Friday, January 27, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 28Jan2017. I’m going to be short & sweet today, as this deck is far, FAR from being an accurate tool/ The deck is *Le Tarot des Egyptiens* by Laura      Tuan. What a piece of shit. A talented artist thought she could whip out a Tarot, but she has hopelessly muddled the Arcana, doesn’t have the vaguest idea about traditional interpretations but just wings it, and invents Major Arcana to suit herself! It’s a real ego performance, which could have been swallowed had she done her homework; instead, just crap. QO, I took the titles and “approximations” of what should have been but wasn’t pointed out. Some people forget this isn’t one of the New Age toys that can mean anything you mean it to mean, including sharing with everyone your fears. Bad form, Laura Tuan, VERY BAD FORM. So, as you can see, the rundown today Force as my masculine current, Temperance as my feminine current, and energy from the Ace of Swords, a thermonuclear powerhouse of energy. I’m fine today. Let’s move past this travesty, and I will see you tomorrow!   

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