Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 18Jan2017; today I am using the classic alchemical spread The Three Attributes (Sulfur, Mercury & Salt) that I have modified to make the Catalyst, Salt, to be chosen from the Court cards and the four Aces. Today’s deck is the fabulous *Tarot of Saqqara * by Donald. G. Beaman. Amongst the many, many, Egyptian, Egyptian-style, Egyptian seat-covers etc. etc. Tarots, this truly stands out for its scholarship & sobriety. It gets my highest compliment; it’s a GOOD deck. There is also a very good Little White Book, LWB, that accompanies the deck that makes you wish that ALL LWBs were written as well, as informatively, as usefully and as completely as a LWB can get. “It’s good stuff, Maynard.” Onward and upward! My three cards for the three elements today are as follows: ((remember, Sulfur, Mercury & Salt) 1) 
II the High Priestess; 2) XVII the Stars, and 3) the Queen of Swords. Zell, well, well . . .  say hello like an Egyptian to the Feminine today! If we were not cordially enjoying the current understanding, I would have said that my Anima has gone to war, or at least is in her bunker; however, we ARE enjoying an understanding at this time, so it isn’t an attack for the Anima, thank Isis! Well, let’s look at what we DO have; II the High Priestess is my Sulfur today, my forward, active, masculine current, and today it is II the High Priestess! Good gonads in Gehenna, Gabriel, what’s going on ?!?! (J) “That’s right, Butch, big, bad, masculine me is the High Priestess today, and I would advise that not provoke her, you hear me?” What makes this actually very cool and utterly acceptable today is that she’ll be traveling in the company of XVII 
the Stars (Hope) so she will be balanced out a bit in all that heavy mystery she is always lugging around. They make me think of a severe and austere Mother Abbess and her acolyte-in-training, Estelle Goodcheer. Grin. It is quite clear to me that I can do no better today than toss the keys to my Anima and simply say, “You drive today.” ESPECIALLY as the energy that is going to be motivating the day is the Queen of Swords! Oh no, the first two women weren’t enough, Mark, now we are going to provide your dynamo for the day, your Catalyst for the archetypes, and guess what? HA! The Queen of Swords! “She doesn’t take ANY bullshit, Mark, so you’d better fly on the straight and narrow today; as a matter of fact, these three ladies have the day well in hand, so why don’t you take the day off and go feast in the fields with Horus and Montu?” Denuded of their high & holy auras, this is a group of capable females who work well together & do not brook interference. So, I think I’ll take their advice and leave the day to the more feminine elements in me, and most definitely making this a day of staying at home for busywork around here. I’m not looking to burn any bridges today, I’d just like to get through today with the minimum of fuss.  I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a moment of release of Control. Be Well, Blessed Be!

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