Sunday, January 22, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 22Jan2017. We take the modified Three Principles spread a bit further afield today, into the realm of decks numbered 1 – 78, without divisions. The first 21 cards 1 – 21, are as normal, with 0 sometimes being 78, sometimes 0. You can read the suits into the structure if you absolutely must, but why? It wasn’t really designed that way, and they are time-tested and proven. Today’s deck is, IMHO, the best of them all; the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* by the Argentine occultist, Iglesias Janeiro, early in the 20th century. (Thanks, Aeclectic.) They are incredibly difficult to find if you aren’t in South America, so if you locate one, grab it by all means. I was especially fortunate in getting one with an English LWB. Onward and Upward! It is hard to describe how 
I knew to read today’s reading, but it just came to me as I was looking at the three cards ensemble. When I was young, I used to fantasize about being some archpriest-like figure in a decidedly non-Catholic religion (LOL.) I lost my faith early in life (APS –abusive priest syndrome,) and migrated immediately to Kemetics, or the mythology and religion of Ancient Egypt, simply because I had been obsessed with it all of my young life. A book on the subject was the 1st book I ever checked out of a library. I have had HEAVY reverberations throughout this lifetime of an Egyptian incarnation or life, although I can pinpoint no further than that. Unlike most egomaniacs, I don’t think it obvious that I was a Pharaoh or a High Priest – I might have simply been a Nubian house slave, or a prostitute on the docks (although I could be accused of wish fulfillment there, too! LOL); I don’t know. But I needed to look at the totality of the draw today to see what is going on. Here is the draw: 5 the High Priest reversed; 2) 14 Temperance, and 3) 62 Proscription reversed.  If I were to do this by card by card I would arrive at a different, and erroneous, conclusion. Suffice to say that what I 
read here is quite simple: “Mark, you need to ditch your romanticism about this position, this role; it is a caged being, after all, caged in his own belief system and by too hoary an attitude towards the rules & laws of theocracy and theology. He’s crusted, he’s “dug in,” and if there remains ANY of that illusion left to me, today is the day to rid myself of it. It is to be done with moderation, of course; she has always been a key companion in my life, and one to whom I almost NEVER listened. She stuck it out, though. She’s confirming I need to ditch Pappy there or any leftover vibrations from him, as for quite a while now I have followed a different Path. I just need to do it with calm, considerate attention and not hysterically. And finally, by doing so, I can attain freedom from the strictures of always struggling with Proscription(s) and the “do this, don’t do that” business of always being the King of Swords, which doesn’t exist here, but if he did, this Pharaoh could be his clone. That’s how I KNOW this is for me, yes indeed. Reversing Proscription gives you Liberation. The fight for freedom, the loosening of restrictions & the rising above apathy are all here in this reversed “tyrant.” (I NEVER like characterizing the ancient Egyptians; it is so very “alien” to put yourself in that “state of mind.”) I LIKE today’s reading, even though it has a forbidding appearance; it spoke its Truth to me. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL the freedom from assumed restrictions. Be Well, Blessed Be!  


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