Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 19Jan2017; the spread today is the modified Three Principles, and the deck is the *Ibiza Tarot Soleil* by D. Andre, T. Sophia & A. Chitulescu. Onward & upward! Or, well, according to the cards, at least keep moderately to the same path today as you did yesterday, the cards having evolved little. Today I have drawn 1) V Religion; 2) II the High Priestess and 3) the Prince of Air (Swords.) Yesterday, II was my Sulfur current, and today it has moved one step to the passive role, that of Mercury. The Catalyst to make II the High Priestess & V-Religion to work ensemble is the Prince of Air. It is an easy read, and I’m not in a humor 
today to take the repeat and tease and poke it out to reshape it to make it different from yesterday’s reading to fill a thousand words. Nah, screw that, today is just a modified version of yesterday, with more focus on the necessity of having my belief system(s) cleaned up and in a logical line for me to think & process. This isn’t hard; I have already jettisoned the faith of my birth and social indoctrination, and live with a carefully constructed cosmogony based upon the Divine Light. The whole point here is that V Religion can provide energy at least to construct the dialogue with the High Priestess and coming to a truce over faith and working together to help me not only to concretize my ideas, manifest them, but to reinforce the necessity of the Divine in my life and the 
winning of knowledge. That is aided today by the Catalyst, the Prince of Air (Swords), all of that impetuous, brash, in-your-face energy which is highly effective but hard to control – he has “loufoque” (wild, bizarre, crazy) ideas of his own. I think I’m going to leave it there, there is nothing really new or dramatic in today, a continuation of yesterday and my investigation into knowledge backed by experience (V) but looking for new and valuable knowledge to help me continue my quest. Today’s drawing seems to me like a stranger on the road who, passing you by, says “Good morning! Keeping on the Path, eh? Good day to you and good journey, sir!” So at that, I’ll pick up my rucksack and “keep on truckin’.” I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL fair “weather” to tread the Path today. Be Well, Blessed Be!   

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