Thursday, January 19, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 20Jan2017. Today is the inauguration day of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America, and a blacker political day has rarely been seen. I leave his fate to Destiny, but I shall just say he is very lucky that I am not Destiny. There, out of my system, on to the Draw. Today I have used the modified Three Principles, and the deck is *The Medieval Scapini Tarot* by Luigi Scapini, accompanying book by Ronald Decker. It is an unusual deck, and worth examining. Onward & Upward! The setup, as you may remember is: Sulfur/Mercury/Salt, Male/Female/Androgynous, or Active/Passive/Catalyst. Today, here it is cowboys & cowgirls, watch out! (LOL.) Sulfur = XII the Hanged Man, Mercury = XXI-r the World reversed, and Salt = King of Swords. After my Anima driving the Chariot for the last few days, a Male presence is back in the forefront but in an expiatory fashion. Here’s NOT really there to serve a function unique to males, it is simply that a male best fits the requirements 
for this “position” better than a female. Almost like a job involving REALLY heavy muscle work, physical strength in the male IS stronger, and thus HE hangs, not she, not even an androgyne will work here. Inherent in the card is that part of the male duty (& female, of course, just occulted) is to take a look at the larger picture and to be obligated, by your own judgement, to offer yourself in expiation and to debarrass yourself of ALL that baggage you’ve been lugging around for YEARS now! I have repeated that cycle several times in my life so far, and now it seems as if it is time for another; this card has turned up an inordinate amount of times in the last month. On this card the identification with a Christ-figure is undeniable, considering the symbols scattered about. However, this can also be seen as a figuring of Perseus, who sacrificing all, was able to rescue “Higher Truth” from the assaults of all the lower realms, i.e. the “Kraken.” Yes, been here, done that, okay, I get it. Yes, I can hang the cord around my neck today; it isn’t as if the world doesn’t give me enough for which to feel expiatory. Sliding on over to my Mercury card, I am somewhat dismayed to see the feminine 
symbol XXI the World in reversed position. She is always rather passive, initiating nothing, It is important, however, whether she is “with you or against you,” so to speak, because her conscience, her Will, is after all at the end of the Path when the hurdles have all been overcome; it is rather like whether Victory herself is cheering you on today or ignoring your ass for her own reasons, perhaps even disapproving of you today, again for her own reasons. She can be ignored, for now, but I WILL have to deal with this, and better today than the next time she shows up, a little more pissed off, and in a different role . . . today, by all means. And then I move on the energy available to me today, or posed against me on the Path, and it is the King of Swords. Well! Hallelujah! . . . kind of sort of maybe. I ENJOY being the King of Swords, but nothing else is going to piss me off quicker than having to face another one who is just as keen to remain the only King at THIS Court, Thank You! Grin, I can’t help it, it’s true. I’ve gotten better and better at diplomacy over the years, and while I still may not enjoy the presence of another king (Down, Ego, Down!) I have at least reached a point where I do not immediately take offence and gird for battle; “I am a polite man, ma’am, indeed I am.” Having this ENORMOUS boost of extra “Viagramale” energy, I will need to put it to Good use, and not wear it while I am negotiating with XXI today for at least a bit of her favor. Grin.  It’s not a bad day ahead, just one of those days when it is better to watch where you are stepping rather than gaze at the distant horizon. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a better look at the small things of the day today. Be Well, Blessed Be!   

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