Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 11Jan2017; today I have used the classical alchemical Three Principles of Alchemy spread, Sulfur/Mercury/Salt. I am using the *Egyptian Tarot: 22 Grand Trumps* by Silvana Alasia. Here’s my “short shrift” for the day: 1) Sulfur = XX Judgement; 2) Mercury = VI the Lovers, and 3) Salt = VIII Justice. Two out of three OLD friends and an old-ish friend who has taken to stopping by more often recently. The 2 old friends are XX & VIII, and the re-newed friend is VI the Lovers, a card ALL about Choice, for me, and nothing to do with Love per se, oddly enough. What is love? I can’t pretend to know the answer entirely, but I DO know that a goodly percentage of it is the admiration of self through the eyes of another. I admire myself openly enough to not need simulacra to complete the link-up for me. Ha! 
Let’s start off with XX Judgement. It is, of course, a renewal of Life, life after death that is, yet the card signifies a change that doesn’t always involve crossing the threshold. Everyone’s threshold can be crossed on THIS side of the River, if one has done the work and is ready to evolve into hir illuminated form. Very few people are that far along the path to transform On-This-Level, and while I don’t give myself that honor I AM counselled to take up the cup and pass judgement on my progress up to this moment, and where I intend to go from here. Which leads me into Choice, otherwise called VI the Lovers. The choice, of course, is between Wisdom & Knowledge in one woman, and a lush & fertile earthly life in another. Or, in another context, Virtue and Vice. The Genius of Justice, above, shoots the Arrow of Chastisement towards Vice, counseling Virtue. The arrow is NOT a favorable indicator, it is an arrow, meant to pierce & hurt or kill. I know I have made MY choice, and it didn’t involve a punishing arrow. However, the cards are reminding me of that, and that I must keep to the road I have 
claimed, not to the one that I have not. I am FAR from bodhisattva-hood, but as a destiny it wouldn’t displease me to do the work. If I’m ever asked – Ha! Finally, as the Salt/Catalyst that is going to make these two currents catalyze together and form something new, is VIII Justice. I’ve made the point several times that I don’t like Justice as VIII, but here it does fit, so whether it is VIII or XI hardly matters. Justice is always a key notion in my life – not who did what to whom and who will get the resulting spanking, no, not that kind. Justice in the Galactic sense of Balance and Ma’at, “The Rightness of Things, The Just Measure,” always riding sidekick with the Lady with the Scales, Themis, Lady of Judgement. (A Greek goddess; why she didn’t use the Egyptian Ma’at is a mystery.) SO, harrumph! Here is how this works out, then: My energy today is devoted to self-examination and judgement, of my progress & the quality of my work, and the judge is I, my harshest critic. I will be faced, at the end of it, with the Eternal Choice; Vice or Virtue? Knowing I will choose Virtue is a given, although I have STRONG urges towards Vice. With the Moon, Taurus & Khepera ruling the card, however, I “have no choice” but to take the better Path, despite my impulses and physical & mental desires. Physicality isn’t a bad thing nor is it “below” anything else; it simply needs to be DIRECTED; do your best physically “if you can” and good results are “almost” guaranteed. Your INTENTION is at the heart of it. You get out what you put in: shit for shit, or gold for gold. I shall ask the Cosmos today to open ALL of our hearts to the possibilities in Virtue. Be Well, Blessed Be!    

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