & Upward! The setup, as you may remember is: Sulfur/Mercury/Salt, Male/Female/Androgynous, or Active/Passive/Catalyst. Today, here it is cowboys & cowgirls, watch out! (LOL.) Sulfur = XII the Hanged Man, Mercury = XXI-r the World reversed, and Salt = King of Swords. After my Anima driving the Chariot for the last few days, a Male presence is back in the forefront but in an expiatory fashion. Here’s NOT really there to serve a function unique to males, it is simply that a male best fits the requirements 
for this “position” better than a female. Almost like a job involving REALLY heavy muscle work, physical strength in the male IS stronger, and thus HE hangs, not she, not even an androgyne will work here. Inherent in the card is that part of the male duty (& female, of course, just occulted) is to take a look at the larger picture and to be obligated, by your own judgement, to offer yourself in expiation and to debarrass yourself of ALL that baggage you’ve been lugging around for YEARS now! I have repeated that cycle several times in my life so far, and now it seems as if it is time for another; this card has turned up an inordinate amount of times in the last month. On this card the identification with a Christ-figure is undeniable, considering the symbols scattered about. However, this can also be seen as a figuring of Perseus, who sacrificing all, was able to rescue “Higher Truth” from the assaults of all the lower realms, i.e. the “Kraken.” Yes, been here, done that, okay, I get it. Yes, I can hang the cord around my neck today; it isn’t as if the world doesn’t give me enough for which to feel expiatory. Sliding on over to my Mercury card, I am somewhat dismayed to see the feminine 
symbol XXI the World in reversed position. She is always rather passive, initiating nothing, It is important, however, whether she is “with you or against you,” so to speak, because her conscience, her Will, is after all at the end of the Path when the hurdles have all been overcome; it is rather like whether Victory herself is cheering you on today or ignoring your ass for her own reasons, perhaps even disapproving of you today, again for her own reasons. She can be ignored, for now, but I WILL have to deal with this, and better today than the next time she shows up, a little more pissed off, and in a different role . . . today, by all means. And then I move on the energy available to me today, or posed against me on the Path, and it is the King of Swords. Well! Hallelujah! . . . kind of sort of maybe. I ENJOY being the King of Swords, but nothing else is going to piss me off quicker than having to face another one who is just as keen to remain the only King at THIS Court, Thank You! Grin, I can’t help it, it’s true. I’ve gotten better and better at diplomacy over the years, and while I still may not enjoy the presence of another king (Down, Ego, Down!) I have at least reached a point where I do not immediately take offence and gird for battle; “I am a polite man, ma’am, indeed I am.” Having this ENORMOUS boost of extra “Viagramale” energy, I will need to put it to Good use, and not wear it while I am negotiating with XXI today for at least a bit of her favor. Grin.  It’s not a bad day ahead, just one of those days when it is better to watch where you are stepping rather than gaze at the distant horizon. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a better look at the small things of the day today. Be Well, Blessed Be!