Thursday, January 26, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 26Jan2017; the modified Three Principles spread and the same deck as yesterday, *Le Veritable Tarot de Marseille* Restored by Kim Hadar. (His research was among 15th century decks to ‘restore’ this edition, although he claims that the Tarot in France goes back LONG before that. Maybe.) I wanted to use this deck again because it had been the messenger of yesterday’s dismal news; I thought if today is different, I want it coming out of the same ‘mouth’. Yesterday’s reading started a long inner discussion about what’s “left to do” before I (much less anyone else) “Break On Through to the Other Side.” (LOL. I loved the Doors.) It turns out that I’m quite the prim little missy, because I felt like I was looking for dirty anklets and muddy MaryJanes;  I took some even more far-reaching decisions about cleaning up “little spots” that previously had always been, “Yea, I’ll get back to that,
but right now, I’ve got a Goliath on my hands.” And then, of course, the stream keeps coming, and you keep battling demons and talking with angels as you fight every malformed animal that comes down that river. You forget about going back and dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s. I find it necessary to go back and collect together all those bits & pieces and work on them now while I still have time. If I was a normal individual in normal health, I might be able to wrestle another 30 years out of this gig; but I’m Me and I believe it is too late; this vehicle has been run hard and put away without checking the oil & gas far too many times. I know this, it doesn’t surprise me. Therefore today’s draw of 1) I the Magician, 2) XX Judgement reversed and 3) the Queen of Wands, is extraordinarily merciful and kind. The Story is right there in my face; I received that ominous hint yesterday, and took it as an indicated opportunity to back in and do some inventory, and find those “dirty anklets & muddy MaryJanes.” So, I went in as my Magician, fully informed and                      
Aware and ready to sacrifice what needed to be sacrificed in order to smooth my ride on the ‘Escalator’. I was also very aware, for some more arcane reason that I couldn’t’ spare the effort to investigate, that in particular the 4 Elements were awake and stirring in my being, my mind, as if being called to duty to stand alongside their general, “Who, me?” Yes, me. I’m looking back to the past in review, then I defer “liberation” for the time being, and I ask the Queen of Wands, Athena if you will, to be present as I turn and look towards the future. Her qualities are now on call for center stage as her energies are what are going to power my next sprint for “le Maillot Jaune;” serene, calm Athena, inflexible Athena in judgement of moral trespass, carrier of the Shield of Light in arcane tradition. She is a Grande Dame. I knew a wanna-be Athena/Queen of Batons, but the best she could achieve was a Queen of Swords, and she was often reversed. The poor lady was limited by her lack of True Knowledge and still stuck in fear-based realities of her own creation. She WANTED to be the superwoman she thought she could be, but she didn't have the SPIRITUAL STAMINA to do it. I pray that her return be more rewarding. The clarity I see in the cards today is crystalline and lovely – It Makes Sense. So, back to work, mes amis. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL today a sense of the Justness of the Balance we must maintain. Be Well, Be Blessed!    

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