Monday, January 23, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 23Jan2017 ; today I use what has become a normal spread for me, the modified Three Principles spread, and today’s deck is the *Golden Dawn Temple Tarot* by Farrell & Wendrich. This deck is not always accepted by some GD members, but it is true to its root source and the GD tradition, and I like it, so screw ‘em. Today for my Sulfur, Mercury & Salt I have drawn I the Magician, XII the Hanged Man and finally the Queen of Swords. This is one hell of a hand I am looking at visually – it resembles nothing so much as a family portrait; Dad the Magician, Mom the Queen of Swords, and baby the Hanged Man between them. It really is striking in its obviousness. Which makes me suspicious, but “on verra.” (We’ll see.) 
I’m aware that sometimes I give the impression that I treat the cards as adversaries to be conquered, but it isn’t true. It simply helps me perform that all too feeble & human need to categorize and organize. Alright, Onward & Upward! First we have my Sulfur today, I the Magician. I like being told that this is my male, active energy today, but not TOO much. We all start Tarot thinking this is where you are hopefully going to “end up and win the game.” Well, wrong. It is where you start, and you “re-live” for the 1st time (think about it) your Path of Initiation to Enlightenment. I LIKE seeing him show up, but I am NOT enamored to the point of folly with him. I like to think that at my Best I come into this personage, and have the knowledge to adeptly use the tools at my command. So that’s me as Dad, I believe. Next, I’m going to take on the Court Energy nexus that is being recommended today, and that is, breathtakingly enough, the 
Queen of Swords. She doesn’t kid around, this lady. You can see he, and you know her attributes, those of Bellona/Minerva/Athena, who are NOT pushover women. Which is fine by me; by nature I am equipped to deal and cooperate with this Queen, although by Preference I married the Queen of Cups; I opted for 100% comfort in my home ‘nest’. I receive, and have received over time, a BAGFUL of Queens of Swords, and I learned that I liked and wanted them as friends, but I didn’t need the drama at home, in my bed. My wife is not an intellectual challenge; she is a spiritual woman, as I have never known anyone as loving and blindly accepting of human foible, and above all she loves me. That is of a price beyond pearls. To find someone whose love is THERE, 100% of the time, is such a RARE thing, I believe, and for some reason it came to me. But that is not who I am bedding today; The Queen calls, and our child is the proof of our mutual commitment, XII the Hanged Man. He isn’t a figure of doom & gloom, you know; I am present in my “son,” and in “donating expiation for the advancement of us all.” I also dive into my wells of prophecy and intuition, I provide a home for the descending Spirit, and in stilling the mind I gain insights into Spirit and the awakening of my Higher nature.   This is an interior journey (which is good, because my physical mobility is limited! LOL. Ah, if only I HADN’T fucked up my lungs – take Uncle Mark’s advice and if you are thinking of doing it, DON’T.) So thee we have it – a fairly clear reading for some very powerful cards. I believe my week is starting with a Bang! and not a whimper. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL a packet of Energy to start our weeks. Be Well, Blessed Be!   

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